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We give you a seed with the May 2017 Spanish edition of Cannabis Magazine! Dont miss this opportunity
Author FastBuds
10 May 2017
3 min read
Promo Cannabis Magazine



Hello, fam bam!  How’s the high life?

Normally, we are usually in a good mood, but today we are feeling particularly generous.  For this reason, we thought about the first people who came to mind: our loyal fans!

In the month of May 2017...



We want to thank all those who have taken part in highlighting this enormous effort made by the entire Fast Buds Crew to spark the release of more than 17,000 copies, including Fast Buds gift seeds included together.  Thanks to the trusting relationships FastBuds maintained over the years, the team at Cannabis Magazine made this collaboration a reality.  The chosen strain for Cannabis Magazine to bring together fanatics and connoisseurs is the mighty TangieMatic. 

We didn’t want to skip out on any gift performances so we decided to put all our attention to make the Tangie’Matic strain available to all Spanish-speaking audiences.

If you flip to the pages dedicated specifically for Fast Buds and the Tangie’matic gift seed, you can read an accurate historical description of our early beginnings.  You will also find how FastBuds plans on spreading Autoflowering to the future of growing marijuana.  In this sense, Fast Buds has its eyes set on the advantages of autoflowers for their ability to grow a compact structure, perform in a timely manner, and adaptable to most environmental conditions.  We are revving up the engines to increase the power and efficiency of these autoflowers to provide purer and more exotic phenotypes.  Our exclusive strains promise a bright future for all cannabis-lovers.

That said, we are also aware that some clubs around the world and Spain are already offering our product to their partners with high confidence. 


Keep up the good work pioneers!  We salute you for everything you do to keep us in business.  It is a pleasure to provide more flavor and fragrance to your lives!  We suggest you to get a copy of this month’s Cannabis Magazine.  No better way to enjoy your summer than reading a good magazine with a refreshing glass of iced cold cola. 


Don’t think twice about contacting us for any questions or concerns at [email protected]!  We are more than happy to speak with you. 

Lastly, we want to thank Cannabis Magazine for including us in this year’s publication.  It is much appreciated!

Talk soon!










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