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Cannabis Giggles: Why Does Weed Make Us Laugh?

29 December 2020
What have you just spent the last 10 minutes laughing about? Only the weed knows...
29 December 2020
7 min read
Cannabis Giggles: Why Does Weed Make Us Laugh?

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  • 1. First, why do we even laugh?
  • 2. Cannabis promotes a relaxed state of mind
  • 2. a. Cannabis for anxiety
  • 3. Cannabis boosts the mood
  • 3. a. Marijuana for treating depression
  • 4. The scientific explanation why weed makes us laugh
  • 5. Laughing is contagious!
  • 6. The bottom line

Have you ever come across someone who has never consumed marijuana, who curiously asked you what exactly you feel when you are high? If you have, you may have noticed how incredibly difficult it can be to put into words what it feels like to be high without sounding a tad odd.

When we try searching the web for more formal answers to these questions, we can bump into some results that aren't precisely loyal to the truth, such as the fact that weed makes people lazy, etc, etc. However, there is one effect of cannabis that is completely undeniable: marijuana makes people laugh.

This is especially true for the first few times we smoke, where we can spend hours laughing at something quite silly. All those episodes with our friends where we laughed our lungs out will never escape our hearts.


The most common and well-known effect produced after cannabis consumption is laughter.

The most common and well-known effect produced after cannabis consumption is laughter.

So, okay, we know that marijuana makes us laugh, no one puts that into question, but what is the reason behind this laughter? Why is it that we get more giggly when we smoke weed? Weed makes us laugh for various reasons:

  • It boosts the mood, therefore we laugh;
  • Eases stress and provides relaxation, predisposing us positively;
  • It is usually consumed in groups, and laughing is contagious!

Let's analyze in detail how weed makes us laugh.

1. First, Why Do We Even Laugh?

In order to understand why cannabis makes us laugh, shouldn't we understand why we even laugh in the first place? It seems as if laughing has always been a part of our history and evolution as human beings.

Just like animals instinctively show their teeth and groan to protect their food, or wag their tail to express comfort and happiness, the same happens with us, we smile or laugh. 

Laughing is a form of non-verbal communication, and as surprising as it may sound, it isn't exclusive to human beings, there's evidence that other animals in the animal kingdom express laughter as well, from primates to rodents and all the way to people. 

When do we or animals laugh? Tickling, games, and daily interactions are all normal contexts of laughter. 


Not only humans but even animals laugh too, it's a natural response from the brain.

Not only humans but even animals laugh too, it's a natural response from the brain we cannot control.

In the animal kingdom, showing the teeth is a sign of confidence, animals do so when they need to scare off predators, therefore laughter could be also linked to the subconscious of feeling comfortable and secure. 

2. Cannabis Promotes a Relaxed State of Mind

If you've ever smoked a joint you might have noticed how it quickly turns us almost into stand-up comedians, even more when we're by ourselves. No one can make us laugh more than our own high selves as we perform regular everyday tasks.

This is because cannabis unleashes a kind of detached state of mind, in which we perceive the world in an altered manner as we are under the effects.

Laughter takes place in a part of the brain called the subcortex, which is responsible for primal behaviors, such as breathing and controlling basic reflexes. This means that laughing takes part in the basics of human activities, therefore, we can't control it consciously, just like we breathe without actively thinking about breathing.


Being in a zen state of mind, relaxed, we can break into laughter more easily.

Being in a zen state of mind, relaxed, we can break into laughter more easily.

And since when we're high on marijuana, we allow our brains to relax even more, it's as if we jumped on the highway of laughter, allowing it to unleash more freely. 

We notice that Mary Jane causes an added factor of laughter because this state of relaxation throws us off the fast-paced world surrounding us, where people are too focused or too busy to take a moment for laughter. And from this external point of view we're sitting in when we're high, we laugh out at the stresses of everyday life. 

When the right hemisphere of the brain, where the interpretation of art and humor takes place, senses the boosted blood flow caused by cannabis intake, it's as if it got extra help for laughter. The right hemisphere is known for being the creative side of the brain, which explains why we might get extra inspired or giggly when we're high. 


Cannabis for Anxiety

Since this zen-like state of mind is often a result of cannabis consumption, those who are struggling with anxiety could actually benefit from the intake of these magic plants. 


Being relaxed is common after smoking weed, great for anxiety issues.

Being relaxed is common after smoking weed, great for anxiety issues.

Most specifically, CBD dominant strains have proven to ease the signs of anxiety disorders in patients, without necessarily giving them the potent mental high that THC provides. However, THC being the most psychoactive component in the cannabis family, it could also aid in the treatment for such conditions. 1

Nevertheless, you should definitely consult with your therapist whether you should or should not use cannabis to treat your anxiety, as every person is their own world and not everything works for everyone the same. 

2. Cannabis Boosts The Mood

Another possible explanation for why cannabis makes us laugh is its capacity for boosting the mood in most people who use it. How many times were you carrying a quite heavy day on your shoulders, or simply a terrible mood, and noticed how it was visibly improved after you smoked a joint or hit your bong?

Euphoria is one of the most common effects produced by a cannabis high, and it is this same euphoria that is usually associated with fun and good times. This is because mood-boosting substances, just like marijuana is, produce a dopamine release in the brain.


Euphoria is one of the most frequent effects produced by marijuana.

Euphoria is one of the most frequent effects produced by marijuana, releasing dopamine in the brain.

Dopamine, also known as the happy hormone is caused by these substances, exercise, or by finishing challenging targets for example, and when we release these neurotransmitters, our brain is immediately told to feel good and satisfied. 

Therefore, it just makes sense that in this state of satisfaction and good feelings we're more willing and open to laughter. And since weed does indeed trigger dopamine production, this is another reason why we laugh when we're high.

Marijuana For Treating Depression

If we know that Mary Jane can effectively boost the mood by promoting increased dopamine levels, we could then assume that cannabis could be an alternative treatment for patients dealing with depression.

By stimulating the endocannabinoid system, marijuana has shown to ease the symptoms of depression in a similar way in which many anti-depressants do, except that it doesn't need to be taken on a daily basis. 


The positive effects of laughter with cannabis could aid those dealing with depression.

The positive effects of cannabis could aid those dealing with depression.

Besides, cannabis skips many of the negative side effects often caused by these anti-depressants such as insomnia, fatigue, and sexual dysfunction. All it takes is the right strains and doses for a patient to get more objectivity or peace of mind in situations that are normally stressful. 

3. The Scientific Explanation Why Weed Makes Us Laugh

The cannabinoids present in marijuana, particularly THC, alter the mood by activating the receptors in the endocannabinoid system, which among other responsibilities, is in charge of controlling the mood. 3


Therefore, since marijuana puts you in a better mood, laughing is just another step in the chain. Anything that is slightly funny, or at a normal funny level will likely be hilarious when you're high because you're predisposed to laughing. 

4. Laughing is Contagious!

Just like yawning, as well as many emotions, laughing and smiling are contagious. Doesn't it happen to you that when someone close to you is in a bad mood, their negative cloud also rains on your parade?

Well, the same happens in the opposite case, how many times have you burst into laughter without really knowing the real reason but because the other person's laughter simply made you laugh?


Laughing is contagious, even more when you're smoking in a group of friends.

Laughing is contagious, even more when you're smoking in a group of friends.

Given cannabis produces laughter for the reasons we've listed above, besides the fact that consuming it tends to be a group activity, it's easy to share a laugh with friends when you're all high together. 

5. The Bottom Line

Cannabis is a plant that brings lots of benefits for us human beings, even in the medical aspects, however, none of those benefits will ever top the joy and laughter it gives us. 

There's no greater feeling than laughing with yourself or with friends when you're high, it's an innocent and simple humor that can harm nobody. Marijuana will bring lots of beautiful moments to your life. 

Enjoy smoking and feeling happy and about! And don't forget to comment on what are your favorite strains to throw you into laughter.



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