Cream Cookies is Fast Buds' Newest Strain: Available Now!

22 March 2018
Delicious smoke. Easy to grow. Unreal colors. Fast Buds' newest strain has something for everyone. You don't want to miss it!
22 March 2018
13 min read
Cream Cookies is Fast Buds Newest Strain: Available Now!


Cream Cookies joins the now 22-strain strong Fast Buds library starting today. We've been working towards this release for months, and the Fast Buds team is psyched to finally see it reach your gardens and grow tents.


Fast Buds Cream Cookies Buds


This Fast Buds Original transforms our mega-hit Girl Scout Cookies into a feast for the senses with each hit offering slightly different experience. It starts with a creamy, full-bodied smoke that gives way to notes of wood, earth, citrus, and herbs that reveal themselves on the exhale. We all know coffee, wine, and craft beer snobs, who only drink obscure brands from far-off locales. Well, this is strain is perfect for weed snobs who only want top-shelf flavor and effects. You'll want to smoke this out of a clean piece or roll a joint because you won't want to miss out on the to-die-for taste. But that's not all, the terpenes that give Cream Cookies its unforgettable flavor also pair well with the strain's high 20%-THC level that will give you a small lift before delivering you into the warm arms of a tingly indica body-buzz.

Cream Cookies is also a gardener's delight, growing bushy, lush, and green until just before harvest when the flush brings out stunning autumn golds and reds. Just look at the before & after shot below.


Fast Buds Cream Cookies Before and After Flush


Our test growers have been reporting results to us for months. Here's what they have to say.

Instagram's weed wiz-kid Hawkbo AKA @bangdangbuds:


Hawkbo's Fast Buds Cream Cookies


Easy to grow, produced frosty buds that smell incredible and finished up with a crisp, colorful fade. The nugs are rock solid. Even the lowers and have splashes of lime green/yellow and purple outlining the sugar leaves. The Aroma is classic cookie smell sweet with earthy undertones. The smoke is 10/10 but for most would be best consumed in the evening. It provides a sativa like head high with a warm body buzz which lasts for a little while then comes the munchies and then the warm sedative effect takes over. Smooth clean smoke tastes sweet like baked goods. Almost brown sugarish with a spicy kick. I highly recommend this strain when it comes out, as well as a solid planned out flush to bring out its true colors aroma and flavor.

Auto-master Tripaholic88:


Tripaholic88's Fast Buds Cream Cookies


OK guys, so the smoke report for the CC: the initial hit is VERY cerebral and makes you laugh and giggle like a little kid for a little while. Then that mellows out into a heavier body stone accompanied by very good appetite stimulation.


What are you waiting for, click here to get yours now!

Note: Our Gold Rush Promotion does not apply to Cream Cookies for the time being.


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Instagram Gorilla Zkittlez Auto
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Instagram Gorilla Zkittlez Auto
Instagram Gorilla Zkittlez Auto
Instagram Gorilla Zkittlez Auto
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Instagram Gorilla Zkittlez Auto