Top 5 New Automatic Weed Strains

09 March 2023
The dawn of the autoflowers has finally arrived. Here's a look at the top 5 new automatic strains that have been the talk of the town.
09 March 2023
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Top 5 New Automatic Weed Strains

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  • 1. Why grow autoflowers in the first place?
  • 2. Tropicana cookies auto
  • 3. Gorilla glue auto
  • 4. Gorilla zkittlez auto
  • 5. Zkittlez auto
  • 6. Gorilla punch auto
  • 7. In conclusion

After years of wait, the cannabis community can finally rejoice, thanks to many countries legalizing the ever-green herb. Dispensaries are now experiencing demand at an all-time high, and with authorities accepting the medical benefits of cannabis, it’s the perfect time to smoke some top-quality ganja.

It’s even better if you could grow it at home, especially considering the rates of the nugs sold at dispensaries. Growing cannabis at home not only brings absolute joy, but it makes you patient as well. It’s cheap as heck, barring a one-time investment required for the first setup. Also, you have the liberty to choose different types of strains introduced in the market at an affordable price.

Sure, you need to wait a bit to harvest those beautiful buds, but it’s totally worth it. And now that you have different types of autoflowers flooding the community, the waiting time is reduced significantly. If you’ve never grown an automatic or autoflower strain, there are many reasons to switch immediately.

Why grow Autoflowers in the first place?

If you’re used to growing photoperiod strains, it’s natural for you to ask this question. In fact, many beginners are hesitant to try autoflowering strains because there’s a dearth of information. However, try to separate the facts from myths and you’ll end up with a multitude of reasons to choose autos over photos.

Autoflowers save you money

Autoflower seeds are cheaper than photoperiod strains, but that’s not all. Since they are “automatic” and begin to flower irrespective of the light cycle, you’ll not have to worry about shifting between separate flowering and vegetative rooms. They only need about 14-16 hours of light per day, but some growers produce better results even with 18 to 24 hours in the flowering period. A few hours of extra light per day may not seem like a lot at the beginning, but it counts in the long run.

Autoflowers are fast

Autoflowers are meant to perform fast. It’s like a quick fix to growing marijuana whenever you feel like it. As they are structured to grow fast and flower even faster, you can harvest the buds within just 8 weeks even if you the plants grow a bit longer in the vegetative stage.

Every day matters when growing autoflowers, and growers avoid autoflowers to a certain extent for this very reason, but the newly developed autoflowering strains are quite easy to grow. It may intimidate you at first, but it becomes a piece of cake once you understand the fundamentals. Basically, you’d have harvested an entire crop before of autoflowers before your photoperiod plant even goes into the flowering stage! What do you have to say to that?!

Autoflowers also yield well

Autoflowering cannabis strains were created when the Ruderalis – a species of Cannabis – was cross-bred with certain Sativa and Indica strains. Granted, the yields weren’t impressive when they were newly introduced many years ago; however, things have changed now. Many autoflowers have the ability to yield at least 400-500 grams of pure bud per meter square when grown indoors. And if you consider that you can harvest two batches at the same time you’d harvest one batch of photoperiod strains, growing autoflowers is a no-brainer.

Despite all the myths surrounding autoflowers, many cannabis growers appreciate them since it’s nothing short of magic to harvest sweet nugs within just 8 - 10 weeks. Newly introduced autoflowers are already changing the game, and you can bet that they are here to stay. If you’re constantly looking out to buy cannabis strains that are fairly new, here’s a list of the top 5 new automatic weed strains that are capturing the curiosity of every grower.

1. Tropicana Cookies Auto

You’ve probably heard of the Tropicana Cookies strain after she won several awards. A wake-and-bake strain meant specifically to pump your creativity, Tropicana Cookies Auto suits just about anybody. The THC content is also quite impressive with levels reaching beyond 27 percent. Tropicana Cookies Auto is a favorite of many avid consumers as it’s an extremely potent strain so if you’re e beginner, make sure to start with ease!

Since Tropicana Cookies Auto is such an amazing cannabis strain, we knew that a autoflowering version of the same genetics would result in an even better strain. And the fact that we have so many autoflowering versions of top-shelf strains made a Tropicana Cookies Auto strain sound brilliant, especially when combined with our hand-picked autoflowering genetics. Like its photoperiod counterpart, Tropicana Cookies in auto version can be enjoyed at any time.


Top 5 new automatic weed strains: tropicana cookies auto

Tropicana Cookies Auto.

With up to 27% THC and <1% CBD, this lovely strain produces up to 400 - 500 grams per meter squared indoors. If you’re fascinated with high-THC strains due to their high potency, this marvelous autoflower is a must-try. The effects are mellow and you’re guaranteed a high that induces very joyful cerebral and relaxing effects. As a hybrid of both Sativa and Indica, the Tropicana Cookies Auto possesses the best characteristics you can expect. With her tasting like delicious lemony sandalwood, this potent strain is a favorite among many cannabis users.


Tropicana Cookies Auto
5 out of 5
So dank sticky and fruity smell full of tricoms and smooth smoke I love the terps...I recommend this strain it was really easy to grow.
Verified customer
Reviewed 5 October 2023

2. Gorilla Glue Auto

The original Gorilla Glue #4 has quite a history, and when coupled with an autoflowering strain, she’s tough to beat. Our Gorilla Glue Auto is quite capable of generating a body buzz that can make your legs weak and wobbly. But she’s also known to induce an extravagant cerebral high that can send you to outer space with a one-way ticket.

And the yields…oh, my…she grows like a monster ready to devour all the nutrients you can spare. Known as the King of the cannabis jungle, this strain has a tendency to pack loads of buds. Even containers that hold about 12 liters aren’t just enough when grown outdoors.


Top 5 new automatic weed strains: gorilla glue auto

Gorilla Glue Auto.

The THC, mind you, is very high with levels extending above 24 percent. Truly a strain meant for the Gods, you can rely on the Gorilla Glue Auto to make your worries vanish. The buds taste like pine with bits of citrus and diesel in the background. Robust and strong, our Gorilla Glue Auto is ideal even for beginners hoping to harvest buds as quickly as possible because even with all that monstrousness, she completes her cycle in just 9 to 10 weeks!


Gorilla Auto
5 out of 5
first time ever growing and got some amazing colors from this strain with low temps ran it at about 58-64 for 2 weeks and got this color
Jackin Meoff.
Verified customer
Reviewed 26 December 2017

3. Gorilla Zkittlez Auto

Gorilla Zkittlez Auto…the very combination of modern and old-school genetics is enough to take a trip down memory lane. This new blend between Gorilla Glue and Zkittlez genetics results in an autoflower for those who appreciate great flavors. Made by crossing Indica with Sativa genetics, this strain tastes like it was dipped in a citrus smoothie, the Gorilla Zkittlez Auto is a wonderful strain that offers the best of both worlds.

Although she leans a toward the Indica side, this 70% Indica-dominant hybrid strain will fill you with euphoric feelings. She may sound delicate, but when it comes to packing buds, she’s just the opposite. Indeed, the Gorilla Zkittlez Auto can grow into massive plants producing heavy colas.


Top 5 new automatic weed strains: gorilla zkittlez auto

Gorilla Zkittlez Auto.

She’s also a voracious feeder, so feed her with the best nutrients and she’ll reward you with buds smelling of – what else – delicious cannabis-infused fruity candy! Remember that yellow starburst that made your mouth water? Yeah, she’s very similar. Plus, she gives out fresh citrus flavors coupled with earthy and woody aromas enough to melt a perfumer’s heart.

Whether you grow outdoors or indoors, you can expect a generous amount of resin oozing from every bud. She’s gorgeous and versatile, making her one of the top new automatic weed strains we have ever introduced.


Gorilla Zkittlez Auto
5 out of 5
I went on a holiday for almost two weeks and trusted them to someone else and they survived. Not in the best condition haha but alive
Verified customer
Reviewed 9 January 2023

4. Zkittlez Auto

If Gorilla Zkittlez Auto excited you, wait until you meet the strain that gave birth to it – the Zkittlez Auto. By crossing the original Zkittlez with one of our own autoflowering strains, we have been able to reproduce the Zkittlez Auto that resembles the original in every manner.


Top 5 new automatic weed strains: zkittlez auto

Zkittlez Auto.

The best part of smoking this strain is she’s too sweet to handle. With flavors similar to chocolate, candy, and berries, she’s a wonderful blend, making her both sweet and sour. And the fragrance is just enough to make your neighbor suspicious, so get that carbon filter ready even before you welcome her home.

Zkittlez grows up to 40 inches, but don’t underestimate the yields that go beyond 400 - 500 grams of bud per meter square. She’s more of an Indica, but rather than forcing you to be glued to the couch, Zkittlez Auto dispenses an effect very similar to Sativas.


Zkittlez Auto
5 out of 5
Just an easy to grow, solid packed buds. A heavy feeder and can be a bit prone to light burn at the end but otherwise perfection!
Verified customer
Reviewed 21 November 2020

5. Gorilla Punch Auto

Despite the notorious name, you’ll fall in love with this strain. Gorilla Punch Auto will knock you out but in a good way. Despite its potency, it’s an autoflowering cannabis strain meant for beginners. She won’t fuss around, and you’ll be harvesting buds before you know it. And talking of buds, the color show she puts up has to be mentioned.

She starts like any ordinary strain with deep green leaves and white pistils. But as time wears on, a conglomeration of brilliant colors including yellow, neon-green, purple, and red will mesmerize you. With buds that can be harvested in just 8 to 9 weeks, the Gorilla Punch Auto is so gorgeous you’ll find it difficult to peel your eyes away from her.


Top 5 new automatic weed strains: zkittlez autoTop 5 new automatic weed strains: gorilla punch auto

Gorilla Punch Auto.

This strain tends to focus all her energy on one main cola that grows extremely huge. Therefore, a few training techniques meant to provide more light to the bottom parts of the plant are recommended. She’s a compact plant with no issues, but an extra dose of nutrients will help her perk up and grow faster. The THC content is very high, reaching up to 26 percent. Truly exceptional, the Gorilla Punch Auto is a must in your cannabis collection if you have a soft corner for strains that are stunningly beautiful.


Gorilla Punch Auto
5 out of 5
It’s compatible with any leisure or household chores so I smoke it from the moment I wake up and till late at night on weekends.
Verified customer
Reviewed 9 September 2022

6. In Conclusion

If you’re looking for the best, highest-yielding, top-quality autoflowers that’ll finish from seed to harvest in as little as 8 weeks, look no further. Start your next cycle with the upper hand with our top 5 new automatic weed strains!