Top 5 Best Auto Strains for Sex

17 February 2023
Most cannabis strains act as aphrodisiacs but there are some strains that take sex to the next level. Read on to know how to enhance your love life!
17 February 2023
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Top 5 Best Auto Strains for Sex

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  • 1. Orange sherbet auto
  • 2. Zkittlez auto
  • 3. Amnesia zkittlez auto
  • 4. Mexican airlines auto
  • 5. Bruce banner auto
  • 6. In conclusion

Weed and sex… we simply can’t live without either of them. Although people usually don’t talk about their activities in the bedroom, it’s an open secret that cannabis enhances one’s sex life. Some argue that cannabis is not a good choice while making love because they want to “feel” everything during the act. But, believe me; you definitely feel more than you can imagine. Some strains are so intense that you can rely on them every time you want to have a wild night. And once you find that mind-blowing (no pun intended) strain, it’ll be hard to let go.

Some of you are probably single and wondering why you’re even reading this. I get it. We’ve all been there. But you don’t necessarily need a partner for feeling awesome. An orgasm, even if you’re doing it yourself, can be a scintillating experience. It’s never wrong to pamper yourself with some self-love, yeah? Generally, it is believed that cannabis extracts have an edge over traditional buds because they are super concentrated.  In a way, it’s true because you literally feel the THC slam your head. However, not everyone has access to extracts or BHO. Also, some strains are perfectly capable of acting as aphrodisiacs all by themselves. You simply don’t need anything else.

Another way to try concentrates is to make them at home. Once you start growing autos, you’ll have an abundance of buds, and making extracts isn’t all that tough. So, pick any among the ones listed below, and you might be making your own cocktail next time! I’m super excited about these strains because they offer variety. From mild to wild sex, you can do it all.  They will excite you so much that you’ll never forget those nights. Photoperiod or autoflowering – it doesn’t make a difference. Marijuana is marijuana. And, if these strains don’t keep you up all night, I don’t know what will… so let’s get to the best autoflowering strains for sex…

1. Orange Sherbet Auto

This strain gets you thinking – in a good way. The aroma of freshly picked oranges may bring back memories from childhood, but it will also make you crave something else. (Hint: it’s not food). There’s a reason this strain is particularly famous among marijuana lovers.


Top 5 Best Auto Strains for Sex: Orange Sherbet Auto from fast buds

Orange Sherbet Auto.

I bet will fall in love for the delicious super sour orange sherbet terpenes. If you have tasted it ever, that is. If you haven’t, this strain will do complete justice. Classified as a Sativa-dominant hybrid, Orange Sherbet Auto is a mix of both Sativa and Indica cannabis genetics.

For those looking for specifics – this strain was created by combining two extremely flavorful Cali strains with some of the most powerful citrusy aromas. Technically, she contains Indica genetics; however, you’re not going to be struggling with a body stone.

Orange Sherbet Auto
5 out of 5
My wife says it doesn’t smell like weed at all when I smoke it on the porch. All she can smell is some kind of citrus fruit.
Verified customer
Reviewed 26 January

It’s clean, pure, and satisfying. Most importantly, Orange Sherbet Auto pumps you with an adrenaline rush that will get you going in the sack. Your partner will be thanking his lucky stars, wondering what got into you. The only way to derive more pleasure from this strain is to ask your partner to partake too.

It’s fun when you do it together. And when it’s this delicious, citrusy girl giving you company and egging you on, you can’t ask for more. Seriously, this strain contains about 26% THC, which is high by most standards. In fact, most flowers don’t even touch 17 or 18%, so you can be absolutely sure that it’s going to rock your nights.

2. Zkittlez Auto

Have you ever felt the need to touch someone after tasting fruits? No? Well, then, Zkittlez will show you how. Pro tip – try this strain with a pipe. Honestly, the difference between a reefer and a pipe is too tough to describe. It depends on one individual to another, I guess, but Zkittlez tastes amazing in a pipe.


Top 5 Best Auto Strains for Sex: Zkittlez Auto from fast buds

Zkittlez Auto.

Never mind smoking, but just growing this strain can give you the urge to try something different. She begins with some notes of candy and tart fruits, but it won’t take long for your room to smell like chocolate. It’s difficult to put your finger on one particular aroma because it feels like she has a little of everything!

Zkittlez Auto
5 out of 5
Just an easy to grow, solid packed buds. A heavy feeder and can be a bit prone to light burn at the end but otherwise perfection!
Verified customer
Reviewed 21 November 2020

You won’t be able to believe the high Zkittlez can produce. It’s something most growers talk about. From your erogenous zones tingling to that cerebral buzz, you’ll experience everything. You will reach out to your partner immediately – that’s a guarantee.

In simple words, you’ll see that you’re aroused more than you’d ever been in a long time. The first time you try this strain, you’ll wonder why you’d never laid hands on this heavenly strain before. Also, Zkittlez won’t make you go wild unlike Orange Sherbet Auto – she will just let you cruise all through the night as you take the time to understand your partner’s sensitive areas. If you experience a dry mouth, which is quite possible because of Zkittlez’s heavy high, you may want to keep a water bottle handy. But if you’re so engrossed in making love that you can’t spare a minute to sip some water, I don’t blame you. This strain has the ability to do that to the best of us.

3. Amnesia Zkittlez Auto

If you’re looking for super powerful strains, this cannabis strain is a gift from Mother Nature herself. This is a marvelous autoflowering strain that combines the best traits of modern and old-school cannabis strains.

This strain was developed after spending grueling hours on R&D. She’s one of a kind. The moment you taste those buds, you’ll feel giddy with happiness. Amnesia Zkittlez Auto is a hybrid with Sativa and Indica mixed together, but the effects of the Indica are rarely felt, meaning that it’s a strong Sativa-leaning variety.


Top 5 Best Auto Strains for Sex: Amnesia Zkittlez Auto from fast buds

Amnesia Zkittlez Auto.

Even while growing, this strain will make you admire her beauty. She’s famous for the happy, positive feelings she induces, but she’s even more famous for her potency that makes you super creative in bed. Why not impress your partner with a few creative poses, eh?

Amnesia Zkittlez Auto
5 out of 5
too early to pass the final judgment but the plants look strong for their age, 2nd week in flower, quite hairy on tops already
Verified customer
Reviewed 4 January

Just remember that while this strain starts off mild at the beginning, your legs can get wobbly in a while. With a THC content of about 24%, you can expect a wild night. Therefore, it’s recommended that you start small and then toke more if you feel like it. A few puffs are enough to make you go gaga, so take it easy with this one, ladies and gentlemen!

4. Mexican Airlines Auto

Ever felt like taking a break? Do you know that feeling when you simply want to pack your bags and head off to some exotic location? Yeah, we all go cray cray sometimes, but thank goodness for Mexican Airlines!


Top 5 Best Auto Strains for Sex: Mexican Airlines Auto from fast buds

Mexican Airlines Auto.

You gotta be warned right away that this strain will make you laugh. And creative. You know what happens when you mix laughter and creativity in bed, right? Just don’t get your legs too tangled! Because this girl can get you so naughty and energetic that you’ll not know what to do with yourself.

Every once in a while, you have some cannabis strains that deliver the perfect punch – the ideal mix of passion, fun, energy, and laughter all rolled in together. Mexican Airlines is that perfect diva and much, much more. With an ideal combination of Mexican, Columbian, and Ruderalis varieties, MA can tempt you to take a long weekend with that special someone.

Mexican Airlines Auto
5 out of 5
Very good strain, fast (77 days from seed), very frosty, strong high. One plant gave me 73g the other one 50g great product. I odered 20 seeds more.
Verified customer
Reviewed 26 November 2022

The taste is citrusy, but that’s an aftertaste. It starts with some fruity sourness mixed with lip-smacking ginger. Then, it finishes off with a relaxed lemon taste. You will be a bunny rabbit when you take in a few puffs, but you’ll also feel relaxed with a calmness wrapping itself around you.

Just like wild sex starts off with ripping off your partner’s clothes and ends with deep slumber, Mexican Airlines Auto will push you high and then help you relax. She’s a keeper, so don’t let her go!

5. Bruce Banner Auto

It’s always a joy to experience an instant, spontaneous lovemaking session with someone you love. Some of you probably love morning sex, but very few strains can get you going in the morning. Mornings are reserved for being grumpy and complaining just about everything. But, I assure you that you’ll drop everything and relish some mind-boggling morning sessions, thanks to Bruce Banner Auto.

This autoflowering strain makes you feel that rush. Pretty soon, she’ll be your best friend forever, especially when you want to impress someone with your antics in the bedroom. And no, there’s not a hint of Indica in this strain. She’s an all-out Sativa that starts with a beautiful head buzz.


Top 5 Best Auto Strains for Sex: Bruce Banner Auto from fast buds

Bruce Banner Auto.

Perfect to be smoked at any point in time in the day, you’ll surprise yourself with the things you do! Although Bruce Banner Auto has an exceptional amount of THC with some cases going over 25%, you’ll rarely feel a body stone. Oh, and if your mate loves sweet aromas, it will make her drool, thanks to all that fruity goodness.

Bruce Banner Auto
5 out of 5
Tested these with the other new strains. Grown in soil and coco mix in 19L pots and 20/4 light cycle. One of my favorites from the testers.
Verified customer
Reviewed 13 April 2021

The best part of Bruce Banner Auto is the energy it comes with. Whether you want to hang out with friends, write a novel or just Netflix and chill with that new babe you just met, Bruce Banner Auto is a perfect choice. It’s a great idea to offer fruity buds to beginners who have never tried marijuana. The only downside is that they will pester you for more!

6. In Conclusion

Guess what makes cannabis and sex great together? Yep, that feeling of laying on a cloud and relishing whatever your partner does to you is just awesome. Take some notes after testing every strain if you’re really serious about it. But, it’s even more enjoyable to forget about the rest of the world and savor your sessions with these strains that could give Viagra a run for its money!

Cannabis is a great addition to sex as it enhances your senses and turns a great experience into an excellent one. Smoking weed before, during, and after sex is a great way to explore your senses and your wildest fantasies….and it’s even better if your significant other enjoys smoking a joint too. Here are the best autoflowering strains that will spice up your sex life but remember, it doesn’t matter if you’re growing photos or autos, Indicas or Sativas, just have fun and make your loved one feel special.

Now, if you’re looking for photoperiod cannabis strains that are great for sex, make sure to look into Sativas or Sativa-leaning hybrids as they will give you that extra boost you need to outperform yourself and make your significant other come back for more every night!