What Is Kief And Best Ways To Use It

Kief is a solventless full-spectrum extraction that can precede all kinds of extracts like hash, rosin and even shatter.
04 June 2020
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What Is Kief And Best Ways To Use It

  • 1. What is kief?
  • 2. How to make kief?
  • 2. a. Grind flowers in a grinder with a collector
  • 2. b. Dry sifting
  • 3. Best ways to consume kief
  • 3. a. Sprinkled in a joint
  • 3. b. Mixed in a bowl
  • 3. c. Rosin
  • 3. d. Edibles
  • 4. In conclusion

Kief is a solventless extract made out of trichomes and because you are collecting the entire trichome heads you end up with a full-spectrum extract, it can be made with several methods although all consisting of sifting the resin but the purity can change depending on how you do it.

It's considered to be the easiest to make and can be of high purity (if done properly). Even though it is easy to make and doesn’t require many materials, it is a really good full-spectrum extract and can be one of the most aromatic types of extract out there.

1. What Is Kief?

Kief is a type of solventless extract made out of the small trichome heads. By collecting the entire head of the trichomes we are making a full-spectrum extract.


What Is Kief And Best Ways To Use It: Lots of Trichomes on Buds

Cannabis trichomes are more abundant in the last weeks of flowering.

This ensures we are consuming the whole spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes the plant has to offer, although this doesn’t make it stronger than concentrates, it will give you a more complete effect, considered better by many, especially medical consumers.

2. How To Make Kief?

Like all other extracts and concentrates, kief can have different textures, and depending on the way you make it can be more or less pure.

There are 3 most common ways to make kief, they are: 

Grind Flowers In A Grinder With A Collector

This method is the easiest and doesn’t require anything other than a 3 or 4-piece grinder that you can find in every smoke shop. 

To get kief, all you have to do is grind your flowers normally. These grinders usually have a mesh that separates flower material and has the right size for trichomes to go through, making it a way of effortless dry sifting your flowers for kief.


What Is Kief And Best Ways To Use It: Kief Collected in Grinder

The kief that falls off your buds will be stored in a grinder with a collector for consuming later.

This is not an optimal way to make kief because it can take up to a couple of months to get a decent amount of kief (depending on the frequency you smoke) and can result in kief with a high amount of plant material and residue if you grind your cannabis too much.

Also, the trichomes that go through the filter are basically being removed from your flower, making it slightly less potent. 

This is usually used by consumers that want to have a treat once in a while without having to make that much effort or buy specialized materials.

Dry sifting

Dry sifting is basically what the grinder does but on a bigger scale. This method consists of breaking your buds apart and slightly press and drag them on a big mesh or screen. This will make the trichomes fall through it.

The trichomes will then fall on a clean surface where you can collect them easily with a card and store them in a glass jar or something similar. 


What Is Kief And Best Ways To Use It: Dry Sifting Cannabis For Trichomes

When sifting cannabis plant material, the kief will fall through and fall on the surface underneath to be collected.

You can also use bubble bags used for making water hash to filter the trichomes. This way you place the buds in the bags and shake them, allowing the trichomes to separate and fall through.

This method can crush your buds, allowing more plant material to go through so it is only recommended if you are experimenting before investing in the proper material or if you don’t mind that your kief has plant residue.

Tip: To yield more, a good choice is to freeze the buds before sifting them.

By using bubble bags or appropriate screens, you can choose the preferred micron size, allowing you to control the quality and purity of the final product. 

And because we are effectively removing the trichomes, the leftover plant material sometimes won’t be good for consumption because the lack of trichomes results in a low potency, and usually, the buds end up all damaged.

3. Best Ways To Consume Kief

Like all things in cannabis, there is not a way that can be considered better for everyone, this applies to kief also. There are a variety of ways to consume kief and it will solely depend on what you have available.

Sprinkled In A Joint

The most common way to consume kief is by mixing it with flowers and smoking it in a joint. This is because you don’t need anything extra, you’ll use what you already have (filter tips and rolling papers).


What Is Kief And Best Ways To Use It: Kief In A Joint

Kief sprinkled onto a joint before rolling it.

There’s no right way to do it, just sprinkle your joint with as much kief as you want, roll it, smoke it, and enjoy.

Mixed In a Bowl

This is another easy way to smoke, as almost every cannabis consumer has a bong, and is a very good way to enhance your bong hits. The process is the same as smoking it in a joint. You just have to mix it with the ground flower and place it in your bowl.


What Is Kief And Best Ways To Use It: Kief Mixed in a Bowl of Flowers

Ground flower mixed in a bowl is a great way to enhance the usual high.

Because kief is an extract, the effect will be more intense and will last longer. With just two or three hits you’ll feel the effects and will be ready to go on with your day.

This is a great way if you want a quick and effective way to get medicated without leaving your clothes smelling like smoke.


Kief can be turned into rosin. Rosin is a solventless extract and although it is fairly easy to make, it is not for everyone.


What Is Kief And Best Ways To Use It: Rosin Extract

Beautiful rosin ready to be consumed.

It needs a fair bit of experience and a special machine that applies heat and pressure to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes out of the trichomes.

The result will be a product that can look like wax or shatter and can have different consistencies, depending on the quality and characteristics of the kief that goes in. 

Although you can smoke it in a joint, it is mostly recommended to smoke in a dab rig because of its consistency. 


Making edibles is a good option for some people but it is not the most efficient way to consume it.

This is because when making cannabutter, you can lose some of the terpenes and cannabinoids when applying heat or simply by not extracting everything out of them.


What Is Kief And Best Ways To Use It: Cannabutter

Cannabutter is usually consumed by medicinal patients who can't inhale smoke.

When making it, we decarboxylate the desired amount of kief and then infuse the butter with it. Unfortunately, it is very hard to not waste a bit if not using the appropriate equipment or a specific machine that makes it. 

This method is mostly used by medicinal patients who can’t or don’t want to inhale the smoke to medicate.

4. In Conclusion

This is a great way to enhance your smoke. Kief is the first step in the processes of a lot of high-quality extracts and concentrates.

But to really get the best quality, you have to start with a good quality flower. If you’re adventuring in the world of kief, we recommend our new Strawberry Pie Auto.

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The huge trichome production and delicious terpene profile will reward you with the best kief you’ve ever had.

04 June 2020