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Top 5 Outdoor Autoflower Seeds

With many countries legalizing marijuana, it's time you tested your skills by growing cannabis outdoors. Read on to know more about these autoflowers that are perfect to be grown outdoors.
15 November 2018
9 min read
Top 5 Outdoor Autoflower Seeds

  • 1. What are the advantages of growing cannabis outdoors?
  • 1. a. Natural sunlight
  • 1. b. Huge yields
  • 1. c. No maintenance
  • 1. d. Less effort
  • 1. e. Save lots of money
  • 2. G14 auto
  • 3. Grapefruit auto
  • 4. Gorilla glue auto
  • 5. Stardawg auto
  • 6. Californian snow auto
  • 7. In conclusion

Given a choice between growing outdoors or indoors, most growers would grow their cannabis plants outdoors. It’s an absolute joy to grow marijuana outdoors and observe their beauty, aroma, and promises of pleasure that are soon to follow after they are harvested.

Cannabis is now legal in many locations and many countries are now catching up. If you’re lucky enough to be able to grow outside, it’s good to understand the advantages. Artificial lights are almost as good as sunlight but nothing beats nature and its efficacy so these are the best auto seeds for outdoor growers.

Remember that these strains can be grown indoors as well, but they are adept at producing high yields when grown outdoors.

1. What are the advantages of growing cannabis outdoors?

Growing cannabis outdoors is the easiest and cheapest way to grow cannabis, this is because most of the things needed are already provided by nature, it’s possible that in some cases you will have to buy or make your own nutrients such as compost, KNF, or buy fertilizers at your local grow shop but, in general, you only need a piece of land, sunlight, and water.

When growing outdoors, you won’t need a high-intensity light bulb or an expensive LED while still allowing your plant to grow to its full potential, producing lots and lots of trichome and terpenes due to receiving sunlight which emits the full spectrum.


Top 5 outdoor autoflower seeds: advantages of growing outdoors

There are several advantages when growing outdoors, the main one being that you don't need electricity!

Also, growing outdoors is environmentally friendly and sustainable, if you grow your cannabis with a more natural approach. If you plan your grow cycle before starting it, you won’t need to use electricity for fans or any other equipment, maybe you don’t even need a greenhouse, it’s just a matter of germinating, planting, and then letting your plants do their thing. 

Obviously, you will have to water and feed them but that’s it, unlike when growing indoors where you’ll have to check a thermometer and a hygrometer to make sure the conditions are on point, adjust the light intensity, distance, fan speed, etc...basically, mimic the outdoors environment inside of your grow tent or grow room.

  • Natural Sunlight

As I mentioned already, sunlight is unbeatable. Photoperiod strains need at least 18 hours of sunlight, and many countries don’t receive sunlight for that long. So, simply shift to autoflowers. Autoflowers will also do well if they get 18 hours, but they won’t complain too much if they get only 12 hours, which is the case in many countries.

Autoflowers will thrive in natural sunlight because they get everything they need. From vital nutrients present in the soil to light containing all the colors necessary for it to grow – you can expect a bumper crop.

  • Huge Yields

Have you ever tried growing outside? Or have you seen pictures of growers flaunting their plants growing outdoors? No? I suggest you take a look. Cannabis plants are naturally meant to be grown outdoors. Although they won’t be spoon-fed like plants growing indoors, they turn out to be monsters if you grow them only twice a year.

And that’s another thing – many people complain that they get only two seasons to grow outdoors. Say, what? If you compare the yields, growing outdoors will produce at least twice the yields.

  • No maintenance

Plants growing outdoors quickly adjust to their conditions. You don’t need to monitor them constantly. You simply sow the seeds and let them do their thing. If the soil isn’t very fertile, you’ll need to provide fertilizers, but compared to the maintenance for plants growing indoors, this is a walk in the park.

  • Less effort

Indoor plants need a lot of work. From getting the temperature right to adjusting humidity, you need to put in a lot of efforts. Then there’s pH and whatnot. If you’re into hydroponics, your efforts increase and you have to monitor the water too.

But when the plants are outside, you don’t have to worry about pH at all. The plants grow naturally, just like other plants, and adjust to their environment. It’s called weed for a reason, after all.

  • Save lots of money

It takes a good amount of money to grow marijuana indoors. The electricity bills for the lights, the grow tents, or materials to build your own grow room – they cost quite a bit. Some people love growing indoors because it gives more control over the plants.


Top 5 outdoor autoflower seeds: advantages of growing outdoors

Growing outdoors saves you a lot of money but the quality and quantity will be affected by the environment.

However, it can cost you a serious amount if you don’t plan well. Although you need to spend more only the first time while setting things up, try your best to grow outdoors if you have the option because you won’t be spending anything at all.

So, let’s take a look at the top 5 autoflowers that can be grown outdoors:

2. G14 Auto

There’s a rumor that the G14 was first cultivated by the CIA at the University of Mississippi where they grew cannabis for years. But, that’s not true. What’s true, however, is that the lineage of G14 and all autoflowering strains can be traced back to American labs.

The best part of growing G14 is that you absolutely don’t need to maintain it. It’s a very stable strain that continues to grow in the harshest of conditions, just like its ancestor Ruderalis. Even if you forget to water for a few days, G14 will cope with the stress.

G14 Auto
5 out of 5
Put a G14 in your life and you'll never need anything else. This potent and impressive strain will seduce you with its smell too.
Verified customer
Reviewed 28 November 2016

It has a rich aroma that combines different fragrances from citrus to earthy flavors, making it a perfect addition for your outdoor grow. The G14 was created by combining the G13 with an autoflower but the original history shows that this strain has the characteristics of the Lowryder – a strain that achieved legendary status.

Since G14 is so stable with no fuss, it can be grown both indoors and outdoors. The THC levels of this strain are amazing with over 18 percent. You’ll have huge yields of at least 250 grams per plant outdoors. Indoors, it can produce almost 500 grams per meter square even if it grows to only 4 feet in height.

Whether you choose a balcony or the terrace to grow this beauty, you’ll never regret your decision. With her beautiful colors and aroma greeting you every day, it will be a pleasant experience to grow the G14 outdoors.

3. Grapefruit Auto

Derived from the genetics of the Vancouver Sour Citrus, this plant is an excellent choice no matter where you decide to grow. It’s especially perfect to be grown outdoors because it has the potential to produce a minimum of 50-250 grams per plant.

Grapefruit – as the name suggests – smells and tastes like Grapefruit. With <1% CBD and over 20% THC, it delivers a balanced effect where you won’t be too sleepy or too energetic. A perfect clone of the original strain, it’s okay to smoke this at any point in the day.

Grapefruit Auto
5 out of 5
My grapefruit yielded well, considering I'm a newbie. The nugs are super frosty and sticky. A very fruity and enjoyable smoke
Verified customer
Reviewed 27 October 2020

Grapefruit auto plants don’t have the tendency to branch out much. So, you can expect one main stem that stands like a tower packed with flowers that smell and taste delicious. She won’t grow too big, and her flowering period is complete within just 9-10 weeks, but you’ll keep coming back to this strain simply because it’s so easy on the eyes and easy to grow as well.

Mind you, this strain is very powerful even with the balanced high and can be used to make a variety of extracts. The effects are immediate and you’ll feel good – really good. Although it starts off as a Sativa, the Indica is quick to join the party and you’ll be left with a pleasurable body stone.

4. Gorilla Glue Auto

If you’ve ever avoided autoflowers only because of the assumption that they don’t produce much, wait until you meet Gorilla Glue! She will teach you a thing or two about autoflowers, and I promise that you’ll never look for another strain again.

Gorilla Glue Auto
5 out of 5
first time ever growing and got some amazing colors from this strain with low temps ran it at about 58-64 for 2 weeks and got this color
Jackin Meoff.
Verified customer
Reviewed 26 December 2017

Gorilla Glue is perfect to be grown outdoors. She’s the epitome of monstrousness and you will appreciate every dense bud that glistens in the sunlight. Your search ends right here if you want dank buds covered with gooey resin because she packs on trichomes like there’s no tomorrow.

With the ability to grow more than one meter in height, the Gorilla Glue defies every rule in the book of autoflowers. Autoflowers are generally small, but she will make you change your perception. The THC levels exceed 24%, and the balanced effects of both Sativa and Indica are drool-worthy.

5. Stardawg Auto

Stardawg will make you see twinkling stars even in the morning, thanks to her trichomes! This strain is versatile and adjusts to any growing condition. She’s sturdy, tall and beautiful, especially due to the resin production.

Stardawg tastes like Pine due to the terpene Pinene that’s responsible for boosting the user’s mood and focus. It also enhances your memory, making it a great strain for medical cannabis users. Many growers in Europe have reported that the Stardawg is perfect for their style of growing that requires very little to no maintenance.

Stardawg Auto
4 out of 5
This time is way better than my previous grow. The plants look amazing and smell even better. Good strong genetics. All seeds but one germinated.
Verified customer
Reviewed 21 October

When grown indoors, the plant grows up to 120cm in height, but you can expect a big stretch when it’s outside. She loves flaunting her buds and you’ll wonder whether you planted an autoflowering strain or a tree!

6. Californian Snow Auto

Growing the California Snow Auto outdoors is like growing an apple tree! For one, she tastes like apples, and for two, she grows almost as huge as a tree. She’s named “Snow” because the trichome production increases to such an extent that it looks like you have a tree with a generous amount of snow!

With white resin oozing out from every corner of the plant, the California Snow Auto is one of a kind. She’s a mixed hybrid with traits of both Indica and Sativa. The effects of this strain won’t be as prolonged as the others, but it’s all worth it, especially when you feel the rush hit you.

This strain works well for both residential and commercial growers since she produces up to 250 grams of pure bud covered with crystals from one single plant. She’s not ideal for growers with small spaces, so make sure you give her loads of room.


Perfect for those residing in colder climates, the California Snow Auto will finish her flowering cycle in just 9-10 weeks. Rich flavors of citrus and lime will make you grow her again and again until you’re satisfied.

Fastbuds autoflowering seeds can be sown both indoors and outdoors, but if you have an option to grow outdoors, why not go for it? Apart from the advantages mentioned above, you’ll also have quality buds that’ll make you a star among your friends. The ability to grow outdoors is a gift, so don’t let it go to waste and use your skills to produce the best buds you’ve ever laid your eyes on!

8. In conclusion

There are a lot of strains that can grow really well outdoors and, if growing autoflowers, there's no need to wait for the outdoor season, you can grow all year long.

So make sure you take a look at the top 5 autoflower seeds for outdoor growers and feel free to leave a comment in the comment section if you have any doubts!


15 November 2018