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Top 5 Best Outdoor Autoflower Strains

Grow under the sun like nature intended! We cover the discuss the best autoflower strains for your garden.
Author Ryan
05 April 2018
4 min read
Top 5 Best Outdoor Autoflower Strains

  • 1. Gorilla glue
  • 2. Stardawg
  • 3. California snow
  • 4. Six shooter
  • 5. Tangie'matic

Outdoor growers love Fast Buds' autoflowers. Maybe it's the nine to ten-week flowering time. Maybe it's the massive yields. Maybe it's the Gorilla Glue. Whatever the reason, we hear from growers in equatorial Africa to Sweeden every day who love their results with Fast Buds.

While all our strains grow well outdoors thanks to their autoflower heritage, some strains grow larger or perform slightly differently in outdoor environments. For those of you lucky enough to be able to cultivate outdoors, we'll run down the top five best strains for growing under the sun. If you missed it, we ran recently ran down our Top 5 Best Indoor Autoflower Strains.

Gorilla Glue

Fast Buds Gorilla Glue Grown Outdoors

A true cultural sensation, Fast Buds' autoflowering take on the legendary Gorilla Glue #4 remains our most popular strain, even a year after its release. At cannabis fairs, growers descend upon the Fast Buds' booth trying to buy out our supply before anyone else!

Gorilla Glue Auto
5 out of 5
first time ever growing and got some amazing colors from this strain with low temps ran it at about 58-64 for 2 weeks and got this color
Jackin Meoff.
Verified customer
Reviewed 26 December 2017

Gorilla Glue reached its current popularity for a single reason; it's damn good weed. Our autoflower GG hits the spot whether you're chilling by yourself or with friends.

This strain can grow to over a meter in height, a true giant by autoflower standards, and when it hits flowering it packs on grams and grams of dense, rock hard buds. Fast Buds' autoflower genetics mean this strain is a bit hardier than its photoperiod ancestor, making it perfect for growing outdoors.


Fast Buds Stardawg Grown Outdoors

"It's the new cheese!" That's what growers keep telling us about Stardawg at shows across the continent. To hear them tell it, this short and durable strain is quickly becoming a household name amongst stoners across the UK, replacing cheese and the vaguely defined "skunk" as the most sought after strain.

Stardawg Auto
4 out of 5
This time is way better than my previous grow. The plants look amazing and smell even better. Good strong genetics. All seeds but one germinated.
Verified customer
Reviewed 21 October

Stardawg is perfect for outdoor growing in colder climates like the UK, and northern Europe. It's hardy, grows short, packs on the buds, and hits THC levels exceeding 20%. As a total package, Stardawg can't be beaten.

California Snow

Fast Buds California Snow Grown Outdoors

This Fast Buds original likes to grow big, with towering colas that look like snow-covered mountains, hence the name California Snow.

This sativa dominant hybrid explodes with high-THC buds under the summer sun, and was created with outdoor growers in mind. It's a favorite for outdoor Fast Buds fans in every climate. If you're looking a low-maintenance yet strong sativa, don't miss California Snow.

Six Shooter

Fast Buds Six Shooter Grown Outdoors

If you want a high yield, look no further than Six-Shooter. This sativa giant is our heaviest yielder. It's also our second largest strain, reaching nearly 1.4 meters in height.

Six Shooter Auto
5 out of 5
I received one seed of this variety as a gift and I can say that this is an excellent quality as always. I think it will be a great product)
Verified customer
Reviewed 9 August 2021

Like California Snow, Six Shooter produces giant colas of energetic flower flowing with resin. This cross between our sativa heavy hitters Mexican Airlines and Crystal Meth flowers in nine to ten weeks when grown outdoors, meaning that, even in a cold climate, a dedicated grower could squeeze in several crops over the course of a summer.


Fast Buds Autoflower Tangie Grown Outdoors

The perfect outdoor autoflower. Tangie'Matic is a rare non-Cali Fast Buds strain, that takes the always popular Tangie and turns it into a giant outdoor autoflower powerhouse.

Tangie Auto
5 out of 5
If you like to smoke to get on and do stuff, this is a good choice. If you want weed to sleep, I wouldn't recommend this one.
Verified customer
Reviewed 6 May 2020

Easily our largest strain, Tangie'Matic doesn't quite hit the heights of Six Shooter, but makes up for it in bulk and bud production. We've seen more than a few Tangie'Matics overgrow their tents. The growers weren't prepared because autoflowers don't get this big. Well, they didn't until Tangie'Matic came along.

Like our other giant outdoor strains, Tangie'Matic is a sativa dominant hybrid. Unlike our other sativas, the stimulating effects are minimal, making this a perfect anytime strain. It won't leave you wired or locked on the couch.

While these strains are a great starting point, don't limit yourself to them. Fast Buds' other Sativas like Mexican Airlines and Crystal Meth grow well outside as quite well. If you're a fan of hybrids, Girl Scout Cookies performs well in any environment. And if you're looking for a night time indica, our newest strain, Cream Cookies, might have the magic you're looking for.

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Author Ryan
05 April 2018