Fun Things to Do When You're High in Quarantine

28 October 2020
The perfect time to be a stoner has come: staying locked at home during covid-19 quarantine.
28 October 2020
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Fun Things to Do When Youre High in Quarantine

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  • 1. Gardening
  • 1. a. Start your own vegetable garden
  • 2. Self and home improvement activities
  • 2. a. Work out!
  • 2. b. Get a make-over
  • 2. c. House cleaning and renovating
  • 3. Arts, books, crafts and everything in between
  • 3. a. Cooking
  • 4. Learn something new
  • 5. Grocery shopping
  • 6. Adopt a pet!
  • 7. In conclusion

Covid-19 was a fresh slap on our faces. No one saw a huge global pandemic coming and BAM, we were all being forced by government measures to lock ourselves down at home in a desperate attempt to overcome things fast and reduce the damages to the smallest. 

Quarantine time is definitely a challenge for almost everyone, especially to those used to their fast-paced working or studying lifestyle. All of a sudden, staying at home all day with not so many options started feeling like a prison.

Special shoutout to those who are really struggling living with themselves or their roommates, we hope you're okay. But there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and that's the lighter lighting a joint.


Stoners know how to have fun in quarantine.

Stoners know how to have fun in quarantine.

While some spent their quarantine time scratching their scalps in anxiety, stoners sitting from the couch over here would chuckle, pat their shoulder, and whisper that everything will be okay. 

Staying inside and lighting up all day? Sir yes sir, stoner officers at your orders. Chilling at home and finding fun ways to make time pass by is almost the perfect stoner's duty. It's as if we've been prepared for this moment all our lives. 

From arts and crafts to sports, cooking, cleaning the house, or learning something new, the list of fun things to do while you're high in quarantine could be infinite.

Let's check out the most fun activities for this lockdown era. 

1. Gardening

The gods or who/what-ever is in control of this planet earth Sims game is practically screaming at you to start growing your own cannabis plants, in case you aren't already doing so. 


Start growing weed in quarantine!

Start growing weed in quarantine!

Not only because planting your own weed plants will in turn give you big amounts of weed but because it's an ideal activity ideal for making time pass by during this quarantine time. Besides, we can almost bet you'll grow fond of your little green babies and get more into bettering your garden as you go by. 


From germination to harvest, autoflowering cannabis plants can take between 2 and 3 months until they're ready to consume, so by planting weed at home you'll have committed to a daily routine that keeps your mind fresh and fit. 

Setting up your garden and informing yourself about cannabis cultivation can be of great fun, so now that you have the time to do it, and high, don't miss the chance!

Start your own vegetable garden

Perhaps you already engaged in marijuana gardening before quarantine came along, so why not start a vegetable garden as well? Growing plants is known for providing amazing psychological benefits to us.

Just think of it, you are in charge of making a living being survive and grow, you need to take care of them and make sure that nothing bad affects their life cycle. 1


Grow some vegetables at home.

Grow some vegetables at home and eat them later!

At the same time, when you grow a plant it means you follow a routine, which is also great, us humans usually need some structure in our lives to help us understand where we stand, what goals we have, and what to do to achieve them. 

Lastly, when you have a vegetable garden this means having an unlimited source of healthy food, therefore not only your mood will improve but also your eating habits! 


2. Self and Home Improvement Activities

When it comes to self and home improvement the options are uncountable. You could start by simply taking a few extra minutes daily to groom yourself and look like a king/queen for yourself and whoever is lucky enough to live with you.

Work Out!

Who says you can't become the before and after (quarantine) person? Time to sweat! The best way to make time pass by and feel good is by exercising. Nothing will make you feel better than getting fit, though it's not the results that matter but the process itself. 


Do some high meditation!

Do some high meditation!.

When you exercise you are not only giving yourself physical but psychological health too, yes we are talking about the famous endorphins. So, if you're allowed to hit the streets for a run go for it! If you must stay inside you can still follow some exercise videos on YouTube from your living room. 

Marijuana provides amazing health benefits for sports, such as faster recovery and pain relief. Or perhaps if you're more of the yoga type, it will definitely get you in the meditation mood. Light up and enjoy!


Activity Benefits from marijuana
Running Faster recovery; aids inflammation; boosts mental strength; sleep aid.
Muscles training Faster recovery and anti-inflammation; sleep aid.
Yoga Better meditation; lower blood pressure; intensified relaxation; sleep aid. 


Get a Make-Over

Are you getting bored with your style? Perhaps it's time to do a make-over and try that thing you were always tempted but scared to try. Maybe a new haircut or dying your hair a new color? Chuck on the hair dying gloves, light up, and experiment!


Get that make-over you were thinking about!

Get that make-over you were thinking about!

Anyway, if the results don't turn out to be exactly what you hoped for, you've still got some quarantine time at home to get used to or fix it. This is also a good time to get rid of old clothes we no longer wear and donate them, or save those vintage clothing items you love by refurbishing them and adding some personal style to them. 

House Cleaning and Renovating

Who hasn't ever smoked a joint and before they realized they had tidied up the whole house? There is just something about being high that makes cleaning and making some order less tedious. 


Fixed that burnt lightbulb

Fixed that burnt lightbulb.

So if you're like some of us, someone who drops their clothes over the chair until it collapses and then, or perhaps not even, you decide to clean it, you are the one we're talking to, just 4 steps:

  • Step 1: Roll a joint or pack your bowl;
  • Step 2: Light up;
  • Step 3: Blast some jams;
  • Step 4: Start cleaning the house. 

We aren't tricking you into anything, we can almost promise that you'll most likely have an enjoyable time. However, if your house isn't exactly untidy, this doesn't mean you can't still improve your home. Why not try those DIY decor ideas you saw online, or change those lightbulbs that got burned months or even years ago?

Just like humans, no house is perfect, you can always find something to change or renew, so take a look around and you'll probably get inspired with some things to do. 

3. Arts, Books, Crafts and Everything in Between

Art is marijuana's best friend, no wonder why many artists enjoy cannabis so much. Not only will weed boost your creativity but it also helps appreciate art more.

For example, if museums are still open during this covid-19 time at your home town, smoking a joint and heading to one to indulge in some of the latest expositions is a great idea. However, if this isn't the case, you can still engage in arts and crafts and be the artist yourself, just let your imagination flow. 


Art and marijuana are best friends

Art and marijuana are best friends.

Maybe you're more of a photographer or cinephile, then definitely spend some time watching all those movies and series marked on your watchlist, and don't forget to stack up on popcorn and weed! Or maybe document you quarantine on photos to make evidence for the future you.

Perhaps you're more into reading or jamming your guitar for hours? We're in! Who knows, maybe you even end up writing a hit song by the end of the quarantine. You could also broaden your musical influences and listen to different artists' full albums every day. 


Get and discover new music!

Get and discover new music!

If you aren't really an artsy person at all but you always wanted to try then this might be the perfect time. Get some inspiration, wink-wink, and try, anyways you're the only one to judge so just allow yourself to be free and the art will come to you


We can consider cooking art right? It's about time you get your cooking apron and attend those munchies. Cooking is always fun, even when you're sober so imagine while being stoned.


Take care of those future munchies by cooking something tasty!

Take care of those future munchies by cooking something tasty!

Just make sure you don't overdo the cooking on quarantine time or you might see those kilos add up on the scale, which could lead to unhealthy lifestyles. And since you're probably going to be pretty high by the time you get into the kitchen, try not to think with the stomach or your fridge will go through a massacre. 


While we're stoned we tend to get really distracted so make sure you don't forget any ingredients in your recipe.

When we hear marijuana and cooking we can't help but suggest cooking some cannabis edibles. Was there ever a better time than quarantine to do so? It's time to make some fun experiences. 


4. Learn Something New

Why would anyone rather spend their spare time on their phones or on Netflix when they could actually make that time worth it? There is no better time to learn something new than quarantine time. 


Learn something new during quarantine.

Learn something new during quarantine.

Our top recommendation is getting your hands on those language skills you always wanted to learn, and it's even easy with apps such as Duolingo. Smoke one and chill as you learn some basic German, French, Chinese of any language that appeals to your eye. 

Are languages not tempting much? Time to become that pianist or drum player you've always wanted to be. Honestly, just take out all those most-likely unfinished New Year bucket lists and try to accomplish those old goals. 

5. Grocery Shopping

Whoever said grocery shopping isn't fun is because they didn't try doing it while being high. And since buying groceries is about one of the few things we're allowed to do on quarantine, it sort of got that sweet taste. 


Experience the outer world while grocery shopping.

Experience the outer world while grocery shopping.

Smoke one, perhaps even hotbox the car before you get out and go for it! Just try not to get too excited or your shopping cart will end up full of munchies food. 

6. Adopt a Pet! 

Have you noticed the increased amounts of puppies walking happily next to their new owners lately? That's because if there was ever a perfect time to adopt a pet it's now! 

You don't necessarily have to be high to have a dog, but most likely after you do adopt it will become your best friend, joining you all day, including when you're high.


Adopt a pet to join you on all your future highs.

Adopt a pet to join you on all your future highs.

Just like plants, pets are great for keeping a fit mental state. They can easily cheer us up and help to clear up our minds when we're under some stress or feeling down. The thing is, they're creatures full of honest love, so just one look at them or one caress and they'll already warm your heart. 

No wonder why pets are highly recommended as therapeutic treatments, dogs, cats, or any animal will simply change your life for the better.


7. In Conclusion

It's not just because we love marijuana but we dare say that doing anything while you're high is most likely better and more enjoyable. So just take a look at yourself to identify your hobbies and why not try doing all of them while you're high?

We hope cannabis helps make your quarantine time better and that we can all get over this soon. And don't forget to leave comments telling us what are your favorite activities to do while you're high.



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