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Best Movies To Watch While You're Stoned

23 November 2020
We'll free you from the tedious job of choosing a movie with this stoner movie watchlist.
23 November 2020
11 min read
Best Movies To Watch While Youre Stoned

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  • 1. Enter the void (2009)
  • 1. a. The plot (no spoilers)
  • 2. Pink floyd - the wall (1982)
  • 2. a. The plot
  • 3. Wayne's world (1992)
  • 3. a. The plot
  • 4. 2001: a space odyssey (1968)
  • 4. a. The plot
  • 5. Fight club (1999)
  • 5. a. The plot (no spoiling)
  • 6. Suggestions before you press play
  • 6. a. Express hotbox
  • 7. The bottom line

Chilling at home and watching a movie is a sure fun way to pass time. And chilling at home, plus getting stoned, and watching a movie is for sure among every stoner's favorite activities.

However, we know that sometimes choosing a movie can be a tedious job, spending hours and hours on movie rankings and lists, reading the synopsis, or watching trailers until you finally find the most promising one. And it is then that you already have to head to bed because you must wake up early the next day, so no more movie time. 

Well, don't waste your time anymore. Here's a list of our top 5 movie recommendations to watch while you're stoned. It's okay, don't worry, no spoiler alert. 

1. Enter The Void (2009)

A friend once told us as he recommended this movie "smoke a huge joint and start the movie, then somewhere in the middle pause it and hit it again before you continue". Enter The Void (2002), by Gaspar Noé is a full psychedelic experience which you'll never forget, in both a good and bad way. 


Best Movies To Watch While You're Stoned: Scene From "Enter The Void"

Gaspar Noe's "Enter The Void" is a psychedelic experience.


The movie was released in the year 2009, although it seems as if it is fresh out of the oven. Its director, Gaspar Noé is a quirky Argentine filmmaker who spent most of his life living in France. He's the type of 'showing you everything you don't want to see' movie maker, so expect some harsh images and scenes that won't easily erase from your head. 

For the cinephiles among us, Enter The Void is a film of astounding filmmaking, with crazy lights and colors, unusual angles and travelings, and special effects. Once you've finished it you'll either love Gaspar Noé to the point of watching his whole filmography or want to pull your eyes off to erase the strong pictures you've recently seen. 

The Plot (no spoilers)

Within the first minutes of the movie, we meet a young American, Oscar, played by Nathaniel Brown, who makes his living as a drug dealer in Tokyo. When Oscar is killed after some inconveniences involving a drug deal, we join the psychedelic journey of his soul traveling through life after death, watching the repercussions of his sudden death. 

Roll yourself a big fat joint with some delicious Gorilla Cookies Auto, our strongest strain with up to 27% THC content, and have a nice 2 hours trip. 

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2. Pink Floyd - The Wall (1982)

Now, a good movie will never be good when the music in it is terrible. Luckily, that isn't the case for Pink Floyd - The Wall, by Alan Parker and Gerald Scarfe.

We're sorry for this but, there are some movies we'd better not tell you anything about, just watch it. 

The Plot

Briefly, The Wall tells the story of a rock'n'roll superstar's breakdown. And that's about all we're going to tell you for now. 


Best Movies To Watch While You're Stoned: Scene From "Pink Floyd"

"Pink Floyd - The Wall" a full-on crazy trip to enjoy while you're high.


This rock opera is considered perhaps the best rock opera ever made. Written by the band's singer, bass player, and mastermind Roger Waters, sit down, pack your bowl loudly and enjoy this psychedelic experience of a movie.

Not only is the story captivating but also since the movie is fully based on the band's 1979 album, getting stoned with some tasty Lemon Pie Auto will surely enhance the connection between the movie and your soul as you watch. Savor the hints of sweet lemon, dough, and pine tree as you sway your head to this melody of a film.

3. Wayne's World (1992)

Now, while this list could include all of the super typical stoner movies, we'd rather list some of the not so famous but should be films. For those who are looking to enjoy good, innocent humor then Wayne's World, by Penelope Spheeris, is definitely your movie to watch, even more if you're a rock affectionate. 


Best Movies To Watch While You're Stoned: Scene From "Wayne's World"

Get stoned and watch Wayne's World for a good laugh.

The Plot

Starring the beloved and crazy Mike Myers, who also wrote the movie, Wayne's World makes the spin-off of a skit that originally streamed on Saturday Night Live.

It tells the story of two best friends who have their own public access TV show, which is pinned by a mega producer's eye once he sees the business opportunity in the neighborhood duo and decides to exploit the show. 

Get ready to laugh your lungs out with some pure gold humor. Spark up some tasty Strawberry Pie Auto and get ready for your brain to be blown with its 26% THC and the complex mix of fruity, cookie dough, and a pinch of fuel flavor.

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4. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Perhaps you've already realized that we're kind of movie geeks over here, and if you hadn't then this is where you finally do, when we recommend 2001: A Space Odyssey, by Stanley Kubrik.


Best Movies To Watch While You're Stoned: Scene From "2001: A Space Odyssey"

Get high and trip with 2001: A Space Odyssey.


To put it simply, if movies were a religion, A Space Odyssey would make the Bible and Stanley Kubrik our Jesus. Have a toke of your bushy, fluffiest Wedding Cheesecake Auto buds, and let this Sativa dominant strain keep you euphoric with this art of a film.

The Plot

This sci-fi classic is quite hard to put into words without giving too many details. In summary, after a mysterious artifact is found underneath the Lunar surface, mankind begins their quest to find its origins, with help from the artificial intelligence computer H.A.L. 9000. 

Did You Know?

Did you know that this movie was fully made without any special effects on the computer? Everything you see on screen is the result of skilled artisans and creative crafters.

Essentially, 2001: A Space Odyssey is an extremely philosophical film about evolution. 


5. Fight Club (1999)

Whatever your life course is, something must be wrong if you yet haven't watched just one of the best films ever to be made, Fight Club.

Released in 1999 and directed by the American filmmaker David Fincher, who also directed blockbusters such as Se7en and The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, the movie is still among almost everyone's top 10, even after more than 20 years of its release. 


Best Movies To Watch While You're Stoned: Scene From "Fight Club"

Get high and join Brad Pitt and Edward Norton in Fight Club.


If you like mind-blowing, plot twist movies then definitely opt for the psychological thriller of Fight Club.

The Plot (no spoiling)

No, we're not going to even mention anything remotely close to the plot twist, so read on with no fear. Starring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt, who's Fincher's fetish and muse, Fight Club narrates the story of a depressed man (Norton) who suffers from insomnia.

After he meets a soap salesman (Pitt), bored with their lives, the duo form an underground fight club where they battle other men who are also struggling with their lives. And that's about it, we'll say no more. 

Fight Club is that movie that will have you speaking about it forever, recommending it to everyone you know, it's what we'd call, cool filmmaking. Roll yourself a king-sized Orange Sherbet Auto blunt and rise to the movie's level of excitement and euphoria. 


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6. Suggestions Before You Press Play

Now, after you've chosen which movie you're going to watch make sure you meet, ideally, all of the bullets on the following checklist:

  • Popcorn;
  • Drinks;
  • Comfort;
  • Lights off;
  • Phones off;
  • Intermission joint;
  • Toilet run.

We'd like to make special emphasis on the phones being turned off, or in silent mode. It doesn't matter if you're not in the movies, it's about letting go for a little bit and purely enjoying something. 

We tend to have our eyes stuck on our phones all through the day, which is kind of sad, to be honest, so give yourself a breath and get rid of the phone for just two hours. It feels good to know that you can handle not checking social media obsessively, and almost automatically for at least a short period of time. 


Best Movies To Watch While You're Stoned: Eating Popcorn

Get some snack for the munchies and watch your movie of choice!


And don't forget the toilet run, some water and snacks for them munchies. 

Express Hotbox 

If instead of watching a movie at home you're heading to the movies with your friends or that special someone, definitely hotbox your car before you step off and head into the dark sala. 

In our opinion the prior-to-movie hotbox is a true tradition, we actually don't think any stoner skips this step when heading to the movies. It's just part of the fun, getting out of the car feeling like an astronaut and throwing yourself into a film.

7. The Bottom Line

Ask anyone who's ever watched a movie stoned and you'll see why watching films when you're extremely stoned is so much fun. It's as if you travel to a different dimension. 

When you're high, everything in the film feels two-times enhanced, our eyes seem to be glued to the screen and our heart is on the verge at the sentimentalism created by the filmmakers. The music sounds better, the effects are even more impressive, and the emotions are stronger; perhaps it's the weed, perhaps the movie was just really good.

Although the film does matter to have a good time, you'll be more prone to enjoy the film when you watch it being completely high.