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Federal Bill Plans To End Federal Prohibition On Cannabis In The US

15 July 2021
The United States may become the first country to legalize cannabis on a federal level.
15 July 2021
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Federal Bill Plans To End Federal Prohibition On Cannabis In The US

Senate Democrats plan to reveal a bill that may end with the federal prohibition on cannabis after 18 states have already legalized it for recreational use. Chief spokesperson for the majority party of New York claims the laws have to catch up with the American people. 

President Joe Biden Supports The Bill

With 51 - 50 votes, the bill revealed the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act, which would remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act, pardon federal convictions for cannabis offenses and establish a way to tax cannabis

President Joe Biden says recreational cannabis is currently legal in 18 states and medical cannabis is legal in more than 37 states so it’s logical that cannabis legalization on a federal level happens sometime in the near future. Also claiming he encourages the bill, supports the decriminalization of cannabis on the federal level and pardoning cannabis-related convictions, as well as rescheduling cannabis as a Schedule 2 drug, making it easier to research and collect much-needed data but also claims that states will be allowed to decide their own laws on cannabis, similar to the regulations on alcohol, which states are free to prohibit.

68% Of Americans Support Legalization

One of the court’s most conservative members mentioned that laws against cannabis cultivation and cannabis use no longer make sense as a poll found that 68% of Americans support cannabis legalization as of 2020 whereas in 1969 it was just 12%.

Despite the several benefits such as tax money being used to fund grant programs for those impacted by cannabis prosecutions, allowing businesses to sell and individuals to consume cannabis without the risk of federal punishment, and expunging nonviolent cannabis arrests within one year, experts claim that any cannabis legislation will most likely face a hard path forward in the Senate due to Democrats being skeptical and some republicans being opposed to the bill.