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10 Biggest Icons In Cannabis Culture History

07 December 2020
If you identify as a stoner you should definitely know who these legendary potheads are.
07 December 2020
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10 Biggest Icons In Cannabis Culture History

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  • 1. Technology masters bill gates & steve jobs
  • 1. a. Bill gates
  • 1. b. Steve jobs
  • 2. Ex-us presidents george washington & barack obama
  • 2. a. George washington
  • 2. b. Barack obama
  • 3. Music icons bob marley & john lennon
  • 3. a. Bob marley
  • 3. b. John lennon
  • 4. Comedian duos cheech & chong and seth rogen & james franco
  • 4. a. Cheech & chong
  • 4. b. Seth rogen and james franco
  • 5. Snoop dogg & wiz khalifa
  • 5. a. Snoop dog
  • 5. b. Wiz khalifa
  • 6. Conclusion

Imagine if cannabis history lessons were taught at school or at university. The cannabis culture isn't really new, in fact, it is one of the most ancient traditions and cultures that has prevailed until today. 

And just like any other culture in our world, cannabis history and culture counts with several famous historians, or rather stoners, that every true pothead should be able to recognize. 

Hero stoners were those who weren't scared of what people had to say about their use of marijuana, those who engaged in it with pride and weren't afraid of speaking up against what others had to criticize about the use of such sacred plants. Some famous stoners include:

  • Snoop Dogg;
  • Bob Marley;
  • Cheech & Chong; 
  • Barack Obama, and more.

Let's go through the list of the biggest icons in cannabis culture history. 

1. Technology Masters Bill Gates & Steve Jobs

Now they would probably hate us for making them sit together but both these visionary minds were indeed emblematic for their past use of cannabis. 

Bill Gates

Bill Gates, famously known for co-founding the Microsoft Corporation empire and being one of the richest men on earth, was linked to the use of marijuana after voting in favor of the legalization of marijuana in 2012. 


Bill Gates, Microsoft's creator was linked to cannabis use at a younger age.

Bill Gates, Microsoft's creator was linked to cannabis use at a younger age.

While he refuses to answer publicly when asked if he uses or used cannabis, Gate's college roommate claimed "As for drugs – well, Gates was certainly not unusual there. Marijuana was the pharmaceutical of choice.” 

Steve Jobs

Bill Gates' sworn enemy Steve Jobs, co-founder of the rival company Apple, was also famous for his psychedelic drug use back in the '70s. While LSD was Jobs' apparent drug of preference, he was also known for toking or taking marijuana edibles every now and then.

In fact, Jobs attributed a big part of his success and achievements to his previous psychedelic drugs use, because they helped open his mind and enabled him to see the world in a different light.


Apple's Steve Jobs claimed psychedelic drugs helped open his mind.

Apple's Steve Jobs claimed psychedelic drugs, including LSD and cannabis, helped open his mind.

2. Ex-US Presidents George Washington & Barack Obama

It looks like several presidents of the United States were avid marijuana users. In fact, over 10 of this country's past presidents admitted their use of cannabis, including George Washington and Barack Obama. 

George Washington 

The first president ever in the US, George Washington was notoriously keen on kush. The emblematic governor, who kept a rigorous and detailed journal on his life was actually a cannabis cultivator as well. 

Washington used to grow hemp for fiber at a field he had named Muddy Hole. In his diaries, he noted "Began to separate the male from female plants at do... rather too late” and “Pulling up the (male) hemp. Was too late for the blossom hemp by three weeks or a month”.


Evidence of cannabis use has been found in G. Washington's journals.

Evidence of cannabis use has been found in George Washington's journals.

Looks like the legendary president was having some trouble with the technicalities involved in marijuana cultivation

Barack Obama

Several years and presidents later, another distinct figure took charge over the United States. It was Barack Obama, who not only came to change the awful stigmas in the country but who admitted and openly talked about cannabis use. 

"When I was a kid, I inhaled, frequently. That was the point."

We've even seen several pictures of young Obama using weed and heard him talk about marijuana in interviews uncountable times. He is indeed in favor of the legal use of medical cannabis and during his presidency, he helped to ease the enforcement of federal marijuana laws in several American states.


Old photo of young Obama smoking a joint.

Old photo of young Obama smoking a joint. - source: Lisa Jack

3. Music Icons Bob Marley & John Lennon

Now, not every iconic stoner needs to be the CEO of a company or an ex-president. 

The music field is just as relevant as these last two, having a much wider extent to people's ears in some cases. And it isn't a surprise for some of the most creative minds to have been legendary potheads. 

Bob Marley 

No wonder why this reggae musician was a weed affectionate. Marley smoked marijuana mainly because he was an active practicant of the Rastafari movement, where the use of 'ganja', the Rastafarian term for marijuana was considered a holy sacrament.


Bob Marley engaged in the use of cannabis as part of his Rastafari religion.

Bob Marley engaged in the use of cannabis as part of his Rastafari religion.

However, one should not mistake what kind of use the Rastas made of cannabis. This isn't a culture that views marijuana as a substance for recreational use but one that employs it for medical and religious purposes

When Rastafaris use weed, it is usually either to aid in meditation and provide the subject with the necessary tools to achieve a higher mystical view on the nature of the universe. 

John Lennon

The ex-Beatle and never-to-be-forgotten John Lennon was an active protestant of the hippie movement, which is also strongly linked to the use of marijuana.

The main hangup in the world today is hypocrisy and insecurity. If people can't face up to the fact of other people being naked or smoking pot [...] then we're never going to get anywhere. People have got to become aware that it's none of their business and that being nude is not obscene.

Being ourselves is what's important. If everyone practiced being themselves instead of pretending to be what they aren't, there would be peace.


John Lennon was a stoner and peace activist along with artist Yoko Ono.

John Lennon was a stoner and peace activist along with artist Yoko Ono.

In several films and documentaries, we've seen Lennon openly using marijuana, marching on the streets along with the people fighting for their voices to be heard, and protesting in different art forms along with his wife and artist Yoko Ono against the injustices of the world. 

4. Comedian Duos Cheech & Chong and Seth Rogen & James Franco

Just like not every symbolic pothead needs to be a famous CEO, nor do they need to be artists. In fact, comedians are usually big icons in the cannabic culture as well. 

If we say comedians and cannabis two duos pop into the head: the historic Cheech & Chong, and the newcomers Seth Rogen and James Franco.

Cheech & Chong

Cheech & Chong consisted of Richard “Cheech” Marin and Tommy Chong, who became famous for their stoner comedy films, stand-ups, and even music albums back in the 1970s and 1980s. These guys were among the firsts to become worldwide famous for being supreme potheads


Cheech & Chong were the pioneers of stoner movies.

Cheech & Chong were the pioneers of stoner movies.

In fact, this cult stoner duo even earned themselves a Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album back in 1974 with Cheech & Chong's Wedding Album. 

Furthermore, their first feature-length film Up In Smoke, released in 1978 has now become a cult film, especially among those who are fans of watching stoner comedy movies. 

Seth Rogen and James Franco

If we had to name the successors of Cheech & Chong, it would probably consist of Seth Rogen and James Franco. 

We've seen the duo perform together on several comedy movies, such as Pineapple Express, the super stoner film that even inspired us to create our own Pineapple Express Auto strain.  


However, we've got some rather disappointing news. There is one person in this duo who isn't actually a pothead, the hint is: it isn't Seth Rogen. That's right, in an interview where Rogen was asked which celebrities he had smoked weed with he revealed that he hadn't ever shared a joint with Franco. 


Seth Rogen considers himself a pothead rather than a stoner.

Seth Rogen considers himself a pothead rather than a stoner - source: Seth Rogen's Instagram

Later, when Franco was asked about his cannabis use, he explained that he hadn't used the substance for decades. When asked when was the last time he had smoked, he said he got in a lot of trouble "I got in a car accident and was arrested. I was almost 17 and on probation for graffiti and drinking incidents." So, war flashbacks perhaps?

5. Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa

Rappers and cannabis are best friends, there's no denying in that. Coughing is a usual instrument in their songs and weed is normally the main subject in their lyrics

Snoop Dog

Now this list wouldn't have been this list if Snoop Dogg's name didn't come up in it. The world of rappers is full of famous stoners and potheads, however, only a few of them can reach even the toes of the big Snoop Dogg when it comes to cannabis use. 


If cannabis was a religion, Snoop Dogg would probably be the god.

If cannabis was a religion, Snoop Dogg would probably be the god.

While it can be hard to find photos of some celebrities smoking weed, quite the opposite happens with this man, is he ever not holding a joint? Snoop loves smoking marijuana, so why should anyone judge or try to stop him?

And if there was ever a bigger proof that marijuana can't kill anybody it's Snoop Dogg himself, who once claimed to smoke over "81 blunts per day times seven", damn. Now, this is most likely an exaggeration, but he surely smokes a ton of weed per year indeed. 

Wiz Khalifa

Another famous character in the rapping scene known for his cannabis use is Wiz Khalifa. This seem to be Snoop Dogg's wannabe doesn't only smoke, sing, and rap about weed but he's even gotten into the industry too.

Khalifa has actually created his own personal strain and developed a weed farm game app where the main objective for players is to go all the way from a small plantation to becoming a big industry, reinvesting in the business and all. 


Wiz Khalifa not only raps about weed but he got into the industry as well.

Wiz Khalifa not only raps about weed but he got into the industry as well.

6. Conclusion

The word stereotype wouldn't precisely match with the cannabis culture. As we've seen in the afore list, there is not a typical stoner type.

You can find from the intellectual, high-tech, politicians kind of people who use cannabis, as well as the artistic, creative mega-minds and goofy full-on potheads. 

Marijuana is simply a plant suitable for everyone who has the ability to enjoy it!