The History of the Zkittlez Autoflowering Strain

23 June 2022
Zkittlez has quite a following in the cannabis community, thanks to its sweet aroma and delightful flavors. Read on to know the history
23 June 2022
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The History of the Zkittlez Autoflowering Strain

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Touted as the “strain that lets you taste the rainbow”, Zkittlez is very popular in the cannabis circle. Also known as Skittles or Skittlez, this strain is very mysterious because nobody knows the exact combination involved. Zkittlez is most famous for its taste and aroma, but everything takes a backseat when you talk about the origins of this wonderful strain. Loved by both recreational and medical marijuana users, Zkittlez has made a special place for itself in the history of cannabis strains.

1. History of the Zkittlez Strain

The history of Zkittlez is a little fuzzy since the details of the breeder who came up with this exceptional strain are relatively unknown. According to several sources, Zkittlez was a product of combined research of both Terp Hogz and 3rd Gen Family. However, other sources state that Zkittlez was a product of the breeder ‘Dying Breed Seeds’. Regardless of where the strain came from, Zkittlez can make your heart race in more ways than you can imagine. An Indica-dominant strain with traces of Grapefruit and Grape Ape, Zkittlez was produced after crossing the resulting strain with another unknown strain.

The origins of the unknown strain are so secretive that nobody in the cannabis industry can tell you exactly how Zkittlez was produced. Nevertheless, whether it’s due to the secrecy or the spectacular taste, Zkittlez will keep you guessing. Thanks to its unique combination, aroma, and taste, Zkittlez managed to bag the first place at the Emerald Cup help in 2016. It also grabbed first place at the Cannabis Cup 2015 in the Indica category.


The history of the zkittlez autoflowering strain

Zkittlez: taste the rainbow!

Interestingly, Zkittlez displays a heritage that’s very similar to other strain varieties such as the OG Kush, Skunk, and Berry. That’s perhaps why it’s referred to as the rainbow. Now, if you’ve ever wondered why this strain resembles the name of candy, I’ll tell you why. Like Skittles – candy every kid loves – Zkittlez will burst into different flavors as soon you as you taste it. It’s a powerful blend of berry, grape, and a few other fruits, and a strong candy aftertaste that makes you reach out for more. It’s like treating yourself to candies without worrying about the calories every day! It’s not all candy either, because the grapefruit cuts through the sweetness like a hot knife on butter.

The balanced taste, sweet aroma that sometimes gives out herbal fragrances, and the beautiful colors that this strain puts out while growing is what makes it a champion. It also has traces of citrus and some sourness in between. It may confuse you, but it will never disappoint you. Although Zkittlez is Indica-dominant, you’ll be surprised to know that the effects start off as a Sativa. As I said, she will keep you guessing, and by the time you truly appreciate this strain, you’ll probably have nothing left because it’s a pain to buy the seeds. Seeds of the original strain are very hard to get unless you know Terp Hogz or a close insider.

Note that Zkittlez has very little levels of genetic variation. This indicates that the strain is stable and also hails from a breeding line that’s pure. In other words, the offspring of this strain will boast of characteristics or phenotypes that are consistent. Many strains have high levels of variation in their genetics that make it very difficult to be bred further. The resulting offspring will also have different characteristics that aren’t similar to the parent plant.

2. History of Zkittlez Auto

At Fastbuds, we love challenges. Anything unique and secretive – we’re all up for it. And if there’s a strain that’s not available to the general public, you bet that we will do everything to make it accessible to the general population. After all, cannabis is meant to be enjoyed by you, me and everyone else. There are many flavors that taste like desserts, but nothing can come close to our Zkittlez that’s crossed with the original and our own unique autoflower. So, now you have a yummy strain that’s not only available easily but also grows very fast! Autoflower genetics, you see!

I gotta tell you right away – don’t bother with this strain if you only have a closet to grow plants. This girl will grow super big, despite what people think about autoflowers. After years of research, we create strains that grow super fast and yield humungous amounts of sweet, sweet buds. The original Zkittlez had a THC of about 15% but our Zkittlez boasts of THC that extends to more than 22%. After legalization in California, it has become easy to make such strains available to everyone. What makes this strain so special is the way it grows. From huge colas to neon-orange pistils, you’ll see it all.


Zkittlez Auto
Zkittlez Auto
· Candy sweet.
· Overwhelming yielder.
· Indica delight.
· Perfect for stealth growers.
· Bathed in trichomes.
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Don’t confuse this strain with the candy Skittles although it tastes like one. This is one of the sweetest strains in our arsenal. The overpowering aroma and taste of Zkittlez which sometimes smells like chocolate and sometimes like citrus with a little sourness in between will make you appreciate life even more. Although Zkittlez contains very little CBD, it’s a hit among medical marijuana users as well. And that’s because THC can also help with your illnesses. If you’re suffering from chronic pain, asthma, glaucoma or even back pain, Zkittlez will heal you.

Just remember to take deep puffs, though. Fastbuds’ Zkittlez is unique because it gives you both Sativa and Indica, but it’s mostly Indica. Make sure that you partake only after late afternoon. You’ll be able to focus on every task that requires attention to detail, but once the cerebral buzz fades away, the Indica takes over. You will focus more on things even if you don’t intend to. Contemplation, introspection and just generally thinking about life – yep, Zkittlez will force you to think a lot. Experiencing both physical and mental effects is rare, especially when it’s an Indica-dominant strain, but Zkittlez will surprise and surpass your expectations even in this area.

You will not be glued to the couch, but it will totally relax you and make you forget about the tasks that you were supposed to do. The Sativa balances the Indica perfectly, and you really can’t ask for anything more. It’s also amazing for a night out with your closest pals, but watch out because it might just be one of your craziest nights ever!

3. How to Grow Zkittlez

As mentioned already, this girl grows huge. One thing you need to focus on is the container. Get plastic pots with few draining holes and you’re doomed. But, if you take the time to drill a few more holes, you might be able to make it. I recommend fabric pots over plastic pots any day. Not only will the container have excellent drainage, but it helps the root system become strong too. You could also try growing in Airpots. If soil is not your thing, do your research on hydroponics because you’ll get splendid results even without soil.


The history of the zkittlez autoflowering strain

Beautiful zkittlez seedling.

Don’t skimp on the fertilizers on this one. She likes a hefty dose every week, so prepare ahead. If you feed her with a good supply of nutrients every week, she will reward you for all your hard work. Even growing organically is a good idea since it will enhance the taste drastically. If you are looking for the best of both worlds, then you should consider using coco-coir as your growing medium. Coco-coir offers most of the advantages of soil and hydro cultivation techniques, is extremely beginner-friendly, and is absolutely perfect for the Zkittlez autoflowering strain (as well as most others).

What does coco-coir offer over soil or hydroponic growing methods?

It’s not that coco-coir does anything really new or different, it’s just that it kind of combines the best parts of both. Coco-coir growing medium is the finely ground outer shaggy layer that covers certain types of coconuts. For the longest time it was considered a pure waste product, but in the last decade or so it has gained huge popularity not just in the world of cannabis cultivation, but also in the wider horticulture community. Let’s quickly run through the pros of coco-coir:


  • Coco-coir is a totally inert medium, making it perfect for hydroponic applications, while also acting in the same way as soil does in terms of providing support and protection to the zone. 
  • It is 100% organic, totally renewable, and would be a waste product if not used in this application. 
  • It is much less complex than using a traditional hydroponic setup.
  • Offers much more root zone oxygenation than soil-based methods.  
  • Can be used in a fully hydroponic way, with synthetic nutrients as the main food source for your crop. Alternatively, it can be mixed with a super soil mix to increase the oxygenation and moisture retention qualities. 
  • Almost every single large nutrient company now has a line of pure coco-coir nutrients, and their own mix of coco-coir ready to be used out of the bag.
  • It holds a large amount of moisture but is also extremely easy to flush. This is great if you are having any nutrient issues, as a quick flush can get everything back on track. 
  • It is fully reusable after every run, and just needs a good flush and then a light dose of nutrients to be ready for the next batch of seedlings.
  • Can be used for many different watering methods, from hand feeding to drip. 
  • It is much cheaper to set up than traditional hydro systems while offering the same benefits in terms of yield size and rate of growth.


So yeah, coco-coir is amazing and what we almost always suggest for novice growers looking to switch over from soil-based methods to hydro. Even experienced cultivators have started to switch from pure hydro systems thanks to the ease of maintenance that coco-coir offers. It also makes an amazing amendment to any organic growing medium. As mentioned above, it works perfectly as a mix with super soil. While organic growing techniques may not yield as much as hydroponics, they do offer a better final product in terms of terpene production and smoke quality. Most people believe that organic cannabis doesn’t come close to marijuana grown using expensive nutrients, but I assure you that the opposite is true. Go organic and see the difference. You’ll seriously never go back to chemicals again.

On the very first week, you’ll see that Zkittlez likes to grow fast. As she starts flowering, the trichomes keep coming, almost giving her a frosted candy-like appearance. The colas grow so big that you’ll wonder how to harvest them. Chunky flowers and trichomes everywhere – truly a treat to the eyes. The colas are as massive as American footballs. And the fragrance…ah, you have to grow it to believe it! She’s really that good.

The colors ranging from orange to green to little specks of white in between will give her a unique appearance. It also has traces of purple in her array of colors. While other cannabis plants love Cal-Mag at the later stages of growth, you’ll do better off if you start early with this girl. Most growers supply calcium only when the plant asks for it. In simple terms, calcium is given only when the plant displays nutrient deficiencies, but Zkittlez will thank you if you start from day 1. You can enjoy Zkittlez by either combusting the flower or make an extract out of it.

What makes the Zkittlez perfect for extracts is the sticky, juicy resin. The terpenes taste so good that you’ll recognize the taste of lemons and berries. It’s also recommended that you get a carbon filter when growing this girl. It’s a great feeling to have a room smelling like chocolate, candies and everything sweet, but you don’t want to get into trouble if you’re residing in a location that hasn’t made cannabis legal yet. One last thing – if you have ADD, try this strain. I promise that you won’t regret it.