The History of Lemon AK - An offspring of AK-47

21 November 2018
AK-47, a Sativa classic is renowned as one of the best cannabis strains ever created. By crossing this magnificent strain with one of our own autoflowers, a citrusy Lemon AK was born. Read on to know more about the history of this stunning strain to know why people love landrace Sativas...
21 November 2018
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The History of Lemon AK - An offspring of AK-47

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Every once in a while, there comes a strain that manages to capture your interest like never before. Sure, many strains become an overnight sensation mostly due to the hype, but they fade away quickly once people realize it's not worth their time. Some strains are renowned solely because they deserve it, and what's more, they even maintain their legendary status for decades.

Cannabis strains found in the 1960s and 1970s were classics. Patients and growers that smoked those strains remember the magic even today. Some Sativas from the equatorial regions were exceptionally blissful. Any cannabis user that has experimented with several strains will rave about the legendary strains that were bred in Thai and Columbia.

Considered one of the most powerful and finest strains of marijuana, Thai and Columbian strains are rarely found in the modern menu today. Even strains from Afghanistan and Mexico were high in caliber. They grew without a worry in the world, just like weeds in the wild. The temperature and climate fit their lifecycle beautifully and the plants thrived. Also known as landraces, these marijuana strains were unperturbed by humans.

Cannabis is a very adaptive plant, and true to their nature, such strains grew for many centuries before they were introduced to the common public. Fortunately, the breeders at Serious Seeds decided to preserve the genetics, and we have AK-47 – a strain containing characteristics of many older strains.

For over 26 years, AK-47 has managed to rule over anyone's heart that appreciates a Sativa. With so many strains popping up left, right and center, the AK-47 must truly be special to hold its position for such a long time, don't you think? As a testament to her abilities, the AK-47 has won 27 international awards ever since she was introduced. And if that doesn't urge you to try this strain, I don't know what will. 

Despite the name reminding you of violence, the AK-47 is a gentle strain. Not so gentle, to be honest, especially considering she's uber-powerful with a THC content that can knock you off. However, her effects inducing happiness and euphoria are miles away from the weapon used for destruction. She may be lethal in terms of THC exceeding more than 20 percent, but in a good way.

Most dispensaries stock the AK-47 because it’s so much in demand. A favorite of commercial and home-growers alike, it does cost quite a bit to purchase a few nugs. If you've ever wondered about the origins of this magnificent strain, this article intends to dig up the history and origins that may help you understand why it's so popular. 

The history of AK-47

AK-47 isn’t just any ordinary strain. It comes with a lineage extending back to the 1970s. Originally, the AK-47 was a cross between an Indica and Sativa hailing from Afghanistan and Thailand respectively. It was a time when the “War on Drugs” was declared by President Nixon and cannabis was a huge target.

As you can imagine, the breeders at Serious Seeds perhaps had a tough time developing a strain when cannabis was publicized negatively. That’s probably why the strain wasn’t even introduced to the public until 1992. And then, in 1999, they worked on the strain again to make it stable.

At that point, they utilized a combination of four strains including strains from Thailand, Afghanistan, a Sativa from Columbia and an Indica from Mexico. The result was a strain that consisted of about 35% Indica and 65% Sativa. AK-47 only had a THC of 15%, but as it developed later, the levels of THC increased to more than 20%.

Many other seed companies used clones of the original to make their own versions of the AK-47. As a testament to her popularity, she began winning awards and bagged the second place in the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1994.

Most strains seldom maintain their position at the top. But, AK-47 is special. Ever since 1994, she has won multiple awards with her most recent award as the best Sativa (2nd place) in the Great Canadian Canna Cup in 2018!


The history of Lemon AK

The History of Lemon AK: Lemon AK Auto by Fast Buds

At Fastbuds, we give a lot of importance to the genetics of a strain. Since AK-47 consisted of genetics that combined not one but four different strains, we were particularly interested to give it a try. More than anything else, the very thought of introducing such an illustrious strain to medical marijuana users filled us with excitement.

But rather than simply adding AK-47 to our catalog, we wanted to give it a twist. And what better than throwing a little citrus into the whole mix? By combining the original AK-47 with our own autoflower that boasted of an excellent profile, we created Lemon AK. As you might have guessed already, the autoflower was beautiful to taste and smoke with zesty citrus flavors, and the resulting offspring was named Lemon AK.

We achieved two things by pollinating the original with an autoflower. For one, autoflowers grow fast and users can harvest the buds pretty fast. And for two, the added effect of citrus proved to be a wonderful combination along with the original. After years of research, we were able to create a strain that had its ancestry rooting back to the 1970s.

Why is Lemon AK so special?

The History of Lemon AK: Lemon AK Auto by Fast Buds

The original AK-47 is a pure Sativa. It induces an extremely powerful cerebral high. If it’s your first time, it’s recommended you be cautious because Sativa strains can drive you to panic when you overdo it.

On the other hand, the Lemon AK is also a pure Sativa, but the effects are balanced by the lemon. If you didn’t know it already, the terpenes of a cannabis strain play a huge role in delivering medical benefits. Since Lemon AK contains Limonene due to the addition of citrus, the cerebral effects are balanced, thereby inducing a high that can relax you while nudging your creativity as well.

Limonene is typically found naturally in citrus fruits, cannabis plants, and Fir Needles. They are basically essential oils with a variety of medical benefits. Used even in aromatherapy sessions, Limonene works as an antidepressant. To top it off, it comes with antibacterial and antifungal properties, which makes it a perfect addition in many cosmetics and drugs.

The original AK-47 had an earthy flavor, but when combined with citrus, it makes for a mind-boggling strain that’s perfect for making concentrates too. Limonene tastes very much like an Orange with hints of lemon flavors, so you get a strain that not only smells good but tastes fantastic as well.

How to Grow Lemon AK?

Lemon AK is an eager plant with an urge to grow as fast as possible. No kidding. Growers often notice that the plant grows too fast for its own good especially since the plant can collapse due to its own weight! It’s best to provide a stake so the plant can support itself. When growing indoors, training techniques including Topping and Fimming can be implemented frequently.

A technique named ScrOG may be particularly effective as the colas tend to bend due to all the buds weighing on them. It’s best to start early, and a combination of LST or Low-Stress-Training will produce gigantic plants that seem to be sprinkled with snowflakes!

The plant grows into a massive beast, so it goes without saying that it demands bigger containers with ample space. Remember to provide well-draining containers to keep several diseases at bay. Lemon AK grows into a plant with heavy tops and the colas contribute to the heaviness by packing one nug after another.

It’s a wonderful experience to grow Lemon AK, especially considering the fragrance and aroma it exudes throughout the growing period.  The initial scent can be sour, but earthy and floral scents accompanying the sourness make it a treat to grow.

Lemon AK Auto
5 out of 5
She was very easy. She grew quite chunky considering she's a sativa, but the effects did feel sativa. She has a lovely taste.
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Reviewed 19 January 2020

Even visually, she’s a beautiful plant with crystals covering every nook and corner of the buds. The pistils are sometimes bright red, but they lean slightly towards hues of orange. Naturally, the colas are covered with a generous amount of resin since the plant boasts of a very high THC content.

Although an autoflower, Lemon AK will appreciate at least 20 hours of light, so make sure you provide powerful lights if growing indoors. Coming to nutrients, the Lemon AK requires a healthy dose right from the second week. Also, switching to flowering nutes in the 6th week will give you bigger plants, and bigger plants equate to much bigger colas.

Within 9-10 weeks, the plant will be ready for harvest with expected yields of at least 300 grams per meter square. You’ll probably cry tears of joy when you look at the colas, but there will be no bounds to your happiness when a whiff of the lemon-scented colas with hints of Mandarin and earthy flavors hits your nostrils.

It’s no wonder that this strain has been a favorite for many users that love Sativa, and our Lemon AK is also a Sativa-dominant strain that continues the tradition of spreading joy.