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7 Best Ways To Stash Weed At Home

Keep your weed away from evil hands in these sneaky stashing places.
11 July 2022
8 min read
7 Best Ways To Stash Weed At Home

  • 1. The importance of proper storage
  • 2. Stashing weed in hollow books
  • 3. Old vhs box = new stash box
  • 4. The too obvious to be obvious spot
  • 5. More hollow stashing ideas
  • 6. Back of a drawer and clothing stashers
  • 7. Hiding the stash on you
  • 8. Magnetic stash safe box
  • 9. Diversion safe water bottle
  • 10. Other diversion safe options
  • 11. Final thoughts

Ohhh we remember the days when we still had to keep the fact that we smoked weed to ourselves to avoid confrontations with close friends and relatives. Those days of getting home after a sesh with friends and freaking out over the red puffy eyes or the weed perfume all over us, using eye drops and splashing perfume all over ourselves. We laugh now when we look back, though we understand how it felt. 

What we hadn't realized until now is how skillfully sneaky we were, finding really smart and ingenious ways of disguising our stoner selves from the non-smoking world. These are some of the best tricks under our sleeves for hiding weed stash at home:

  • Inside a hollow book;
  • In old VHS boxes;
  • Somewhere too obvious it isn't suspicious anymore; 
  • Hollow deodorant stick or highlighter markers; 
  • In the back of a drawer;
  • Inside shoes you rarely wear, and more. 


Find the best places to stash weed at home.

Find the best places to stash weed at home.

Let's find out the best places to stash your cannabis at home. 

1. The Importance Of Proper Storage

The importance of storing your cannabis properly resides in how this will influence the buds' quality. If you store your weed in the wrong places, the quality of the stash will weaken, while if you keep it in a proper container it will actually improve over time. 


Avoid light exposureMolecules such as THC and terpenes degrade under too much light exposure. Find a dark place to place your weed stash to keep this from happening. 
Protect the stash from heatIf you live in an extremely hot place, then the climate could be a problem, degrading your buds' potency. Find a cooler spot for placing your stash, but not a fridge or something like this.
Finding the perfect humidity The ideal humidity for curing your buds and avoiding overdryiness is around 62%. Great touch and amazing taste will result from this. 


An ideal stash container is one that's airtight, where the humidity level inside is perfectly balanced and the weed scent doesn't get out of the box, such as a glass jar. Also, if you have the chance, open the jar or stash box every now and then to let the air inside renew. 

A bad container could lead your weed to overdry, resulting in powder looking weed when you grind, and lower THC levels, hence, weaker high effects. On the other hand, a container that's too humid could lead to bud rot and mold formation. 

2. Stashing Weed In Hollow Books

If you'd rather avoid any awkward confrontations with your family members or roommates keeping your weed out of their reach is the smartest move. A great place for hiding your marijuana is putting it inside a hollow book


Make a DIY hollow book to stash your cannabis at home.

Make a DIY hollow book to stash your cannabis at home.

To make your own DIY hollow book weed stasher follow the next steps:

  1. First, take a book you don't like at all because you are not going to treat it nicely.
  2. Open the book and pass through a couple of pages, 5 to 10, that will work as a disguise later to cover the hole.
  3. Once you have the perfect spot, take a cutter and carve a rectangle shape through as many of the pages as you can. Keep in mind you'll need space to place the weed in there.
  4. Set your weed inside a smaller bag or tin box to keep the odor inside, close the book, and ta-dá.

Hollow books have been a classic for years now, we've even seen it in movies, so if you're dealing with a really nosy person perhaps this isn't the best method to go for since it isn't uncommon.

3. Old VHS Box = New Stash Box

Now this one, no one will probably see this one coming. Most likely everyone who's reading this comes from the generation where watching VHSs were part of our childhood. In case you don't know what a VHS is, wow we're old, it was the predecessor to DVDs, and if you don't know what DVDs are you're just way too young to be on this website. 


VHS are cool looking stash boxes no one will ever know of.

VHS are cool looking stash boxes no one will ever know of.

Old video cassettes boxes are great for storing all sorts of things, such as pencils, money savings, or an entire rolling gear kit. Besides they actually look really cool, with some extra retro style. The only thing you should be careful about is that given VHSs are quite outdated, it will look weird if someone catches you with one single VHS box in your bedroom. Why would anyone need a VHS now? Disguise it by taking a couple of your old favorite childhood movies, put away the video cassette so you don't lose it, and start using a few of them to store different things


Film cartridges containers are perfect for stashing weed.

Film cartridges containers are perfect for stashing weed.

On this same line, old analog cameras' film cartridges containers are also perfect for storing your cannabis. They're small and they have all the qualities a stash box should have because they were made to store films inside which are also sensitive to heat and dust. 

4. The Too Obvious To Be Obvious Spot

Yes, we are indeed recommending you to hide your weed in such an obvious place that it actually isn't even hidden. It's funny, but we've actually tried this one, and it really works. You can stash your cannabis buds inside an ornament you normally keep on top of your nightstand table and depending on the person searching, of course, they might never imagine searching there.

Really try to stand on the person you're hiding your stash from's feet to understand how they think and where their thoughts will lead them to search. 

Again, depending on the gravity of the situation, it's up to you to risk stashing your weed in an extremely obvious place or not. 

5. More Hollow Stashing Ideas

Hollow everyday items are your best friends to hide your marijuana stash. From highlighters to empty deodorant sticks, empty creams and lotions recipients, coffee containers, and basically anything that isn't see-through and too obvious. 


Hollow everyday items make great stashing spots for weed.

Hollow everyday items make great stashing spots for weed.

Make sure you clean your future stashing box well enough to get rid of any odors and contaminants left inside. The great part about using markers, or deodorant sticks, for example, is that the same case of 'too obvious to even think of it' takes place here.  Who would even think about searching on the interior of a highlighter's tube or a deodorant stick? And really if the person, or persons, you're trying to hide your stash from search there then you've got something bigger to worry about. Who are they? Sherlock?

6. Back Of A Drawer And Clothing Stashers

This is a great solution for those who don't need to be that paranoid. Just stash your cannabis in the back of a drawer inside your closet and cover it with socks, scarves, or anything else in front to disguise it. Or perhaps a little bag in between your stack of T-shirts is a better idea? It is indeed a dark and cool place so your buds won't be losing their quality by lying there.


Stash your weed in between your T-shirts pile.

Stash your weed in between your T-shirts pile.

Shoes are also good for storing hidden things. Put your weed bag inside the pair you rarely use and make sure the stash is well-closed or else you'll taste a mix of perfumes next time you go for a smoke. Lastly, a great idea is to hide things in your clothes pockets as well. Just slip your stash inside a coat's pocket and hang the coat back inside your closet. Don't forget to check your pockets next time you get dressed so that you don't face any surprises. 

7. Hiding The Stash On You

A cannabis sensei once taught us that the best way to make sure no one finds your stash is by keeping it with you all of the time. How could anyone find your stash if it is on you?


Keeping your stash on you is the best way to hide your weed.

Keeping your stash on you is the best way to hide your weed.

When your stash is small-sized, just stick it stash inside your pants pockets, in your bag, fanny pack, or backpack, in your jacket, or even inside a hat or your hair. By keeping your stash with you at all times you will rest peacefully knowing that no one can take it. Just make sure that by moving it around so much you don't lose it. 

8. Magnetic Stash Safe Box

Only 5 years ago we saw the rise of the magnetic stash safe box. These awesome little inventions are fantastic for stashing any number of items, not just weed, and can be used in a bunch of different ways. The biggest selling points are the 2 large, super strong ferrite magnets than allow the box to be attached to any metal surface and ensure it stays firmly in place. Many people buy these to use for traveling, as they easily stick to the bottom of vehicles and will stay in place even at high speeds (they are rated up to 110km per hour). With one of these bad boys, you can travel safely with the knowledge that there is very little chance of the box being discovered, even if you are pulled over by the police. The box itself is made from highly durable ABS and is pretty much impossible to break open when locked.

9. Diversion Safe Water Bottle

We have found that the very best stash spots are where no one would even begin to think to look. The water bottle safe fits this bill perfectly, as it still functions perfectly as a double-walled, leak-free, and vacuum-insulated water bottle that will keep your drink hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. The base easily screws off to reveal the hiding spot which is large to fit up to half an ounce of the dank stuff. When screwed together, the bottle does a great job of stopping any weed smell from escaping, and literally, no one is going to guess that you have hidden your weed in the bottle that just poured out hot coffee. These are our number one stash option, as they work great wherever you are and are super discreet. They are also totally airtight and block out all sunlight, which means that the weed stashed inside will continue curing - not the case with all of the options on this list.

10. Other Diversion Safe Options

While the water bottle safe may be our favorite option, there are a wide diversion safe alternatives available - one of which may suit your own personal circumstances better.


  • The Coca Cola Can Diversion Stash Safe is an excellent choice, especially if you are known to indulge in the odd soda. Everyday items that don’t look out of place make great hiding spots.
  • The 3M Scotch Brite Lint Roller Diversion Safe is another favorite as it is a working lint roller on top of being a stash spot, so even if someone does pick it up to use it they won’t become suspicious. 
  • The Hair Brush Comb Diversion Stash Safe is a great one for the ladies among us (or dudes, spending on your hair I guess).


The list of diversion safes is almost endless, so have a good look around Amazon and find an option that will not cause anyone to become suspicious and you should be all gravy, baby! 

11. Final Thoughts

Having to hide your stash most likely means that you aren't on the best of terms with the people you're living with, whether it is your family, friends, or roommates. Wouldn't it be great if you could live your life with freedom? We know some people can be completely closed when it comes to marijuana, but there's nothing some talking can't soothe. Start by talking more frequently about marijuana, so that the subject isn't such a taboo. Then after some talking, you might even get them to listen someday and reconsider their thoughts about marijuana, or at least let you live the life you choose to live and mind their business. 

11 July 2022