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5 Reasons You Should Consider Growing Your Own Cannabis

20 March 2023
Being self reliant is one of the very best ways to cultivate cannabis, not to mention the most financially practical.
20 March 2023
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5 Reasons You Should Consider Growing Your Own Cannabis

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  • 1. The enormous choice
  • 2. Smooth and tasty flavors
  • 2. a. Top tips on flushing cannabis plants
  • 3. Going 100% organic
  • 3. a. Worm castings
  • 3. b. Compost
  • 4. Home-made medicine
  • 5. Contaminated and seeded cannabis
  • 6. Never run out of weed
  • 7. It’s a great hobby
  • 8. Saves you money
  • 9. In conclusion

As we work our way up as smokers from street level to connoisseur status, there is a wide gap in between that involves many positive and negative experiences. From naively buying contaminated low-grade schwag to funding obnoxious street dealers and growers, below are Fast Buds main reasons why you should consider growing your own cannabis seeds.

1. The Enormous Choice

One of the most incredible things about Cannabis genetics is the diversity that is found across the world. The sheer amount of diversity in cannabis can be traced back far into human history when our agricultural ancestors first started to domesticate and breed this fascinating plant. Since then, this crop has been changed in many different ways to suit the needs of the time. In the past, farmers selected and bred larger hemp varieties for their useful fibers which were used in the creation of rope, paper, and other products. In modern times, skilled breeders have successfully created thousands of distinct varieties, with a large focus on cannabinoid and terpenes content. Now, growers have a tremendous amount of choice when it comes to plant size, shape, growing speed, flavors, aroma, and psychoactive effects.


The evolution of cultivars is at an all-time high, with many seed banks and breeders offering original landrace strains, indica, sativa, hybrids and autoflowering genetics with such fierce competition in an ever thriving marketplace. Not only is it possible to easily order seeds online, but it is also easy to have them safely and discreetly arrive at your home. If you're looking for a steady and bushy cultivar, our Wedding Cheese Cake Auto is definitely one of them.

Wedding Cheesecake Auto
5 out of 5
Beautiful plants, and consistent among the three. I topped all of them and got around 115g off each in 2 gallon pots. Very pleased
Verified customer
Reviewed 9 December 2020

Not for the light-hearted, this knockout strain testing at 22% has an incredible flavor and aroma. Two of the best parents around make Wedding Cheese Cake Auto an excellent choice. The first main reason is the prolific choice available and although it may seem overwhelming to the beginner grower, there is a cultivar out there perfect for everyone. Below are a few factors to consider when deciding which strain is best suited for yourself:


What to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Strain
Your skill level Plant training factors
Growing space

Growth structure

CBD/THC ratio Yielding capabilities
Terpene profile Trichome production
Flowering time Resistance to extreme climates 

2. Smooth and Tasty Flavors

Oftentimes you may have purchased Cannabis flower before that looked the part, smelt great, and had plenty of frost but also had a harsh taste accompanied by a charcoal black ash. This is an evident sign that the grower has used chemical nutrients, and has neglected to flush the plants correctly in order to maximize profits. There is nothing worse than buds that don’t burn properly let alone smoke well, so our second reason to start growing your own is for the organic element.

Most beginner growers will start off with organic farming until they learn the ropes a little, and can experiment with hydroponics if needed. The art of flushing your Cannabis plants is to encourage the remaining stored nutrients to be utilized inside of the plants, as well as the potential undissolved salts in the growing medium.

You can also customize the flavor of your cannabis plants by carefully selecting which strains to grow. Over time, you’ll develop a specific appreciation for some of the aromatic chemical constituents of cannabis plants that also contribute to the flavors associated with each variety. For example, the unique blends of terpenes in each strain contribute to the fruity, sweet, sour, piney, woody, peppery, and earthy notes present in each. Furthermore, the volatile sulfur compounds that are responsible for gassy and skunky flavors and taste are much higher in some varieties than they are in others. Once you find out which blend appeals to you the most, you’ll know which to grow to cater to your preferences.

Top Tips on Flushing Cannabis Plants

Using enzymes is a great way to speed up the breaking down the process of undissolved nutrients. These may be organic or chemical compounds, however, using only water with enzymes can ensure thorough cleaning of the root zone. 


5 Reasons You Should Consider Growing Your Own Cannabis: Flushing Cannabis plants

By flushing you are supplying enough plain water to flush the growing medium and the plant of the nutrient solution.

Try feeding your plants a solution of only water and enzymes for the final 2 weeks of the flowering stage. This will allow the plants to use up all their reserve nutrients and begin to show defenses, including end-of-season colors. Check the E.C runoff from the bottom of your pots to see if there is an increase. This will give you an idea of how much nutrients are still in your growing medium. Remember coco coir has a different buffering capacity to rockwool or soil, meaning it will hold onto nutrients for a longer period of time.

3. Going 100% Organic

Nothing beats getting hands-on in the garden and taking your organics game to the next level. The most basic and forgiving way to grow Cannabis, as well as the cheapest, making it our third reason to start growing at home.

Worm Castings

Worm Castings are excellent organic food sources produced inside of the worm's stomach. As the worms work their way through the soil, they create air chambers they will excrete the worm castings out.


5 Reasons You Should Consider Growing Your Own Cannabis: Worm Castings and their benefits

Worm Castings and benefits associated.

When this happens, the soil is enriched with a living beneficial bacteria that condition the soil at the same time. Worm castings offer a serious amount of benefits when it comes to growing a large number of different plants, including cannabis. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the advantages that this organic input offers:

They’re full of nutrients: Worm castings contain many of the nutrients that cannabis plants need to survive and thrive, including the macronutrients nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, alongside calcium, magnesium, and sulphur.

They improve soil structure: Worm castings help cannabis plants to achieve optimal health by enhancing the structure of the soil. They do this by increasing porosity, boosting water-holding capacity, and improving aeration.

They suppress plant diseases: This organic input helps to suppress common plant diseases, such as fusarium and powdery mildew. How? Well, they introduce plenty of beneficial microbes into the soil. These lifeforms actively compete with pathogens and help to keep their populations down.

They feed the soil food web: Before worm castings nourish plants, they feed the beneficial life within the soil. Bacteria, fungi, and other microbes break down worm castings into plant-available nutrients. By feeding your soil as well as your plants, you’ll secure fertility for many growing seasons to come.


Another term for organic matter that is breaking down and changing state. Compost is an excellent source of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium, as well as trace elements. One of the most advantageous things about compost is how rich it is in Magnesium and will prevent any deficiencies.


5 Reasons You Should Consider Growing Your Own Cannabis: Compost and its benefits

Compost and its benefits for growing organically.

O.G Kush strains, like our Original Auto OG Kush, are well known for using lots of Magnesium, so using compost will really help keep nutrient levels balanced as well as keep the soil network satisfied.

4. Home-Made Medicine

Many will debate there is a clear distinction between medicinal and recreational Cannabis. However, for many growers medicinal is the reason they grow and with the end goal to supply themselves with natural medicine. It is very easy to sympathize with patients who wish to not use pharmaceutical pills, and enjoy the therapeutic properties of the Cannabis plant.


5 Reasons You Should Consider Growing Your Own Cannabis: Using CBD as home-made medicine

Supply yourself with natural medicine by growing your own CBD strains.

Our fourth reason to start growing at home is to achieve the peace of mind that you can use this wonderful healing plant as a form of long term organic medicine. Thanks to the modern-day advancements in CBD dominant cultivars, it is very easy for a patient to better choose something with the ideal cannabinoid profile for their illness. Our purely medicinal strain CBD Auto 20:1 would be a perfect option. Our Fast Buds team created the ultimate high CBD strain with a stunning 20:1 CBD/THC ratio. 

CBD Auto 201
5 out of 5
I have grown this 3 times now and I always like the result. Each time it has grown slightly different, but I find the effect is always the same.
Verified customer
Reviewed 4 June 2020

Medical patients need to look no further as this big-yielding, low-profile hybrid is perfect. Many patients will also turn their Cannabis flower into an extract or some type of topical, making their crop go a long way in terms of medicinal applications.

5. Contaminated and Seeded Cannabis

Finally, our fifth reason to start growing and the one that probably inspired 99% of us at some point, was the pride swallowing siege and complete disappointment of flower or hash we had spent our hard-earned money on. Between funding street dealers and imported flowers and hash, it does not take long before we see the benefits of investing in our own private grow room.

On top of the fact that you are no longing spending your money with idiots, you can also sleep at night knowing the flower you are growing to smoke is totally contaminant free of pesticide, spider mites, fungus, mildew, or any other type of additive that is added out of commercial gain. Below are some of the main reasons why smokers decide to become home growers:


When to Grow Your Own?
The buds are of low quality The local supplier is useless
The buds are underweight You experience droughts frequently
The flower is too dry or still wet  Seeded flowers

6. Never Run Out of Weed

Noone wants to run out of weed, especially if you’re a medical patient who needs to treat a certain condition. So growing your own weed does not only guarantee you’re always stocked on cannabis flower but also allows you to stop relying on your local dispensary which may not have the specific strain or product you want or need. However, you should always follow the law, so make sure you understand how many flowering plants you can have at once and how much weed you can have at home.

7. It’s a Great Hobby

On top of never running out of weed, gardening is a great hobby that can get you interested in growing other types of crops, like fruits or vegetables. Growing cannabis requires certain knowledge and experience, and once you’re good at growing cannabis you’ll probably be able to grow some delicious vegetables, so it’s a win-win and will help you develop several other skills along the way.

8. Saves you money

Despite the relatively high initial cost, the investment will pay itself off over time. But keep in mind that there’s no need to spend a lot of money to grow your own, outdoors growing is super cheap and easy as nature provides everything your plants need to grow. And despite the initial cost of setting up a grow space, the cost will definitely pay off after a couple of months or years of growing, depending on your consumption habits.

9. In Conclusion

Growing a Cannabis plant from seed until harvest is an eternal right that everyone should enjoy. Having a connection with your plants, the Cannabis culture, and being self-reliant is one of the very best ways to smoke and the most financially practical. We hope we have given you 5 great reasons to begin your first indoor garden, and best of luck with your future projects.