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Top 5 Cheap Autoflowering Seeds

28 February 2023
Are you holding yourself back from buying seeds because they are expensive? Don't worry! Autoflowers are not only cheap, but you'll save more money in the long run. Find out how in this article!
28 February 2023
13 min read
Top 5 Cheap Autoflowering Seeds

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  • 1. What are the advantages of growing autoflowering cannabis strains?
  • 1. a. Autoflowers can grow throughout the year
  • 1. b. They are very fast
  • 1. c. Save money on lighting
  • 1. d. No problems with light leaks
  • 2. Top 5 cheap autoflowering seeds
  • 2. a. Mexican airlines auto
  • 2. b. Trainwreck auto
  • 2. c. Cbd crack auto
  • 2. d. California snow auto
  • 2. e. Blueberry auto
  • 3. In conclusion

It’s been a while since autoflowers made a grand entry in the cannabis market. Photoperiod strains were dominating the industry, but autoflowers have changed the game completely. Yes, when they were first introduced, autoflowers were expensive. Buying autoflowering cannabis strains was a luxury back then. However, with many breeders researching the advantages, it’s not so expensive. In fact, it’s cheaper to grow autoflowers compared to photoperiod strains now if you consider everything carefully.

1. What are the advantages of growing autoflowering cannabis strains?

Despite what you think, there are several benefits of growing autoflowers. In fact, many seasoned growers are now shifting to autoflowers simply because it allows you to cut costs drastically. The cost of autoflower seeds was expensive before, but that has now changed. So, not only do you save money when buying the seeds but you’ll be surprised about how much you can save when you actually start growing them. So, how exactly can you save money growing autoflowers? Here are a few ways:

Autoflowers can grow throughout the year

Not everybody grows indoors. It’s an absolute joy to grow cannabis outdoors. And with many countries like Uruguay and Canada making it recreationally legal, you can expect to see many growers flaunting their plants outdoors. Photoperiod strains are good, but they come with a few cons. They need at least 18 hours of light when they begin growing. In order to trigger flowering, you’ll need to provide at least 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. This means that you gotta time the seasons.


Top 5 cheap autoflowering seeds: Autoflowers can grow throughout the year

Autoflowers don't depend on the light cycle to start flowering.

The seeds need to be planted at a specific time period to ensure that they complete their cycle. If you miss that period, you need to wait until the season is appropriate. However, autoflowers have no such problems. They can be planted anytime even if you grow them outdoors. Since they start flowering irrespective of the time, season, and light, they are easy to grow. This also means that you can harvest them throughout the year while photoperiod strains grown outside may give you only two harvests.

They are very fast

Consider a photoperiod strain like the Girl Scout Cookies, for instance. The cost of such an elusive, beautiful strain ranges from $15 to $20 on most sites. Imagine that you’re growing indoors. You plant them and wait for the seeds to grow. The plant will take at least 10-12 weeks to finish its vegetative cycle. It needs another 10 weeks to finish flowering. So, it will take about 5 months to harvest the buds. On the other hand, imagine that you buy Girl Scout Cookies of the autoflowering variety. It costs about $10-$15. After you plant the seeds, it takes only 12-14 weeks for it to complete its entire cycle and harvest them.

This means that you’ll have buds in just 3 months! It doesn’t take rocket science to understand that you can have two batches of harvest with autoflowers in the time required for a photoperiod strain to grow. Simply put, you’re saving money! Most growers think that photoperiod plants produce more yields compared to autoflowers. However, autoflowers are smaller and allow you to grow more plants in the space required to grow photoperiod plants. Not only do you get two batches of harvest, but you get more yields as well.

Save money on lighting

It’s easy to plant seeds and wait for them to grow, but it’s even more important to maintain a grow room. With autoflowers, you can manage the grow room effortlessly. While talking about the grow room, the one thing that comes to mind is lighting. It’s expensive to let your lights run continuously for 24 hours every day. Some growers provide 24 hours of light to their photoperiod strains during the vegetative stage. However, autoflowers need only 18 hours of light and they will perform the same.

Apart from the fact that you’re saving cash on electricity, you’ll also avoid curious officials that may wonder why your bills are shooting up every month. Autoflowers are small and discrete. They fit perfectly in any grow room. This way, you’ll also avoid nosy neighbors.

No problems with light leaks

One of the first things you learn when constructing a grow room is to keep it completely covered. You simply can’t grow photoperiod strains if you have light leaks. For instance, let’s say that your photoperiod plants are flowering with only 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. At this point, it’s very important to ensure that your plants don’t receive any kind of light during darkness. If there’s a leak in the grow room and the plant receives even a bit of light during the dark period, it can give confusing signals to the plant and your yields may be affected.


Top 5 cheap autoflowering seeds: no problem with light leaks

There are no issues with light leaks when growing autoflowers!

The same rule applies if you live in a location where power cuts are normal. If the plant is suddenly thrown into darkness for extended periods of time during its vegetative period, it can affect the growth as well. With autoflowers, there are no such issues. Whether it’s a light leak or a power cut, it will simply continue growing because it doesn’t depend on the light to finish its cycle.

At Fastbuds, we understand the importance of medical marijuana. We also get that it’s expensive to buy seeds, so we’ve made sure that all the seeds are cheap. We also work hard to provide great seeds that are worth your money. All our seeds are priced the same so that it’s easier for you to make decisions. So, compared to other breeders, here are the top 5 cheap autoflowering seeds.

2. Top 5 cheap autoflowering seeds

Mexican Airlines Auto

This beauty is a combination of Colombian and Mexican Sativa genetics that offer mouth-watering fruity, piney, and lemony flavors and aromas, resulting in a delicious, mouth-puckering mix of sweetness and sourness. Since it tastes like a bunch of citrus candies and fruits combined together, you can expect your grow room to smell the same. Priced at just €9 or $11.13, it’s a bargain.


Mexican Airlines Auto
5 out of 5
Very good strain, fast (77 days from seed), very frosty, strong high. One plant gave me 73g the other one 50g great product. I odered 20 seeds more.
Verified customer
Reviewed 26 November 2022


Many photoperiod and even autoflower strains can cost more than $20 from other breeders, but we understand that cannabis doesn’t have to be so expensive. With amazing genetics, you can be sure that this plant will give you everything you desire and then some more.

What makes this plant ultra special is the way it grows. Although it’s an autoflower, it grows tall and hefty. You can expect full colas just as the plant nears its harvest. Remember the nutrient schedule as this baddie is a voracious feeder.

Trainwreck Auto

If you’re looking for high THC as a medical marijuana user, look no further than the marvelous Trainwreck Auto. This plant is a wonder, considering the way it grows. The effects of the buds start subtly, but it later packs a punch, taking you on a one-way trip to Happyland. Trainwreck Auto is perfect for anyone suffering from insomnia, thanks to its high THC and unique flavor profile that offers a blend of lemon, spicy, pine, and sweet terpenes.



Very similar to the original photoperiod genetics, our Trainwreck in auto version is extremely popular due to its high potency of up to 22%. It tastes like a cannabis-infused lemon candy and the effect will get all your nerves tingling. It took us quite a while to develop this strain, but even we weren’t prepared for its high! As mentioned earlier, all Fastbuds seeds are priced the same, and even Trainwreck Auto is available for just €9.

CBD Crack Auto

What happens if you mix a freight train like Green Crack with a medicinal strain? You get CBD Crack! This strain is a pleasure to not only grow but to smoke as well. Like Green Crack, CBD Crack also tastes like mangoes.


CBD Auto 11 CBD Crack
4 out of 5
I didn't get the biggest yield, but that was due to my beginner errors, but the buds are still very dense and the flowers are sticky!
Verified customer
Reviewed 2 April 2020


If you ever wanted to consume a strain that felt tropical, Green Crack fits the bill. But, CBD Crack takes it a step further. Apart from the high THC it offers, it provides relief in the form of CBD as well. Made specifically for medical marijuana users, it boasts of a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC. Simply perfect!

Available for only £9, it’s awesome to smoke this strain at any point in the day. Most medical marijuana users prefer vapes, and if you can manage to make some CBD oil, you’re in for a joyful ride.

California Snow Auto

This strain is an Indica/Sativa hybrid, but it grows more like a Sativa with long leaves. It’s named “Snow” mainly because of the way it packs trichomes at the last stages of flowering. If you want your grow room to smell like apples, this strain is a perfect choice.



Apart from the apple taste, you’ll also get hints of citrus with a bitter aftertaste. Made by mixing old-school American genetics with our special autoflower, this plant is a knockout. Easy to grow, and perfect to make extracts, the California Snow Auto costing only $11.13 or £9 is a must in your grow room.

Blueberry Auto

Have you ever walked into a field full of Blueberries? No? Well, our Blueberry Auto will give you something to experience! Loaded with flowers covered with resin from head to toe, this plant is a sight to see. Ranging from purple to pink, you’ll be exhausted to count the number of colors it displays.


Blueberry Auto
5 out of 5
Resilient to toppings trainings and cold/mild climate, this is one of the best genetics of Blueberry I've ever grown and tasted!
Verified customer
Reviewed 1 January 2023


The taste is like popping a juicy blueberry into your mouth, but it also has a mixture of other fruits. Also priced at €9, it’s one of the cheapest seeds available on the market today. If you need something to help you relax after a long day at work, Blueberry Auto by Fast Buds will help you sleep like a baby. Take care of her and she will reward you well!

3. In Conclusion

Cannabis seeds are expensive, but if you grow autoflowers that are high in THC while producing big yields, you certainly save a lot. All these outstanding autoflowering cannabis genetics are just proof that good things in life don’t have to be expensive. Fortunately, for as little as £9 (or $11.13) you can get your hands on some of the best autoflowering strains on the market that can yield up to 500 gr/m2! Not only that, autoflowering genetics, unlike photoperiods, make it possible to have multiple harvests outdoors, in any season, and any light cycle, and the best part…in as little as 8 weeks from seed to harvest. So what are you waiting for? Make way for the cheapest autoflowering stains.

With these strains, you’ll have enough to last you a while, so take a look at our collection and buy your favorite strain today!