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Will Smoking Weed at Night Give You a Hangover the Next Morning?

11 August 2022
How smoking cannabis can affect the user the day after, and how that differs from a classic alcohol hangover.
11 August 2022
10 min read
Will Smoking Weed at Night Give You a Hangover the Next Morning?

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  • 1. Cannabis hangover effects
  • 2. Scientific research into weed hangovers
  • 3. What can be done to reduce the effects of the weed hangover?
  • 4. Are stoneovers totally preventable?
  • 5. The best fast buds strains to try at night
  • 6. The wrap up

Hangovers. For the most part, they are usually associated with a heavy night of drinking, but can a big night on the joints or bowls also leave you feeling a little worse for wear the next morning? Well, that really depends on who you ask. Everyone has met one of those wizened, older stoners who will claim that smoking weed doesn't cause any sort of hangover whatsoever, but from our personal experience that may not be 100% on the money. 

Sure, the feeling of a heavy alcohol hangover is totally different from the good old stoneover, but we would be liars if we didn't admit that we can wake up feeling a little slower than usual. The after-session morning fog is something that most of us would have experienced, so let's take a look at the science behind a weed hangover (as sparse as it is) and what steps we can take to reduce the next day's symptoms. 

Before we go any further, let's define what a hangover is exactly…

The word hangover is a nonmedical phrase for the unpleasant physical aftereffects of excessive alcohol use (or the overconsumption of other psychoactive drugs). The lesser-known medical name for this condition is veisalgia. Hangovers have been the bane of the partier since man took his first sip of alcohol, but are there any historical records of weed hangovers? To put it simply, no - not really.

Cannabis has been used for centuries as a medicine and recreational drug, with the first recorded use taking place in 2737 BC by Chinese Emperor Shen Neng. Since then, cannabis has been consumed by people all over the world for various reasons - be it religious, medicinal, or simply because they enjoy the sensation it produces. Most of the historical records point to its use as a medicinal supplement, but that doesn't mean that it cant produce hangover-like effects when smoked heavily.

1. Cannabis Hangover Effects

In spite of the fact that there have been very few actual peer-reviewed, scientific studies conducted on the effects of weed on smokers the next day (more on these studies later), there is obviously a bunch of anecdotal evidence that we should discuss. For some cannabis smokers, the next day after a big night of smoking can be pretty foggy. One of the main symptoms that people report is a feeling of cotton mouth, or what scientists call xerostomia. This occurs when the salivary glands in your mouth don't produce enough spit to keep your mouth moist. This is a common issue while smoking weed, and it can hang around the next morning also. You may also wake up feeling extremely groggy, with dry and scratchy eyes, a stinging headache, and even a slightly upset stomach - which can make the morning even more unpleasant than it already may be.


Will smoking weed at night give you a hangover the next morning: cannabis hangover effects

Most heavy consumers have probably experienced the after session morning fog.

These are all common side effects of smoking cannabis, but they're not technically considered a hangover in the traditional sense of the word. A cannabis hangover is most likely to be caused by dehydration, as cannabis has been shown to increase urine production which can lead to dehydration if you're not careful. We always suggest having a bottle of water close by while smoking your favorite strain, and chugging a tall glass of water before you go to bed. This one simple change seems to make a pretty big difference to how you feel after a big night on the spliffs.

2. Scientific Research Into Weed Hangovers

As mentioned above, the amount of peer-reviewed studies on this subject is slightly few and far between, but there are a couple of pieces of research out there to discuss. The first study we can point to dates all the way back to 1985. It involved 13 male subjects that were used to consuming daily amounts of cannabis and set out to study exactly what cognitive changes could be measured the day after smoking weed. Half the participants were given cannabis joints to smoke, with the other half receiving a placebo. Directly after smoking, they were put through a battery of tests that graded their memory, free recall, and time management skills. 

They were then allowed to sleep as they would on any normal night, and tested the next morning (9 hours later). While the effects the next morning were not the same as the acute effects directly after smoking, the researchers did find that the subjects that had consumed THC reacted differently from the subjects that smoked the placebo. Although the report does not go into any great detail on these differences, this does suggest that smoking the dank stuff can produce residual (hangover) effects the day after smoking. 


Will smoking weed at night give you a hangover the next morning: scientific research into weed hangovers

Despite some scientific indications, there's still the need for more research before any claims can be made.

Another study from the early 90s produced similar results but the conclusion was more ambiguous than the earlier study, and a study from 2017 that focused on the use of THC for the treatment of chronic pain reported that one subject felt extremely groggy the morning after consumption. So, while there are some scientific indications that cannabis use can affect how you feel in the morning, there is an obvious need for much more in-depth study before any sweeping scientific claims can be made. 

3. What Can Be Done to Reduce The Effects of The Weed Hangover?

Weed hangovers can be annoying, but rarely will they be as obvious or as acute as a heavy hangover from a big night of drinking.  That being said, there are a few things you can do to try and reduce the effects of your cannabis consumption the night before:


  • Staying hydrated is absolutely key - Drink plenty of water - both while smoking and before bed. Staying hydrated is crucial for feeling good the next day, no matter what you've been up to.
  • Avoid high THC content weed late at night - The higher the THC content, the more likely you are to experience residual effects the next day. Try sticking to strains with a lower THC content, or smoking smaller amounts if you're planning on smoking prior to bed. You could also try a strain that offers a nice balance between both THC and CBD if you are smoking before bed. Check out the table below for our favorite nighttime strains.
  • Eat before you smoke - A full stomach can help reduce the intensity of your high, and may help you sleep better too. That's not to say we recommend stuffing your face with really unhealthy food, as this can lead to digestive issues throughout the night disturbing you even further. A light snack of fruit may be all that's needed to help how you feel the next morning.
  • Plan your smoking around your sleep schedule - If you know you need to be up early, try and avoid smoking cannabis in the hours leading up to when you need to be awake While cannabis hangovers are not as well researched or understood as alcohol hangovers, the anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that they are certainly something you should consider, especially if you have an important morning coming up.


If you wake up super foggy, you could try a couple of things to snap you out of the haze -


  • Take a shower - A steaming hot shower can make a world of difference to that sore head, as it helps open up the pores and airways.
  • Get that body of yours moving - Nothing helps more than a brisk walk or even a light run in the morning. Moving your body and getting the blood flowing can make a huge difference to how you feel.
  • Brew up a strong coffee - This one may be a little obvious, but that early morning caffeine hit can brighten up even the foggiest morning. Not a coffee drinker? Black tea contains a nice amount of caffeine, and even a non-caffeinated hot beverage can help a bunch. Our recommendation is a ginger lemon infusion.
  • Take a couple of Advil - Paracetamol and Ibuprofen are both safe and effective pain relievers and proven to help with a morning headache.
  • Eat a light, healthy breakfast - A healthy meal can help give your metabolism a much-needed boost, and may help you avoid any feelings of nausea. While cannabis hangovers are not as well researched or understood as alcohol hangovers, the anecdotal evidence does show that eating a light breakfast can change your whole day. A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice never hurt, right?
  • Hydrate - Look, we know that we made it clear above that hydration is important, but it really can not be understated how big of a difference simply drinking enough water will make on how you feel the day after a session. The same is true the morning of. the first thing you should do after waking is grab the same glass, fill it to the brim, and drink that bad boy. You know what? Why not refill it and hit it again. Hydrohomies all day.

4. Are Stoneovers Totally Preventable?

Just as with the common alcohol hangover, the only way to 100% guarantee a stoneover-free morning is to abstain from smoking weed the night before. But, you can take a few precautions to help prevent them from occurring. Again, the science is still in its infancy at this point so it is very hard to make sweeping claims. And while some precautionary measures may work for some people, there is no golden bullet for every single person as of today.


Will smoking weed at night give you a hangover the next morning: are stoneovers totally preventable?

The only way to 100% guarantee a stoneover-free morning is to abstain from smoking weed the night before.

We have said it before, and we’ll say it again. Hydrate yourself. It makes a huge difference. If you can take a couple of days off smoking weed each week, do so. This allows your body to process the THC - THC is fat soluble so it hangs around for longer than other intoxicants. Don't mix weed with other substances, especially if you are already hammered drunk. Remember the old saying - “Weed before beer, you're in the clear”.

5. The Best Fast Buds Strains to Try at Night

Here at Fast Buds, we have a huge range of strains to choose from, all of which are autoflowering. 

What is an autoflowering strain? 

It's pretty simple actually. Regular cannabis plants (known as photoperiod strains) are sensitive to changes in their lighting schedule and need a certain amount of light depending on the stage of growth they are in. This can make lighting plants at different stages of their lifecycles a little difficult, especially if you are trying to grow different strains in the same room. Thankfully, that is not the case with autoflowering strains. As the name may suggest, autos will switch from the vegetative growth stage the flower production no matter how many hours of light per day they receive.   This makes for much easier growing, as you do not need to worry about light schedules.

Simply put, autoflowering cannabis is perfect for busy growers or those with little experience, they make the job of the cultivator just so much easier and allow for a perpetual harvest routine to be set up in any grow space with little to no work. For a full rundown of the benefits of autos and how to begin a grow op check out this guide right here. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff - the best cannabis strains to grow for late-night toking! Here are three of our personal favorite autoflowering cannabis strains for a night-time smoke sesh:


Strain Name THC CBD Genes Outdoor Harvest Indoor Harvest Seed to Harvest Time
CBD Auto 1:1 (CBD Crack)  7% 7% Sativa 35% / Indica 65% 50 – 170 gr/plant 450 – 550 gr/m2 9 – 10 weeks
White Widow Auto  Up to 20% Less than 1% Sativa 30% / Indica 70% 50 – 170 gr/plant 400 – 500 gr/m2 9 weeks
CBD Auto 20:1  0.3 - 0.85% 10 - 20% Sativa 50% / Indica 50% 50 – 170 gr/plant 350 – 450 gr/m2 9 – 10 weeks


CBD Auto 1:1 (CBD Crack) is a perfect nighttime option thanks its to its perfectly balanced CBD to THC ratio. White Widow Auto is a strain that we all know and love, with around 20% THC and a calming overall effect. CBD Auto 20:1 is for those among us who are looking for a purely medicinal option without having to worry about any possibility of a weed hangover at all!

6. The Wrap Up

So, there you have it. While the research is still lacking, it seems pretty obvious that smoking a bunch just before you go to sleep may leave you feeling a little dank yourself the next day. Thankfully, a weed hangover is nowhere near as brutal as a morning after too many shots.

For the most part, a brisk walk followed by a hot shower and big old cup of joe should set you straight - and don't forget to hydrate my friends! What do you think? Do you get stone overs? Is there a remedy that helps you that we haven't mentioned? Let us know down below in the comment section.