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UFC Fighters Competing in Nevada Will Not Be Punished For Testing Positive For Cannabis

Fighters competing in Nevada will no longer be suspended for consuming cannabis before or after fights.
08 July 2021
2 min read
UFC Fighters Competing in Nevada Will Not Be Punished For Testing Positive For Cannabis

There have been several athletes suspended for using cannabis, and this has now started to change as Nevada will no longer punish athletes who test positive. The Nevada Athletic Commission voted to remove cannabis from the list of performance-enhancing substances and, as of now, fighters can consume cannabis as long as they’re not impaired during a fight.

The Saga Of Sha’Carri Richardson

As you may have seen in the news, Sha’Carri Richardson was banned from competing in the Tokyo Olympics after testing positive for cannabis and this wasn’t well-accepted by fans. Even president Joe Biden claimed that the athlete didn’t do anything wrong, as it was revealed that the athlete consumed cannabis to deal with emotional problems after her mother passed away.

Despite not agreeing with current rules regarding THC, Joe Biden insisted that rules are rules and they should be followed but strongly recommends that these type of rules should be reconsidered. Unfortunately, this is not the first time it has happened. In June 2018, UFC fighter Mike Jackson tested positive for THC and was suspended until October 2018, and as a result, his victory was invalidated. 

Experts claim that current rules are outdated and based on data collected decades ago which showed that cannabis was an addictive substance and had no medical value; Cannabis requires more concrete research because there’s no indication that cannabis enhances performance and many athletes are now starting to use cannabis for medical purposes, claiming that it can help relieve the pressure associated with competition among several other benefits.

The New Rules In Nevada

As mentioned, fighters competing in Nevada will not be punished if testing positive for cannabis, the NAC (Nevada Athletic Commission) claims that since cannabis is legal in Nevada, it doesn’t make sense to prohibit fighters from consuming cannabis. Also, the NAC claims they’re proud to be the first to address this issue and want to continue being leaders as they’ve always been.

During the next six months, all fighters will be tested for cannabis for data collection but will not be punished if tested positive, UFC Senior VP of Athlete Health and Performance mentioned that there no longer should be sanctioning for cannabis, as long as fighters don’t show up high to the events there shouldn’t be a problem. The new rule took effect in Nevada on July 7th, but sanctions imposed before the rule will not be suspended.

08 July 2021