How To Make Your Homemade Bong

As if smoking with a bong wasn’t already great, imagine smoking out of your own homemade bong.
16 September 2020
7 min read
How To Make Your Homemade Bong

  • 1. Understanding the basics: parts of a bong
  • 2. The bottle bong
  • 2. a. Building the downstem and bowl
  • 3. The gravity bong
  • 3. a. Building a gravity bong
  • 4. The tic tac bong
  • 4. a. Building a tic tac bong
  • 5. The ibong, or the apple bong
  • 5. a. Building an apple bong
  • 6. Mason jar bong
  • 6. a. Building a mason jar bong
  • 7. Comparing the homemade bongs
  • 8. Conclusion and recommendations

Have you forgotten your bong at a friend’s house? Maybe you never actually bought one, or perhaps you’re just feeling a little crafty. Whatever the case, don’t worry, we’ll help you build your own homemade bong, it’s an experience every true stoner should have at least once in their life, at least the water bottle bong.

1. Understanding the Basics: Parts of a Bong

In this article, you’ll find different options for making your own homemade bong, from the simplest to true art pieces. But let's cover the basics first, starting with the parts of a bong:


Essential Parts of a Bong

In order to be able to make your own bong you need to learn its basics parts.


It’s usually the neck of the bong in which the smoke rises all the way into your lungs and then wonderland.


The base is base-ically where the water goes.

Carb or Carburetor:

It’s the small hole on the side or back of the bong which helps you control the airflow with your index finger.


The bowl is the place where you pack your weed.


The downstem is the thinner pipe that's connected to the bowl, allowing the smoke to travel down to the base into the water and up through the tube.

2. The Bottle Bong

The water bottle bong is a pretty simple homemade bong, and it's good for recycling too. To make it you’ll just need to take any type of plastic bottle and a few more things, don’t worry if you don't have the bottle’s cap because you won't use it anyway. Keep in mind that the larger the bottle, the bigger the bong hits.

Take your chosen plastic bottle and fill up ¼ of it with water. Now, with a pair of scissors or any sharp object like a pen or screwdriver, poke a small hole just below the neck of the bottle to make the bong’s carb.


How to make a homemade bottle bong

How to make a homemade bottle bong.

Then, add a second hole slightly above the waterline of your plastic bottle bong. This is where the downstem will be placed. Make sure the hole isn't too big that the stem is dancing or even falling inside. 

Building the downstem and bowl

You’ll need a tube-like object, like an old marker or a pen, and some aluminum foil. The wider the marker’s diameter, the more space you’ll have for placing your buds on the bowl. 

First, get rid of the marker/pen’s inner parts, keeping just the hollow tube. Taking the aluminum foil, cover one of the edges, and press softly in the center to create a bowl-like shape. It’s important that the foil doesn't break because we don't want the plastic below getting burned while smoking given it’s highly toxic. 

All you’ll need before you can light up your new homemade water bottle bong is to bring the pieces together. Take your downstem and stick the open edge into the bottle through the lower hole you’ve previously made, angling it down into the water. Now pack your bowl and fire it up!

3. The Gravity Bong

The Gravity Bong is a cool, scientific-looking method for making a homemade weed bong and it also requires just a few simple things you can find at home:

  • a plastic bottle; 
  • a needle or a toothpick;
  • some aluminum foil;
  • any kind of container, as long as it's bigger than the bottle.

Building a Gravity Bong

To start with, take the bottle, toss the cap, and cover the mouthpiece with the foil in order to make the bong’s bowl. Now with the needle or any thin stick, poke small holes into the bowl so that the smoke can travel through and into the bottle. 


What is gravity bong and how to build it

What is gravity bong and how to build it.

Then, take the bigger container, fill it up with water and sink your half bottle with the foil inside, with the aluminum bowl looking up, of course. Pack up your bowl and light it up as you slowly lift up the bottle of your gravity bong, making sure you don’t pull it out completely as it gathers the smoke inside. 

Keeping the bottle at the same level, carefully take off the aluminum foil and absorb the smoke gathered inside as you push the bottle down. If you can’t smoke it all in one hit just cover the mouthpiece with your hand until you're ready to take another one. 

Extra Tip: If you want to make your homemade gravity bong look more professional, take the bottle’s cap and make a hole in the center. Then, cover it with foil and pressing softly in the center make the bowl shape through the cap’s hole. Add the small holes with a needle and then put the cap back on the bottle.

Now when you light up your buds, instead of taking off the foil you can unscrew your cap.

4. The Tic Tac Bong

So you’re at home at 3 am, you ran out of rolling papers, you’re googling for any smoking device alternatives you can make at home but you’re so unlucky you don't even have any plastic bottles at home. There’s no need to panic, turns out a small recipient like a Tic Tac box can be your best ally. Or you can even go big and use a Pringles empty box. 

Building a Tic Tac Bong

It’s easy: take the empty Tic Tac box and with a couple of scissors drill a small hole near the bottom, where you’ll stick the downstem in. If you don’t know how to build a downstem, you can follow the same instructions from the Bottle Bong method. 


DIY Tic Tac Bong for Cannabis

DIY Tic Tac Bong for Smoking Cannabis.

Now, make another small hole closer to the upper edge of the box, which will work as the carburetor. 

Finally, fill the small bong with water, it should be enough to cover the stem’s edge, and using the already existent hole in the Tic Tac box as the tube, inhale as you light up.

5. The iBong, or the Apple Bong

Who knew you could even get bongs at Apple. Just kidding. The homemade apple bong (although it’s more of a pipe) is a true classic. And the best part is that this method is cheap and easy to do: it requires only an apple, or any other fruit or vegetable, and a pencil, plus it adds good flavor. 

Building an Apple Bong

The first step is getting a ripe apple and removing the stem. Stick the pencil, or any pointy object, through the top until you reach the center of soon to be apple bong to create your downstem and bowl.


How to Make an Apple Bong

How to Make an Apple Bong.

Now with the same pencil stick a hole through the side of the apple, also until you reach the center, aiming to make both holes meet in the middle. This one will be your carburetor. Lastly, make a hole by the front of the apple, also meeting the other two holes in the middle, this will act as the tube.  

Extra Tip: Apple pipes are great, yes, but don’t get stuck only with apples though! You can use many types of fruits and vegetables as a bong, such as bananas, pumpkins, pineapples, cucumbers and even combine more than one together, get creative!

Voilá, your apple bong is ready to go, light it up!

6. Mason Jar Bong

We know jars are the favorite object for DIY crafts of the decade so of course, we had to include them in this list. This is a good method for those who are feeling inspired and want to put dedication to build a homemade bong that lasts.

Building a Mason Jar Bong

The first thing you’ll need to do is take any jar you find at home and cut three holes into the lid, two of them equally sized and a smaller one for the carb. 

Then, grab any tubes you find at home, or old markers as we did in the plastic bottle method, and stick them into the jar through the bigger holes. Keep in mind one of the tubes should be long enough to be covered by the water in order to work as the downstem.


Building a Mason Jar Bong

Building a Mason Jar Bong.

If you’re feeling inspired, then purchase a couple of transparent tubes to turn your homemade bong into a professional-looking bong. Make sure the holes and the tubes resemble in size.

Extra points: to avoid air from sneaking out through the lid’s holes you can also add some rubber grommets around the tubes to seal the air properly. 

Finally, you’ll need to build a bowl on the edge of the longer tube. You can do this the easy way, by covering it with aluminum foil, or you can attach a metal bottle cap to it -which you could get from olive oil bottles, alcoholic bottles, or anything that comes useful- then add some small holes inside to let the smoke through. 

7. Comparing the Homemade Bongs

Now that you’ve learned the 5 different options to make a homemade bong, it’s time for you to choose which one you’d like to build. We’ve built this comparison table in order to aid with this oh-so-life-changing decision.


Water Bottle BongGravity BongTicTac Box BongApple Bong or PipeMason Jar Bong

Easy to make, takes a few minutes;

Fun and crazy science bong;Save the day, Spontaneous;Build homemade bong with stuff from home;Long-lasting homemade bong;

Made with materials you have at home;

Easily made within minutes;Cheap to make & Portable;Easy;Crafty;

Cheap and good for spontaneous crafting.

Cheap, spontaneous.Easy, takes only a few minutes;Tasty & Ecological; Requires some more dedication.


However, why shouldn’t you try building all of these? Today it could be the apple bong, tomorrow the TicTac box bong and so on until you can decide which one is your favorite. Furthermore, you could even create your own personalized masterpiece of a bong and surprise everyone else with your creations, think outside the box!

8. Conclusion And Recommendations

You don’t really need to be an engineer to build a homemade bong, and the most fun part is that you can use basically anything your mind can think of to do it too! The main thing you’ll need is some creativity and patience.

We hope these ideas helped to spark up both your imagination and bowls! Please remember to be careful that you don't smoke any plastic while testing your smoking device and you should be good to go. Enjoy and don't forget to send us photos of your masterpieces or guides to make a homemade bong your style!

16 September 2020