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10 Famous Cannabis Companies Supported By Celebrities

07 May 2021
Learn more about cannabis companies backed up by famous celebrities!
07 May 2021
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10 Famous Cannabis Companies Supported By Celebrities

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  • 1. Get high with wiz’s khalifa kush
  • 2. Try snoop dogg’s favorite strains with leafs by snoop
  • 3. Plan a canna-weekend in mike tyson’s ranch
  • 4. Get baked with seth rogen’s weed
  • 5. Treat your pet with martha stewart’s cbd products
  • 6. Chelsea handler’s female-focused canna products
  • 7. Trees by game: the best trees in the game
  • 8. Hand-picked fowers from willie nelson’s reserve
  • 9. For women by women: whoopi and maya’s top topicals
  • 10. Top shelf cannabis products by etheridge farms
  • 11. In conclusion

As cannabis becomes more and more popular all over the world, cannabis-friendly celebrities known for consuming or advocating have started investing in this new industry; This will not only help cannabis become more accepted and help either directly or indirectly towards legalization but also help new consumers choose a good quality product so read along if you're interested in knowing which celebrities have invested in cannabis, the products they offer, and what type of products you can find in dispensaries!

1. Get High With Wiz’s Khalifa Kush

Wiz Khalifa is an American rapper and actor, with several albums released since 2006 and a couple of movies under his belt, he has always been a big advocate and culture icon, making it clear that he loves to smoke weed and that he’s fighting for everyone's right to consume and grow cannabis.


10 famous cannabis companies: khalifa kush

Wiz Khalifa smoking his own strain: Khalifa Kush.

As you might expect, Wiz is always investing and introducing new cannabis-themed products into the market, such as his own merch and phone apps but what most people don’t know is that Wiz Khalifa also has his own strain; Khalifa Kush or KK as he calls it was released in 2016 and quickly became a hit due to not only the train being specially selected to Wiz’s liking but also to the strain being very similar to the OG Kush, which is highly sought after various consumers around the world so it’s definitely a must-try!

2. Try Snoop Dogg’s Favorite Strains With Leafs by Snoop

Snoop Dogg is a world-known musician and you’ve probably already heard about him; With more than 18 rap and reggae albums released, the famous rapper has always been a big advocate and consumer, and, in 2015 co-founded Leafs by Snoop.


10 famous cannabis companies: leafs by snoop

Snoop Dogg on the release of his own brand: Leafs by Snoop.

The company specializes in cannabis flower and other products such as edibles and extracts; Being a subsidiary of Canopy Growth, Leafs by Snoop is available in multiple licensed dispensaries around the United States and solely focuses on high-standard products and is one of the first celebrity mainstream brands to hit the market.


Leafs by Snoop Product Information
Product NameProduct typeGenesTHC PercentageCBD Percentage
Milk ChocolateEdibleDerived from Hybrid strains100mg0

3. Plan A Canna-weekend In Mike Tyson’s Ranch

Mike Tyson is a professional boxer and heavy-weight champion who competed between 1985 to 2005 that nowadays became a businessman; Not only he owns a famous fitness and boxing gym called The Mike Tyson Academy but also, in 2017 got into the cannabis industry with the Tyson Ranch.


10 famous cannabis companies: tyson ranch

Tyson Ranch, one of the best canna-vacations you can have!

The 40-acre ranch is basically a luxury cannabis-themed resort not, offering a campground and amphitheater for those who stay there; Despite the ranch not growing its own, they select the best of the best buds out there to make edibles in the factory (that’s also in the ranch), allowing them to promote wellness and bring high-quality medical products to everyone who needs them.

4. Get Baked With Seth Rogen’s Weed

Seth Rogen is a famous actor known for several movies such as Superbad and Pineapple Express among others, and for his love for cannabis which, in 2019 in collaboration with Canopy Growth, resulted in Houseplant.


10 famous cannabis companies: houseplant

Seth Rogen's Houseplant also sells ashtrays, lighters and several other products.

The company is a result of more than 5 years of experience and dedication, focusing on expressing their passion for cannabis in their products, with a Canadian twist; So if you happen to be in Canada, make sure to try their top-quality prerolls, flowers, soft gel capsules, and infused beverages!

5. Treat Your Pet with Martha Stewart’s CBD Products

In 2019, Martha Stewart the television personality announced a partnership with Canopy growth; This partnership focused on the fashion and home category but mainly on producing medical CBD products.


10 famous cannabis companies: martha stewart's cbd

Martha Stewart presenting her new line of CBD products.

After several clinical trials, the company has come out with several high-quality CBD products, ranging from cannabis-infused gummies, oils and soft gel capsules for human consumption, and oils and soft chew treats for your pets!


    Martha Stewart Product Information
Product nameProduct typeCBD
CBD Oil for petsOil9mg
Soft Baked chews for petsEdibles600mg
CBD Gum120mg
CBD Wellness Gummies10mg
CBD SoftgelsCapsules50mg

6.  Chelsea Handler’s Female-Focused Canna Products

In 2019, actress, comedian, author, and entrepreneur Chelsea Handler teamed up with NorCal Cannabis to develop a female-focused brand of products with three different vape cartridge lines, edibles, prerolls and beverages.


10 famous cannabis companies: chelsea handler's cannabis-infused products

Chelsea Handler showing off her own infused chocolate and beverage.

The actress has been very open about its cannabis consumption and despite hard times when cannabis still wasn’t legal in the united states, it has now given place to a company that gives space for women who have had a bad experience with cannabis or has never tried it to work in the industry and giving focus to the educational and medical side of cannabis.

7.  Trees By Game: The best Trees In The Game

The game is an American rapper and actor, known for his double-platinum records in 2005 and for its association to Dr. Dre’s label, Aftermath records. Now, his entrepreneurial adventures and success does not stop there.


10 famous cannabis companies: trees by game

The Game smoking on Trees by Game.

In 2016 The Game became the first celebrity to own a legal dispensary, also developing a brand called Trees by Game that offers flowers, prerolls, and concentrates sold in his dispensary in Santa Ana, California. The brand also offers cannabis-themed merch such as t-shirts, rolling papers, and rolling trays so in case you cannot make it to Santa Ana, make sure to check the other products offered by Trees by Game.

8.  Hand-Picked Fowers From Willie Nelson’s Reserve

Willie Nelson is a famous musician, poet, actor, and singer best known for his activism since early in his career which made him one of the most recognized artists in country music. The musician has been working in the entertainment industry for over 30 years and has always been involved in activism in favor of the legalization of cannabis.


10 famous cannabis companies: willie's reserve

Willie's Reserve, the best products for the most demanding smokers.

In 2015 he founded Willie’s Reserve which is a Washington-based company focused on transmitting Willie Nelson’s view of cannabis to actual products such as prerolls, vape cartridges, and flowers, becoming one of the first celebrity-sponsored companies that focuses on its relationship with producers and allowing you to meet the farmers and get detailed information on each farm.

9.  For Women By Women: Whoopi and Maya’s Top Topicals

Whoopi Goldberg is an actress, comedian, and singer known for winning multiple Academy, Emmy, grammy, and Tony awards for her roles in world-renown movies such as The Color Purple, and her success doesn’t stop there.


10 famous cannabis companies: whoopi and maya's topicals

Whoopi and Maya's products focus on infused product for women.

In 2016, Whoopi co-founded Whoopi and Maya, a California-based company that focuses on producing nfused edibles and topicals that help alleviate menstrual pain, making it one of the first cannabis companies founded by female entrepreneurs for female consumers that focuses on the more medical side.


Whoopi and Maya Product Information
Product nameProduct typeTHCCBD
SoakBath soak25mg25mg
RubBody balm50mg12mg

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10.  Top Shelf Cannabis Products By Etheridge Farms

Melissa Etheridge is an American Grammy-winning guitarist, activist and singer who decided to become an entrepreneur due to the lack of representation of women in the industry and her personal experience with medical cannabis.


10 famous cannabis companies: etheridge farms

Melissa Etheridge on stage!

The singer discovered how effective medical cannabis could be when she went through painful chemotherapy sessions after being diagnosed with breast cancer around 2004; After her experience, she decided to found Etheridge Farms, a 47-acre farm in Santa Cruz, California where the company produces flowers, edibles, infused creams, and several other products.

11.  In Conclusion

It may be hard to shop for cannabis products if you’re a new consumer or have never bought cannabis in a legal dispensary, a celebrities association with a company can help you decide which product might better suit you and also shows how diversified the market has become; Back in the days most celebrities didn’t want to be associated with cannabis due to the bad image people had about it but it has become more and more normal thank to its legalization.

If you have tried any product from the companies mentioned above, feel free to share your experience in the comment section below!