What Are Moonrocks And How Are They Made?

Get to know what this super-potent cannabis product is!
20 November 2020
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What Are Moonrocks And How Are They Made?

  • 1. What are moonrocks?
  • 2. Moonrocks vs sunrocks
  • 3. Are they potent?
  • 3. a. Safety tips for beginners
  • 4. How are moonrocks made?
  • 5. How to consume them?
  • 6. Pros and cons
  • 7. How to make moonrocks at home
  • 8. Tips
  • 9. In conclusion

Moonrocks is one of the latest products in the cannabis market, suited for smokers with a high tolerance, it’s a way of consuming different cannabis products at once, expect an overwhelming high.

Moonrocks are cannabis products that consist of a bud covered in an extract and then powdered with kief, it’s one of the most expensive and potent products out there.

1. What Are Moonrocks?

Moonrocks are a form of cannabis that mixes kief, dabs, and flowers, no one knows exactly where they originated but they became popular in the 1990s when Kurupt and his partner, Dr. Zodiak were looking to elevate their smoking experience and smoke a THC-rich product.


Moonrocks: what are they?

What are moonrocks?

They came up with the original moonrocks, called Dr. Zodiak’s moonrocks, and they have won several Cannabis Cups Awards, being the standard in quality.

Nowadays, you can find several brands available, just have in mind that they may not be like Dr. Zodiak’s product and the quality and potency will differ, some suppliers use low-quality kief, extracts, and flowers, and even though they’re still potent, if you really want to try the best, you should go for the original.


2. Moonrocks vs Sunrocks

Due to the evolution of cannabis legalization and the cannabis market, especially in California, new products have appeared and due to the popularity of moonrocks, brands have been trying to innovate and have come up with sunrocks.

Sunrocks are the same as moonrocks but don’t contain kief, this product focuses on having less quantity but of a higher quality, unlike moonrocks where you cannot see the buds and you may be buying a low-quality flower hidden under bad wax and covered with the cheapest kief available, sunrocks basically consists of a top-shelf flower drizzled with a top-shelf extract.


Moonrocks: moonrocks vs sunrocks

Moonrocks vs sunrocks.

By doing it this way, you can clearly see the quality of the flower under the extract layer, and even though there’s no kief on top, the extract is usually a nug run (made with top-shelf buds) so the final product usually ends up being stronger than most moonrocks.

3. Are They Potent?

A moonrock’s potency depends on the quality of the products used to make it but in general, moonrocks have around 50% THC which is quite a lot when compared to buds which usually have around 20%.


Cannabis products potency

ProductTHC percentage


Now, if you think that’s not strong enough, you should go for sunrocks which can contain up to 80% THC, making them as strong as some extracts found in most dispensaries.

Safety tips for beginners

Eat before smoking moonrocks

Moonrocks are too potent so if you’re not used to it, having something in your stomach will prevent you from getting nauseous.

Don’t forget to drink water

When smoking this product, your eyes and mouth will get dry so have a bottle of water near to avoid getting dehydrated.


Moonrocks: safety tips

If you're not an avid smoker, you should consume moonrocks in a comfortable place, preferably in your house.

Choose the right place

When consuming moonrocks, you’re going to be high for quite a lot of time so don’t smoke it in the streets, it’s better to consume it in a place where you feel comfortable and you can sit and relax.

Go slow

If you’re not used to getting too high, it’s better to go slow. Take a small hit, wait a couple of minutes, and then hit it again, you’ll definitely get high.

4. How Are Moonrocks Made?

Moonrocks are the best way to get a potent and delicious high, most dispensaries offer moonrocks made with different strains, and when combining the terpene profile of different genetics you may end up getting the highest potency, flavor, and quality, that’s why these products are usually more appealing for avid smokers.

Moonrocks: how are they made

How moonrocks are made.

This product is basically made by taking a bud, this bud is then dipped or drizzled with an extract, and then the bud is then rolled in kief, making moonrocks full of terpenes and cannabinoids.

5. How To Consume Them?

Moonrocks can be consumed any way you want, either by rolling in into a joint, in a vape, pipe, or bong, obviously, it can get messy when handling it because the kief and extract layer will stick to your fingers so smoking it in a bong is the best way.


6. Pros And Cons

Just like with any other cannabis product, moonrocks may be better suited for some and not for others so here some pros and cons before you try them.


Great for those who want a THC-rich product.Beginner smokers need to be careful because they’re way stronger than regular buds.
Worth the money because a little bit is enough to get you super high.You cannot grind them in a grinder due to the sticky extract layer, you’ll have to break it down manually.
A novelty product that all cannabis enthusiasts should try at least once.Need to be kept in a cool place because the extract layer will melt.


7. How To Make Moonrocks At Home

Moonrocks are really easy to make at home, the hardest part is getting the things you need, but if you’re a grower or have a dispensary near, you can make moonrocks in 4 simple steps. You'll need:

  • Cannabis bud
  • Your favorite extract
  • Good-quality kief
  • Tongs or a tool to grab the moonrock
  • Liquid dropper

Step 1

Grab the bud you want to turn into a moonrock, have in mind that denser buds are better because they’ll hold the concentrate and kief layer better.

Step 2

Get your extract, if it’s thick you will need to heat it up a little bit, then put it in the dropper and cover your bud completely.


Moonrocks: make it at home

Moonrocks made at home.

You don’t need to use the dropper but if you’re using too much concentrate it could take longer to dry and be hard to light it.

Step 3

Use the tongs to carefully grab the bud so the concentrate doesn’t stick to it and roll the bud in kief until it’s completely covered.

Step 4

Let your moonrock to dry for around 30min, once it’s completely dry, get ready to try it!

8. Tips 

Tip 1

It’s better to use a glass bong or pipe to smoke moonrocks because it’s thick, sticky, and cannot be ground finely, also, have in mind that even though you can roll it into a joint, it will be hard to keep it lit how a normal joint or blunt would stay.


Moonrocks: tips

Using a bong is the best way to avoid messing up your moonrocks.

Tip 2

If you really want to roll a blunt (or a joint) with your moonrocks, you’ll have to break it manually into smaller pieces and mix it with ground buds, this way your joint or blunt will stay lit as it should.

Tip 3

Finish your tasks or smoke it on the weekends because you will get high and if you’re not an avid consumer, it can be too strong for inexperienced smokers.

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9. In Conclusion

Moonrocks are a novelty that everyone should try, although it’s not a daily smoke for most due to the super potent effect, so be careful and start slowly.

If you’ve made your own moonrocks or have tried them before, feel free to share your experience, leave a comment in the comment section below!

20 November 2020