5 Best Museums in the World to Visit Stoned

02 February 2021
Smoke one and allow the stoner gods to inspire you through your museum visits!
02 February 2021
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5 Best Museums in the World to Visit Stoned

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  • 1. Museum of bad art - massachusetts, united states.
  • 2. Electric ladyland - museum of fluorescent art - amsterdam, netherlands.
  • 3. Macba, or museum of contemporary art - barcelona, spain
  • 4. Mori building digital art museum: teamlab borderless - tokyo, japan.
  • 5. Museo de james turrell - salta, argentina
  • 6. Conclusion

When it comes to good matches, there are some couples that simply out rule all the rest. For example peanut butter and jelly, coffee and milk, or movies and popcorn, or pizza and beer. But if there ever was a more perfect combination it's definitely marijuana and art. It feels as if cannabis and art were destined to go hand in hand.

Take a look at history and you'll need to borrow extra hands if you want to count the number of famous artists who were hard-on stoners. Or maybe you're even an art enthusiast yourself, so you know what we mean when we say that art and weed are best friends. Smoking a joint or hitting a bong won't fail to give us that creativity boost we are searching for, no matter whether you're a painter, a musician, a photographer, or into any other art field. 

But that's not just it, when we're stoned movies or series get better, and the same goes for museums, we notice all the little things that perhaps we wouldn't have while sober, maybe because marijuana opens up our minds. 


Art museums are a great way to spend time while you're stoned!

Art museums are a great way to spend time while you're stoned!


So, in order to celebrate the beautiful friendship between art and marijuana, let's go through a list of the best museums to visit while you're stoned, which includes:

  • The Museum of Bad Art;
  • MACBA;
  • Electric Ladyland - Museum of Fluorescent Art;
  • MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: teamLab Borderless;
  • And Museo de James Turrell.

If you're trying museums stoned for the first time you’ll feel as if you did all your past visits the wrong way. 

1. Museum of Bad Art - Massachusetts, United States. 

A true art lover could tense up when facing the idea of visiting a museum being super baked, even more if the museums in question are emblematic ones, such as the Louvre or MoMa, we'd do it anyway, so this might be the solution for you: the Museum of Bad Art.

In the first place, chill! Don't be so hard on yourself, museums are meant to be enjoyed at your own personal pace, including however much stoned you feel like being. If weed inspires you, why should you listen to someone else's opinion, when this person has probably not ever even tried what smoking a joint feels like. 


One of the art pieces you might bump into stoned in the Museum of Bad Art

One of the art pieces you might bump into stoned in the Museum of Bad Art.


Anyway, the Museum of Bad Art is located in Massachusetts, United States, and under the slogan "art too bad to be ignored" they curate the most awful art pieces to hang on their fancy walls. Who ever said any art fits into the category of 'good'? If there is actually a good or bad, but we're not starting a philosophy lesson here. 

In summary, being stupidly high at a not-so-serious museum just feels like the right call. Most likely some of the art exhibited will steal a good laugh, and perhaps even give you that extra confidence boost to let go of the critical voice in your head and kickstart your art career. 

And besides, consuming marijuana for both recreational and medical purposes is legal in the state of Massachusetts so you can take that weight off your back!

2. Electric Ladyland - Museum of Fluorescent Art - Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

Now, if you're kind of a music geek like me, then your eyes probably popped a little at the sound of the words 'Electric Ladyland'. If you're not quite sure what we mean, well, Electric Ladyland is just the name of one of the greatest music albums in history, Jimi Hendrix's third and last studio album before he passed away.

Electric Ladyland is quite a trip of an album itself, so do expect a trippy visit at the Electric Ladyland - Museum of Fluorescent Art in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It turns out that things couldn't be more perfect. This trip of a museum is set in just one of the most famous stoner travel hotspots in the world, so guaranteed your visit will be well worth it. 


Ode to Jimi Hendrix in the Electric Ladyland - Museum of Fluorescent Art.

Ode to Jimi Hendrix in the Electric Ladyland - Museum of Fluorescent Art.


What's to be expected in the museum? Well, it's the first one to ever focus on fluorescent art only and functioning under what's known as "participatory art". This means that the visitors participate in the creation of a piece of art and for the duration of the visit are a part of the piece of art. 

The museum is divided in two parts, one consisting of these participatory art experiences and another one focused mainly on the phenomenon of fluorescence in the natural world. Get super baked with some premium dutch buds and enjoy the tour!

3. MACBA, or Museum of Contemporary Art - Barcelona, Spain

Another famous travel destination for stoners is Barcelona, in Spain, which is known for being quite open in terms of marijuana consumption, with their own smoking clubs and all. So, if you happen to find yourself wandering through the small streets of the colorful Barcelona, then you should definitely get some good quality marijuana flowers and head to the Museum of Contemporary Art, or MACBA. 

Don't forget!

Make sure you check the special days for free entry, for example the 18th of May, the World Museum Day, or the 24th of September during the local fiesta La Mercé. 

Although this is one of the most classic types of museums on the list, there is nothing classic in contemporary, in fact, these two terms are pretty much antonyms. Don't forget that contemporary art is one where rules don't exist, therefore do expect to be amazed with crazy art at Barcelona's MACBA. 


If you're by the stoner city of Barcelona definitely get high and visit MACBA.

If you're by the stoner city of Barcelona definitely get high and visit MACBA.


The exhibitions at MACBA are constantly changing so make sure to visit the museum's website to find out what they're displaying at the moment of your visit. Besides they also offer many different events and interesting activities which might require a previous reservation

4. MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: teamLab Borderless - Tokyo, Japan.

Well, this one could turn into quite a difficult task to achieve given the government measures on drugs in Japan are quite severe, and anyone who's busted for drug possession could be deported from the country, do be careful with this. Watch Gaspar Noe's 'Enter the Void' movie for a better understanding of what we mean, besides it's a great movie-experience to watch while you're high. 

Anyway, if you are actually among the lucky few to find marijuana during your trip around Japan, definitely pay a visit to MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: teamLab Borderless, in the metropolitan city of Tokyo. Although the entrance tickets can be quite expensive, around $30, it is oh so definitely worth it, talking from experience, and I wasn't even high, but wished I was. 

The MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: teamLab Borderless is a place where they experiment with lights and art inside an immense building. In each room, you'll be immersed in the different thematics they've created, with interactive light waterfall projections; or a huge playground for grown-ups, and so much more, but no more spoiling, experience it for yourself! 


Get ready for the trippiest high of your life at MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: teamLab Borderless

MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: teamLab Borderless.


Tokyo itself is kind of a trippy experience, everything is just so different, so if you have the chance to experience it high, lucky you! Enjoy it, as it's an experience you'll never ever forget

5. Museo de James Turrell - Salta, Argentina

Lastly, this one's an option especially good for those wine lovers. Just like marijuana and art are best friends, so are wine and art as well, and these three together make what in rock bands is usually known as a power trio: bands that consist of a guitarist, bassist, and drummer, a.k.a, the essentials.

So if this weed, art, and wine power trio has captivated your soul, and if you happen to be visiting South America, paying a visit to the northern province of Salta in Argentina is totally worth it. It is there, in the small rural village of Colomé where the Museo de James Turrell (Museum of James Turrell) is located in a winery called Bodega Colomé.

Extra detail

This museum is quite a hidden gem, so forget about excessive visitors and huge crowds, great for the chill travellers.

James Turrell is a North American artist focused on experimentations with light and space. In his Argentinian museum you'll be able to have a truly soothing visit as well as enjoy the tasty and Argentina's specialty Malbec wine. And although some art aficionados might hate such things, this is a true Instagram-worthy photo spot. 


Relax at the Museo de James Turrell with some art, wine and a joint!

Relax at the Museo de James Turrell with some art, wine and a joint!


Besides, in the neighboring province of Jujuy, also in Argentina, is located the beautiful scenery of the Cerro de los 7 Colores (The Hill of 7 Colors). It consists of a breathtaking landscape composed of, as the name suggests, 7 different rock colors, each of them evidencing the different time periods. 

6. Conclusion

If the thought of visiting a museum high had never crossed your mind, what are you waiting for? Roll one and head to the nearest museum in your hometown to finally have the experience! Once you try it you'll likely realize that you've done all of your past museum visits wrong. 

The thing is, marijuana does tend to change the way people think, stoners are normally more open-minded, and open-mindedness is also a common trait among artists, coincidence? Don't think so. 

So go ahead, get stoned and immerse yourself in art and inspiration, who knows, perhaps you're the next big thing and people get stoned to visit your creations at museums! Don't forget to comment on what are your favorite museums to visit while you're high!