Canna Travel: Stoner-Friendly Countries

09 November 2020
Update your travel bucket list and get ready to plan your next vacation to Mary Jane Land.
09 November 2020
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Canna Travel: Stoner-Friendly Countries

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  • 1. Stoner-friendly countries in europe
  • 1. a. The netherlands
  • 1. b. Spain, especially barcelona
  • 1. c. Portugal
  • 1. d. Germany (berlin)
  • 2. America's top cannatravel destinations
  • 2. a. Argentina
  • 2. b. Uruguay
  • 2. c. Canada
  • 2. d. United states
  • 3. Countries to avoid
  • 4. In conclusion

The global pandemic has got us all fantasizing and dreaming about when we'll be able to go on our next vacation and where on earth that will be.

And now that we’ve got enough time, quarantine time, to organize our future trip, it’s the perfect time to check what are the requirements the ideal travel destination should meet in order for us to head over there.

For cannabis affectionates, the legal status of marijuana in the country of destination could be the ultimate definition guideline before booking the flight tickets.


Find the top stoner-friendly countries.

Find the top stoner-friendly countries.

Let's check out the top stoner-friendly travel destinations in the world. 

1. Stoner-Friendly Countries in Europe

Most young tourists head to Europe at least once in their lifetime to go a little wild and make new connections with both new people and places. The most common stoners-friendly cities in Europe include:

  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands;
  • Barcelona, Spain;
  • Berlin, Germany;
  • And Lisbon, Portugal.

The Netherlands

This list wouldn't have been this list if the Netherlands wasn't on it, sitting in the first place. Obviously, the first place anyone can think of when they say the words ‘cannabis’ and ‘travel’ together is Amsterdam.

Once we even heard a friend say that the town’s smell is of marijuana, that just as you get off the train there’s already a green perfume dancing in the air. So if you’re looking for a place to fill your nostrils, and your lungs with this green perfume then why not scratch this place from your travel bucket list?


The classic cannabis travel destination: Amsterdam.

The classic cannabis travel destination: Amsterdam.

In the Netherlands, the consumption of both medical and recreational use of marijuana has been completely decriminalized since 1970 when police officers were instructed to ignore coffeeshops selling cannabis.

However, while this means you won’t be socially judged for consuming weed in public, it’s best if you head to a relaxed and non-familiar place when you’re smoking. Why not head to these famous coffeeshops and try the menu’s classics? 

Spain, especially Barcelona

Again, this list wouldn't have been this list if Spain, and most specifically Barcelona, wasn't on it. It’s to cities like this where thousands of tourists travel each year to get the marijuana experience. And last but not least, Barcelona is also the home of our company.

In fact, Barcelona is getting so much popularity as a city of reference in the cannabis field that it's almost taken the Netherlands' spotlight as the top cannatravel destination.

However, things don't run smoothly in Spain as they do in the Netherlands, where you can purchase weed at practically every corner.

In Spain, with marijuana not yet being completely legal, you'll need to pay a yearly membership kind of thing to access cannabis clubs, and then you will get access to the premium buds. This money is considered a donation towards the cost of the club’s non-profit cultivation for members.


Barcelona, another cannabis hotspot.

Barcelona, another cannabis hotspot.

Keep in mind that marijuana consumption isn't completely decriminalized in Spain, so, while you will be able to smoke without worries in clubs and coffee shops, try to avoid doing so if there are families or a policeman standing right over. You’re prohibited from using cannabis in public spaces so we recommend that you enjoy cannabis in private.

And, remember to not sell anything – not even a gram of cannabis – since purchasing, possessing, and consuming cannabis in public can land you in serious trouble.​


Did you know that ever since 2001 absolutely all drugs, yes, all, are decriminalized in Portugal? It was a strategy aimed to tackle addiction, which the rest of the world should ideally follow. 

However, getting marijuana in Portugal isn't as straightforward as it would be in Barcelona or in Amsterdam because it isn't illegal yet, the possession of the drug has been decriminalized, up to 25 grams, which should be enough.


Portugal decriminalized the use of drugs in 2001.

Portugal decriminalized the use of drugs in 2001.

In Portugal, instead of prison time for possession, you might have to face some fines or substance-abuse treatment. So, if you find yourself in the country looking to buy some weed, you'll need to do it the old-school way and get yourself a dealer.

Germany (Berlin)

Berlin would be like that cool aunty in the family when it comes to Germany. Technically, cannabis is illegal in the German country, however, Berlin is slightly more liberal than the rest of its surroundings, with the rules bending a little bit. 

No, you won't be able to get some cannabis easily at some coffee shop or dispensary in Berlin but you will find that most people engage in marijuana consumption there and will be able to advise you where to get it or hand you their dealer's number.


Berlin is a liberal city, perfect for stoner travelers.

Berlin is a liberal city, perfect for stoner travelers.

You could also head to the city's hotspots and parks, where you'll commonly see some sketchy guys who'll discreetly throw some sort of sign at you that they're selling the stuff. 

Berlin being one of Europe's most acclaimed destinations for youngsters looking to party and a mega cultural hotspot, of course, marijuana couldn't have been a taboo there. 

2. America's Top CannaTravel Destinations

If you're looking to get away further from home check out the most popular destinations for stoners in the Americas.


Have you heard that the South American country established a law in 2017 which stated that all patients in need of medical marijuana as a treatment must have free access to it? That's right, the government provides medical cannabis for patients for free. 

However, it isn't legal yet to consume marijuana for recreational purposes in Argentina, although if you're busted while carrying cannabis on you you won't be arrested, and paying a fine would probably be the solution to your problems, depending on the police's mood though. 


Buenos Aires is a great cannabis friendly destination.

Buenos Aires is a great cannabis-friendly destination.

Since marijuana isn't fully legal yet in Argentina, to get it you'll need to make some contacts, get to know the right people, and ask for a dealer's number. Chances are if you're smoking somewhere outdoors like in a park, the smell will attract some other stoners who might just become your newest friends and have the contacts you need.

However, cultivating weed for medical purposes is legal in the country. Recently the government legalized personal and network cultivation, for which you must first be registered in a national program. And now, oil and other medical derived products from cannabis can be sold in pharmacies too. 

About smoking outdoors, Argentinians are extremely social and friendly and they won't throw you an evil look for doing so, as long as you're not being completely out of place, like in a kids' playground. 


If minding about the law isn't on your travel checklist head to the small South American paradise of Uruguay, where weed is completely legal. This petit country is situated right next to Argentina and it's almost like the Spanish speaking Netherlands.

Head to Uruguay and taste their delicious flowers before you head towards a relaxing day at the beach! Much like Argentinians, Uruguayans are extremely friendly people who will be pleased to chat and perhaps even show you around.


Buy weed like in the old days from a pharmacy.

Buy weed like in the old days from a pharmacy.

The best time of the year to go to Uruguay is during the months of December, January, and February, when summer is at its bloom, and most South Americans are all concentrated in the hotspot of Punta Del Este to celebrate New Year or enjoy their summer holidays. 

If you’re lucky to find the right people who know how to grow their weed, you might even get to taste some premium-quality buds. Anyway, in Uruguay weed is available in pharmacies like in the ol' days style in Uruguay so access won't be a problem. 


Another great place, free of legal preoccupations concerning cannabis: Canada. Since 2018, the country legalized the use of both recreational and medical marijuana. No wonder why their flag displays a huge leaf. 

If you’re more into forests and lakes instead of the beach then Canada should definitely be on your cannabis travel list. Fancy a big city? Head towards Quebec or Ontario's hottest spots, smoke a joint and enjoy what the country has to offer.


Canada has totally legalized cannabis.

Canada has totally legalized cannabis.

Canadian growers can get a license from the federal government, and then each province individually will determine how the product gets distributed and sold. However, weed isn’t heavily advertised in Canada, the government just signs off but doesn't promote.

United States

After hearing the words 'United States' and 'marijuana' the first place that pops into the head is California, of course. The main problem with the legal aspects of cannabis and traveling in the USA is that laws change in each state, so make sure you're well informed or you might regret it later.

If the song California Dreaming exists for a reason it's probably because it will definitely be a dream to spend some holidays smoking high-quality buds in the golden sun of California. Here it's legal to consume weed recreationally and for medical use as well. 


California is a must cannabis-friendly destination.

California is a must cannabis-friendly destination.

Keep in mind that you need to be at least 21 years old to buy, use or have legal weed in California, and you can only possess 28 grams of cannabis flowers and 8 grams of concentrates. 

3. Countries To Avoid

Generally speaking, you wouldn't want to be caught with weed in most of Asia's countries.


Avoid these not so friendly cannabis destinations.

Avoid these not so friendly cannabis destinations.

While places like Vietnam or Thailand take it slightly easier, if you are caught with weed in some of the following countries you will curse the day you purchased those buds. Besides, quality in these places isn't at its best, the least to say. 


Japan Any word related to weed or drugs is a big taboo in Japan. From being arrested for a couple of months to being deported or even banned from re-entering the country, we suggest you just skip asking where you can find weed during your stay in Japan.
China When it comes to drug laws, China is the toughest. Those who smuggle, transport, or manufacture drugs are usually sentenced to confiscation of a property plus a possible 15 years of prison, life imprisonment, or death.
United Arab Emirates A person caught with the smallest amount of weed, or with positive drug tests will get a minimum mandatory sentence of 4 years. Those who cultivate, distribute, or smuggle will face a life term imprisonment, plus the risk of a death sentence.
Saudi Arabia There's a "3 strikes you’re out policy" in Saudi Arabia for possession of cannabis. The first time you will go to jail for seven months. The second time, jail for 7 years and the third strike equals death.

4. In Conclusion

If you're a frequent stoner and you enjoy combining travel and cannabis, make sure you never make the mistake of booking a flight direction someplace before checking the legal status of cannabis there. 

The world is an enormous place and there are many weed-friendly places to visit. While we had to leave some spots out of the list, don't be scared to find your favorite cannatravel destinations yourself.