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Best Herbs and Plants to Blend in Your Joints

Let's mix up the recipe in our joints by adding some tasty herbs and flowers to them.
18 July 2022
8 min read
Best Herbs and Plants to Blend in Your Joints

  • 1. Blend lavender into your joints
  • 2. Mugwort and weed blend
  • 3. Damiana and mary jane blend as best friends
  • 4. Floral blend of marijuana and rose or jasmine
  • 5. Weed and passionflower blend for passionate stoners
  • 6. The good-for-everything chamomile and cannabis blend
  • 7. Comparing marijuana and herbs blends
  • 8. Mullein - the base of most herbal smoking blends
  • 9. The bottom line

When you're a frequent marijuana user, it's normal if sometimes we get a little bit used to the same old, same old joint, we still love you joints, don't get us wrong. 

What we mean is, the effects might no longer feel the same way as they usually would, or the flavor you once hailed could now have turned slightly dull, since you've likely gotten used to it after having smoked the same strains over and over again with the same methods of consumption. 

Don't worry, not all hope is lost, and this doesn't necessarily mean that you should take a tolerance break (although it might help) so sigh that one out. When it comes to the art of rolling joints, the options are infinite, you can build different shapes, try out different papers, and the most interesting one, blend herbs and plants with your marijuana. 


Get creative! Take a walk, pick up some herbs and blend them in your joints.

Get creative! Take a walk, pick up some herbs and blend them in your joints.

The best herbs and plants to blend in your joints include:

  • Lavender;
  • Damiana;
  • Passionflower;
  • Mugwort;
  • Rose and Jasmine, and more. 

Let's go through the list of the best herbs and plants to blend in your joints and their different effects.

1. Blend Lavender Into Your Joints

If you love the smell of these gorgeous light purple flowers, then it's time to head outside for a stroll and flower picking. Adding lavender to your joints is especially great if you're looking for a soothing highness, why? Allow us to explain. 

Most plants, herbs, flowers, and fruits in the nature kingdom contain a type of compound known as terpenes which consist of aromatic oils that give each plant and its fruits their own unique scent and flavor profile. 


Under the category of terpenes, you'll be able to find many different kinds, each of them providing their own set of not only taste and smell but properties too. When it comes to lavender, for example, these flowers are rich in a terpene called linalool. 

Linalool is a terpene known for its relaxing and sedative effects, many Indica dominant strains contain high amounts of this terpene, which is partly the reason for the deeply soothing, couch-locking effects. So, if you want to turn up the notch a little bit, add some dry lavender herbs to your joints and savor the purple rain!


Lavender is rich in linalool terpenes, blend it in your joints for an extra sedative high.

Lavender is rich in linalool terpenes, blend it in your joints for an extra sedative high.

This blend is ideal for those who are having trouble with sleep, so avoid smoking such a blend before anything that requires you to be actively attentive. 

2. Mugwort and Weed Blend

A great option for those who are looking for a rather more exciting experience after having a smoke is blending marijuana with mugwort. Mugwort or Artemisia vulgaris is a part of the Artemisia genus, and it looks like a green, cute little herb with small purple stalks and strong green leaves. 

Mugwort is known for providing several benefits, such as aiding with digestion, treating menstrual problems, relieving anxiety, causing lucid dreams, and boosting low energy levels. Therefore, if you're seeking to get the type of high that'll get you all inspired and uplifted then you know the answer, blend your joints with mugwort herbs. 


Mugwort and weed make a great blend in your joints! It'll give you that creativity boost!

Mugwort and weed make a great blend in your joints! It'll give you that creativity boost!

What flavor will this add to your blend? Well, Mugwort has a greenish, foresty taste, much like sage, so combine it with strains rich in pinene terpenes for a good match. 


3. Damiana and Mary Jane Blend as Best Friends

Turnera diffusa, most commonly known as Damiana, is also a herb great for blending in your joints. This herb is also considered to be a strong aphrodisiac, dating back to the Aztecs and Mayas, so it's perfect for those stoner couples looking for ways to spice up their love life. 

Damiana provides the feelings of mild euphoria, it lifts up the mood and helps to reduce anxiety and relax as well. By blending Damiana herbs into your joints you'll be adding that extra touch of mint, spice, with certain hues of citrus and anise. 


Spice up your sex life with a damiana and weed blend in your joints!

Spice up your sex life with a damiana and weed blend in your joints!

How do Damiana's look? It is a dark-green-leafed plant with bright yellow flowers, they prevail the most in the Americas since that's where they were first found. 

4. Floral Blend of Marijuana and Rose or Jasmine

For those stoners who cherish a good floral taste in their marijuana, there are two flowers that blend great with cannabis: rose and jasmine. 

Expert Tip

Want to step up your game? You could also roll the joint itself with a rose or jasmine petal instead of using rolling papers. This won't enhance the high but it will surely look fancy as hell, it's all-natural, and it tastes good!

Jasmine, my personal favorite, has a strong and sweet scent to add to your joints. Rose, on the other hand, are more subtle but also sweet. These two act as natural antioxidants and they also have cancer-preventing and anti-tumor properties. 


Up your blend joint game by rolling it with rose petals!

Up your blend joint game by rolling it with rose petals!

Strains such as our Strawberry Pie Auto, with a dominant fruity or sweet flavor, match best with this blend. 

Strawberry Pie Auto
5 out of 5
the bag appeal and texture of buds are amazing. theyre heavy like nuggets, very resinous and stinky. its my my biggest and most beautiful harvest yet
Verified customer
Reviewed 26 June

5. Weed and Passionflower Blend for Passionate Stoners

Passionflower is a plant indigenous to South America, Asia, and some parts of the United States. This is such a unique plant, its flower dressing a vibrant combination of yellow, purple hues, and white. Besides, the shape of its flowers is really something, with its different layers of shapes and colors. 


Passionflower is a unique flower that'll add an eathy flavor to your weed blend joint.

Passionflower is a unique flower that'll add an eathy flavor to your weed blend joint.

While the smell might not be its best feature with a grass-like profile, when blending it with marijuana, passionflower brings up an earthy flavor, with a soft touch of clove in the aftertaste. If earthy, spicy, or woody tones are your favorite when consuming cannabis, then you should check out caryophyllene terpene-dominant strains.


By rolling a joint that blends passionflower and weed, you'll achieve a mildly soothing effect. The properties of passionflowers work great for prolonging or boosting the effects of marijuana, as well as balancing out strains too high on THC. 

6. The Good-for-Everything Chamomile and Cannabis Blend

Chamomile is a multidisciplinary gift from nature. We use it for almost everything, such as treating a cold or an upset stomach, to aid sleep when dealing with insomnia, to relieve stress and anxiety, as a cosmetic to dye the hair, improve our skin, and etcetera, etcetera. 

And well, of course, you can blend chamomile with marijuana as well. No, don't just grab any chamomile tea bag, pop it open, and throw it into your grinder along with your weed buds. To blend marijuana and chamomile you need to take chamomile buds, dry them and then you're able to use them. 


Chamomile is great for everything, even for blending it in your joints!

Chamomile is great for everything, even for blending it in your joints!

Since chamomile is great as a sleeping aid and as a digestive, it's a great option for those looking for a soothing and sweet late night smoke. Blend chamomile with Indica strains to reach a zen state of relaxation before your head to bed. 

7. Comparing Marijuana and Herbs Blends

Now, these are just a couple of many other herbs and flowers you can blend into your joints. The following chart includes a couple of extra herbs that work great for weed blends. 


AshwagandhaBoosts the high effects and provides stress-relieving properties. 
BasilRelieves stress and reduces the level of the steroid hormone cortisol.
Blue LotusWorks as a natural aphrodisiac; provides deep relaxation and mild euphoria. 
EucalyptusOpens the lungs' airways; works as an expectorant, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and anti-fungal.
EchinaceaRelieves pain and inflammation, works as a sedative, acts as an antioxidant, boosts the immune system, and more!
KratomUsed as an alternative for opioids. Spiritual connectivity, psychedelia, and intense euphoria. Pain relief, muscle relaxation, stress release and insomnia treatment. 
MintClears respiratory passages, acting as a bronchodilator. Adds a strong flavor. 


Try out these herbs and check the results for yourself!

8. Mullein - The Base of Most Herbal Smoking Blends

Mullein makes a perfect base for any smoking blend for a couple of key reasons. It can even be used as a direct alternative to tobacco, as it smokes great all by itself. The smoke is light and almost totally flavorless, which allows the taste of the buds themself to shine on through. In certain countries, mullein is the number one tobacco alternative for spliff smokers, as it offers the user the opportunity to still roll large-sized spliffs without having to cut the spliff with tobacco.

Mullein is not only prized for its light and flavorless smoke, but also for its fluffy, light, and easy-to-roll texture that offers slow and even burning. Historically, mullein was used as a medicinal herb that could be either smoked or brewed into a tea depending on the ailment that was needing treatment. Native to Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa, and Asia - it has a rich, documented history dating all the way back to ancient Greece with records of medicinal use over 2000 years old. It was also used to flavor certain types of liquor and wine, even though the version of the plant offers an almost flavor-free smoke.

It was most commonly used to treat respiratory issues but has wide-reaching effects. When brewed into a tea, it can offer the drinker a certain level of pain relief and is effective in reducing muscle spasms and seizures. As a smoke, it was used to treat tuberculosis and improve lung functions. While it is used usually as a base, in recent years we have seen its popularity increase to the point where now it is hard to argue that it is not the best tobacco replacement on the market. The low price point is probably another contributing factor to its success as a tobacco replacement, and while there is no scientific data to back up the claims that it does actually cleanse and relax the airways many users report that this is the case.  

When you consider all the advantages to using Mullein as a tobacco replacement for your spliffs - almost flavorless, easy to roll, nice and fluffy with slow burning times, and with possible health benefits - it's pretty hard to argue that it is far and away the best herb to mix with the very best herb, the almighty, sticky icky, dank as hell, cannabis!

9. The Bottom Line

When it comes to herbal blends with marijuana, the key is trying and tasting for yourself to see what differences you can notice. Marijuana is already a versatile plant, and its taste varies a lot from strain to strain.

And as you get a hang of the different taste and flavor profiles of each strain, and perhaps once you've already tired your palate as well, it might be the perfect time to try out new herbal blends and combinations in your joints.

Say goodbye to the old tobacco spliffs! These guys only overshadow our dear weed flavor! Herbs and flowers aren't only healthier but they're less abrasive as well. Try weed and herbal blends for yourself and don't forget to comment on what were your favorite combinations!

18 July 2022