New Digital NFT Platform Expands Cannabis Art

Do you love making stoner art? This could be the opportunity for you
27 April 2021
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New Digital NFT Platform Expands Cannabis Art

  • 1. What are non-fungible tokens?
  • 2. Okay, but who's califari then?
  • 3. And what about this new digital platform?
  • 4. A place for collaborative marketing
  • 4. a. Who's merida capital holdings?
  • 5. When will this platform be launched?
  • 6. The bottom line

When it comes to art, nowadays we're far more evolved than back then in the old days. According to scientists and historians, it all began more than 65 thousand years ago, when the first artist emerged among the Neanderthals with wall paintings in their caves. However, as we said, art has changed quite much from what it once was.  1

While on one hand, we still have the classic old museum-exhibit kind of art, at the same time art has become something, let's say, more attainable. For instance, photographers and designers no longer need to reach that high level of recognition that was once required to finally be able to be seen and start commercializing their products.

Today, artists can do all this online through several digital platforms and social media. Even more, these photos and designs can even mutate in their shapes and forms and start walking on T-shirts, or be printed on pillows, phone cases, coffee mugs, and more, once they're sold online.


Califari Launches Cannabis Digital Art Marketplace: Find all about Califari.

Find all about Califari and its new project.

Now, Califari, a company focused on cannabis art, has announced the release of a new digital platform that uses NFTs, also known as non-fungible tokens, to create and distribute unique art pieces related to cannabis strain art.

1. What Are Non-Fungible Tokens?

Before you go all 'whoa, NF- what?' on us, allow us to explain what this term means. Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are a type of cryptocurrency, a.k.a. digital currencies, that hold value to the many different digital assets available online, including digital art. 

NFTs are similar to bitcoins, in fact, they're both a part of the Ethereum blockchain. But rather than brothers they're more like, let's say, cousins. On one side, a bitcoin is fungible, which means you can trade them for another bitcoin, and you'll be holding exactly the same thing

On the other hand, we have NFTs which, being non-fungible, consist of unique products that can't be replaced with the exact thing, by trading them, you'll always receive something different. These digital tokens work to hold evidence of the authenticity and the ownership of digital artworks, for example. 

2. Okay, But Who's Califari Then?

So, we got the NFTs part, but now, what or who is Califari? Well, according to the company's own description, Califari is a company focused on spreading the word of the ever-growing story of the stoner world through art, both physical and virtually. 

However, Califari is more of an ode to marijuana kind of firm, once you take a look at a couple of their statements, you can sense the poetic tone in their words, which gives hints to the true love they have for the plant. Check this one out:

"[...] Among numerous healing properties that cannabis provides people, one of them is heightened access to the magic moment of spirituality that is often fueled further with a setting that includes music, art and great friends.  

The place where epiphanies begin and stress fades into the stratosphere - that special place where nothing matters more than your flowing and present curiosity. Califari wants to take you there." 2

Amen! We couldn't have said that better. 

This Californian company was founded in 2015, and with their goal of spreading the stories and uniqueness behind the different weed strains, Califari began distributing their stoner art all across the U.S.A. Their posters now hang on dispensaries, pop-art galleries, people's homes and even law firms, completely changing the world's approach to the cannabis culture. 

3. And What About This New Digital Platform?

So Califari already commercializes stoner art, then what's with this new digital art platform? Besides, you might be thinking that there are already uncountable amounts of digital platforms commercializing art and photography online, then what makes this one different?

Well, to begin with, and coming from someone who works from the field, we can assure you that finding cannabis graphic designs and art isn't as easy as it sounds. Mainly because most of these stock library websites offer either a narrowed amount of photos, or they look, well, not too true to the stoner culture, quite stiff, let's say.  


Califari Launches Cannabis Digital Art Marketplace: Lemon Haze poster by Califari.

Lemon Haze poster by Califari.

Stoner art is colorful, creative and outside of the box, not the usual editorial, white light quality photos that you can normally find on stock photos websites.

Califari's art offer looks all in line with what real cannabis art should look like, and, as a digital platform where stoner artists all around the world can commercialize and distribute their creations, they've come to make things simpler and easier to access. 

Besides, it's not like a photo commerce is all they'll do, Califari's new marketplace will offer marijuana brand development as well, and a gaming experience, where the players will be able to breed and grow their own digital weed plants, if only we could smoke them then, sighhh

4. A Place For Collaborative Marketing

As the company explained in a press release where they announced their partnership with Merida Capital Holdings, which we'll introduce further on, the idea is to create their own trading card world, based only on strain art. 3

It's here, where any brand concerning marijuana will have the place to make their releases and benefit from the power of collaborative marketing. This way, independent artists have much more chances to reach out to people than if they tried doing so on their own and building a brand themselves. 


Califari Launches Cannabis Digital Art Marketplace: Two of their latest designs.

Two of Califari's latest strain designs: Lemon Haze and Pineapple Express.

The main goal of selling these stoner pieces of art is to make this digital art presence end up turning into physical products, which will ideally then be available in dispensaries or grow shops.

Who's Merida Capital Holdings?

Merida Capital Holdings is a private investment company focused mainly on the financing of hemp and marijuana industries. However, it all doesn't stop at providing financial support, they also help the companies they invest in to broaden their connections within the cannabis industry ecosystem. 

There's no denying that the cannabis industry is becoming increasingly promising, and Merida is well aware of that. Their focus is set mainly on innovative opportunities concerning the business, and Califari seemed to suit these parameters to perfection. 

5. When Will This Platform Be Launched?

So, knowing the potential that this stoner art digital platform holds, as a designer, or rather stoner designer, you might be wondering when exactly you'll be able to join this yet-to-be-named marketplace and start auctioning your creations


Califari Launches Cannabis Digital Art Marketplace: Two new designs by Califari.

Two new designs by Califari: Northern Lights and Grand Daddy Purple.

Well, sorry folks, but you've got to gather some patience since this platform will be launched about 6 months from now.

However, on the past 4/20 Califari along with Merida Capital have released "The Genesis Series", five single-edition NFTs in the format of animation cards, which includes designs for the following strains:

  • Grand Daddy Purple, designed by Ron English;
  • OG Kush, done by Jesse Hernandez;
  • Sour Diesel, by Matt Leuning;
  • Northern Lights, designed by Simon Haiduk;
  • and Pineapple Express, by KAM.

And since the platform isn't yet available, the release took place on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace in the world. However, a minimum bid wasn't set for the articles on this series, because, as the company's CEO Jason McHugh explained "We want these to be open. We’re going to make it accessible so that anyone can buy these [...]”.

6. The Bottom Line

Whether you're an investor, an artist, or a stoner who's into stoner art, this is just a great way to show the world how promising the cannabis industry is, and perhaps an opportunity to grow in the field you love too.

Not to forget what a great call for the world to open their eyes and finally see the opportunity this is. It's about time people start taking marijuana more seriously, not too seriously as to not enjoy burning one and chilling, but to stop the senseless opinions that are no other thing than outdated. 

What do you think about this soon-to-be-released platform? Send us your thoughts or even your stoner art creations! 


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27 April 2021