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7 Ways of Getting Rid Of Weed Smell

30 October 2020
If only we could explain that weed smells like flowers...
30 October 2020
7 min read
7 Ways of Getting Rid Of Weed Smell

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  • 1. What causes weed smell?
  • 2. Getting rid of weed smell before or while smoking
  • 2. a. Use a smoke filter
  • 2. b. Use a vaporizer or one-hitter
  • 2. c. Crack a window open
  • 3. Getting rid of weed smell after smoking
  • 3. a. Light up some incense or scented candles
  • 3. b. Rid the smell off of you
  • 4. Emergency gettig rid of weed smell methods
  • 4. a. Cook something
  • 5. Store your stash correctly
  • 6. In conclusion

There always comes a time in our lives where we allow ourselves to smoke in the forbidden place, because chances only pass once and we can't miss that train.

So you've hotboxed that place you weren't supposed to -hotbox is, for those not aware of the common weed slang, smoking in a closed, usually small place. Perhaps it was the living room once your non-smoker roommate left, or in your parents' car after a drive-thru with your friends.

Now you're sitting high and paranoid because you can't get rid of the weed smell, been there, done that. Because we've been there is why we chuckle and pat your shoulder. Don't you worry mate, we're here to help you get rid of that weed smell.


Ways to get rid of weed smell

Ways to get rid of weed smell.

There are many ways of getting rid of weed smell, before, during, and after you smoke. Before and as you smoke, cracking a window or using a smoke filter might just do the job. After smoking, some incense or an air freshener could be your friend and savior. 

Let's dive into the different ways to get rid of weed smell. 

1. What Causes Weed Smell?

Before we get into the several ways of getting rid of weed smell let's first explain what is the cause of that smell

Plants in general, not only marijuana plants, generate aromatic oils called terpenes, which are responsible for each plant's characteristic scent and flavor. In cannabis plants, these terpenes are produced in the same glands where cannabinoids such as THC and CBD are produced. 


However, not only terpenes are responsible for the scent and taste of your marijuana but they also have lots to do with the type of high you get from each strain. Furthermore, when combined with other cannabinoids, terpenes provide several different health benefits as well. 


Terpenes are the cause of weed smell and flavor.

Terpenes are the cause of weed smell and flavor.

The most common terpenes found in cannabis, and many other plants too, include myrcene, which is characteristic of that earthy, musky scent; limonene, which gives us that citric, lemon taste; and terpinolene, that produces a herbal, floral scent.1

2. Getting Rid of Weed Smell Before or While Smoking

We get it, you're excited for this special occasion of smoking in a forbidden or uncommon place. But before you throw yourself in to the swimming pool don't forget to get some sunscreen on first.

What we mean is, you're still in time for preventing the weed smell from attaching anywhere.

Use a smoke filter

To avoid any weed smell from coming out as you smoke you can use a simple object made specifically for these situations, smoke filters, or sploofs.


Sploofs are ideal for getting rid of weed smell.

Sploofs are ideal for getting rid of weed smell.

Smoke filters are small gadgets that have a charcoal filter inside that 'cleans' the smoke as you smoke through one end of the device, letting out fresh air by the other. 

However, it's possible that when you decided to go for that smoke, you didn't have a smoke filter at hand. Don't worry, you can make your own homemade smoke filter, or sploof, at home as well. To make it you'll need three simple elements:

  • An empty toilet paper roll;
  • Some dryer sheets;
  • And a rubber band.

Take the dryer sheets and place them over one end of the paper roll, making sure you cover the whole circumference. Then secure it with the rubber band and voilá. Blow your smoke through the opposite end of the roll and watch your DIY sploof do its magic.

Use a vaporizer or one-hitter

If you want to smoke that marijuana with absolutely zero worries then definitely get a vaporizer or a one-hitter. These smoking devices are perfect for disguising weed's smell. 

Since vaporizers don't really let out smoke but vapor, their aroma is notoriously smoother than a joint, fading in just a matter of seconds.


Vaporizers are great for preventing the weed smell.

Vaporizers are great for preventing the weed smell.

One-hitters on the other hand, release less of a smell than other smoking methods but when you exhale the air out, there will still be a tell-tale aroma surrounding you.

Therefore, when using a one-hitter you might still need to combine it with some other weed-smell ridding methods on this list.

Crack a window open

If hotboxing isn't the plan then something as simple as cracking a window open while you smoke might just do the job. You can even blow the smoke directly outside for extra precaution.

If you want to go full advanced anti-odor mode then place a fan aiming at the open window and smoke through the back of the fan. 


Cracking open a window will get rid of weed smell.

Cracking open a window will get rid of weed smell.

However, when we think of smoking a joint, sitting and smoking behind a fan looks a tad paranoid instead of the relaxing moment it should be. 

3. Getting Rid of Weed Smell After Smoking

Ahhh so you just wanted to relax and enjoy your marijuana and deal with the weed smell later, good call. Truth is, marijuana scent is easy to get rid of, even more if you've got time to do so. 

If the weather outside isn't freezing then definitely start by cracking that window open. Then, try some of the following methods.

Light up some incense or scented candles

If you want to get rid of the weed's smell at home then lighting up some incense or scented candles will just do the job. If you need to mask the fact that you've smoked then go for not too overwhelming scents that will make you look suspicious.


Light some candles or incense to get rid of weed smell.

Light some candles or incense to get rid of weed smell.

If the hotboxing sesh was loud then perhaps some extra air freshener might be of good help too or consider getting an automatic plug-in air freshener for an added effect. 

Extra Advice

If you've hotboxed the car, car air freshners are extremely potent and just a couple of puffs and cracking the window open just 1cm will cover you back. 

Next time you run by the store, don't forget to check for the special odor-removing and neutralizing incense and candles in the cleaning aisle. 

Rid the smell off of you

Baked as you are, you probably hadn't noticed that you became a weed smell vehicle yourself as well. Therefore, when the case is that where you need to mask the fact that you've smoked, we would recommend attending the cannabis fragrance you're carrying around. 


Signs you're stoned Solution
Red, puffy eyes Eyedrops, sunglasses
Weed breath Brushing your teeth, mints, chewing gum
Weed perfume Washing your hands, spraying perfume


If you have the possibility then definitely brush your teeth, unless you want to blow some earthy, green marijuana aroma on your breath as you speak. It's a plus if you have some mints or chewing gum to chew on afterwards too. 

The next step is spraying some perfume or body spray on yourself. However, don't go nuts on the paranoia, a few puffs will just do the job of disguising the marijuana's smell and too much might just look suspicious. 


Wash your hands, fingers catch weed smell after smoking.

Wash your hands, fingers catch weed smell after smoking.

Last but not least, wash your hands thoroughly with soap. You might have noticed how your fingers catch the weed's smell easily, so get rid of it by washing your hands after smoking.

4. Emergency Gettig Rid of Weed Smell Methods

Okay so you went really rebellious and smoked where you were definitely not supposed to, and now it turns out that the reason why you're not supposed to smoke there, a family member, roommate, your boss, or whoever, is coming back sooner than expected.

Don't panic, you're not yet doomed, there are a few ways to get rid of the weed smell fast.

Cook something

Yes! What takes over a home's smell more than an active kitchen? If you're at home head to the kitchen and attend those munchies at the same time by cooking some express food. 


Make popcorn for getting rid of weed smell fast.

Make popcorn for getting rid of weed smell fast.

Popcorn is a great option, it's fast and easy to make, and very smelly, so when this person walks in instead of weed they'll be sensing and starting to crave some delicious popcorn. 

Extra Tip

If the weed smell is fighting, burning what you're cooking a little bit will certainly work. Now instead of hearing complaints about the cannabis' scent, it will be about the burned food.  

Don't have popcorn at home? What about some toast and brewed coffee? Nothing beats the heartwarming breakfast scent, not even the sweet smell of cannabis.

5. Store Your Stash Correctly

Have you ever noticed how sometimes you carry a weed perfume around you all day when you have your stash on you?

Sometimes your whole bag or backpack will smell of weed just by getting near it (nice) and it even intensifies every time you open it to take out your wallet or something else. 


Store your weed properly to get rid of smell.

Store your weed properly to get rid of smell.

When this is the case, this is a big indicator that your stashing box isn't working correctly. In order to avoid spreading a weed scent all over inappropriate places such as the office, you'll need to get a proper stashing box.

There are specific-made stash boxes that store your weed in an airtight container, keeping all the odors inside. If this sounds too fancy, get a Ziploc kind of plastic bag and put it inside another one, although it's not as efficient as a good quality stash box. 

6. In Conclusion 

In our eyes, the smell of weed is the smell of heaven, yes, but not everyone can agree on this point. Therefore we must be polite and respect other people's opinions when it comes to this subject. 

Use these methods and you should be trouble-free, anyway, weed smell is not as lingering as tobacco's so just give it some time and it'll fade away.

And if all else fails, or it's just not worth risking it, perhaps you should simply stick to smoking outdoors for now and avoid any problems.



  1. "Consumer perceptions of strain differences in Cannabis aroma" Avery N. Gilbert and Joseph A. DiVerdi, 2018.