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Gelato Auto - The Most Potent Autoflower

17 June 2022
Gelato Auto - The most potent autoflowering cultivar on the market. What to expect when growing and 7 helpful grow tips.
17 June 2022
8 min read
Gelato Auto - The Most Potent Autoflower

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  • 1. The heritage
  • 2. How she grows
  • 3. Gelato auto growth characteristics
  • 4. Thc levels and effect
  • 4. a. Effects of gelato auto
  • 5. Aroma and taste
  • 5. a. Terpene profile
  • 6. Best grow tips for gelato auto
  • 6. a. Lst vs hst for autoflowers
  • 6. b. The best conditions for drying and curing your autoflowers
  • 7. In conclusion

High potency Cannabis has become very popular in recent years, with many growers wanting the most potent cultivars possible. Finding a monster producer that hits over 25% THC is not so easy unless you are growing out Gelato Auto. In this article, we breakdown all you need to know about this terpene powerhouse, growth characteristics, yield, taste, aroma, and our top grow tips.

1. The Heritage

Girl Scout Cookies became the gatekeeper in recent years in terms of quality, terpenes, flavor, and effect. It was not long before the Cookie Fam was evolving the Cookie lines to produce household favorites such as Sunset Sherbert, Cherry Pie, and Gelato. We fell in love with the Gelato strain right away and due to the commercial demand, our team couldn't help but create our own version of California's best. The result was spectacular. We produced the ultimate autoflowering progeny that takes only 9 weeks from seed to harvest.


Gelato Auto - The Most Potent Autoflower: Close look at Gelato Auto by Fast Buds

Gelato Auto from our grower @shinsimilla from Instagram

Our Gelato Auto reflects the very best in desired traits with sky-high potency, cup-winning flavors, and an insane resin profile that extract artists and hash makers will find extremely rewarding and productive.  

2. How She Grows

Thanks to the well-balanced indica and sativa heritage, expect Gelato Auto to grow expressing hybrid vigor. A very easy to grow cultivar that is ideal for beginner and commercial growers looking for monster harvests in 63 days from seed to harvest. A medium height autoflower that will grow as tall as 70-100cm, making her well suited for keeping a low profile and those with limited height. Once mature, the growth structure is more indica dominant and very bushy with an abundance of fat side branches surrounding the main central cola. An excellent strain for growing in a Sea of Green set up and filling your grow space with smaller-sized plants.


Gelato Auto - The Most Potent Autoflower: Gelato Auto bush by Fast Buds

Gelato Auto from our grower hawkbo from GrowDiaries

Every internode will become full of thick, chunky buds that stack up from top to bottom filling out every branch with thick frosty nugs. The resin profile is off the charts meaning Gelato Auto is capable of producing some world-class hash and extracts. Gelato Auto has it all from sky-high potency to enormous yields. Growers can expect to harvest up to 550-650gr/m2 of dense, mature buds with a very fast turnaround time.

2. Gelato Auto Growth Characteristics

•  Height will range from 70-100cm making her a medium height cultivar.


•  Flowering time from seed to harvest is 63 days.


•  Grows with hybrid vigor expressing both indica and sativa heritage.


•  An extremely resinous plant once flowering starts.


•  Well recommended for Sea of Green.


Gelato Auto - The Most Potent Autoflower: Gelato Auto by Fast Buds

Gelato Auto from our grower hawkbo from GrowDiaries

•  Easy to grow and well suited for beginner growers.


•  A fast flowering strain perfect for multiple outdoor harvests per year.


•  Extra-large yields can be expected in a short time.


•  Yields of 550-650gr/m2 are possible.

3. THC Levels and Effect

What really separates this lady from the pack is her staggering 26% THC level. Not for the light-hearted and the perfect strain for anyone in search of soaring highs that last for hours on end. Thanks to the optimum blend of indica and sativa, the effects of Gelato Auto can be described as giggly, upbeat, energized, and full of creativity, accompanied by a relaxing, stress-free feeling. Smokers with a lower tolerance may find this cultivar to be a heavy hitter with the potential to keep you couch-locked all evening!

Effects of Gelato Auto

Gelato Auto - The Most Potent Autoflower: Effects of Gelato Auto by Fast Buds

Why should you try Gelato Auto and what to expect effects-wise.

4. Aroma and Taste

Gelato took the Cannabis scene by storm in recent years and with a valid reason. Gelato Auto has an incredible aroma that can be described as sweet, smooth, vanilla, cookie dough with hints of citrus and undertones of ice cream.

Terpene Profile

Gelato Auto - The Most Potent Autoflower: Terpene profile of Gelato Auto by Fast Buds

Terpenes of Gelato Auto.

An unbelievably terpene-rich cultivar that has a flavor like no other. When smoking, your taste buds will be hit with a creamy, sweet cookie dough that has overtones of a smooth earthy, citrus. Extremely moorish and one of the best flavors to hit the market.

5. Best Grow Tips For Gelato Auto

1. Due to the bushy growth structure, it is recommended to prune away the larger sized leaves blocking the inner parts. By removing these leaves, more direct light will be able to enter the canopy. 


2. Thanks to her medium height of 70-100cm, we advise growing Gelato Auto in a Sea of Green. This will allow you to grow smaller plants closely together, maximizing your indoor or outdoor grow space.


3. In order to really get the most flavor out of this lady, we advise feeding only plain water for the final 2 weeks, to allow undissolved salts and reserved nutrients to be used up by the plant. The taste and quality of the ash will improve and you will have some amazing flavors.

4. It is easily possible to harvest this cultivar multiple times per year outdoors. Due to the rapid blooming period of only 63 days, growers with short summers will find this strain to be a highly resistant, solid performer. 


5. If you are growing this cultivar indoors, it is best to use a carbon filter that is up to the job. Gelato Auto has a very loud and distinctive aroma, so be extra careful when flowering and drying indoors.


6. Hash makers and extract artists will enjoy working with Gelato Auto, as she is capable of producing some world-class, cup-winning products. Whole-plant extracts with this cultivar will reward you with the most unique extraction possible.

LST vs HST for Autoflowers

It is recommended to apply L.S.T. during the first 4 weeks, to increase the canopy size further allowing for even bigger yields. To use the LST technique correctly, we recommend starting as soon as the first true set of leaves appears. This is not the case with photoperiod plants (where you would normally wait until the 3rd or 4th set), but since autoflowering strains only have a short and set vegetative growth period we want to start as soon as possible. Use soft gardening ties to tie down the plant so it grows in a horizontal fashion. This not only ensures even light penetration across all of the budding sites, but also tricks the plant into thinking the main cola has been cut off. This forces the plant to evenly distribute the growth hormones and nutrients that are usually heavily reserved for the main cola with all of the flowers, resulting in a much more uniform growth pattern and reducing the amount of “popcorn” buds. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND HST training techniques such as super cropping or topping, as most autoflowering strains simply do not have the time to recover from such invasive and stress-producing techniques.

The Best Conditions for Drying and Curing Your Autoflowers

To get the very best results from your months of hard work, you need to be patient after you harvest the crop. Sure, you could put the oven on as low as possible and throw the buds in to dry, but that would be an act against the cannabis gods. You want to dry the buds in a temp and humidity-controlled dark room (60-70 °F or 17-22 °C with 60-65% relative humidity) for 8 to 14 days. While the buds will be fine to smoke at this point, the full terpene profile will still be maturing. For the absolute best results the buds need to be cured for anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months in resealable glass mason jars. Burp the jars twice a day during the first 10 days of curing, then twice a week for the rest of the curing process. Then, and only then, will your buds have reached the best smoking condition.

6. In Conclusion 

Gelato Auto is perfect for commercial growers, as well as beginner growers in search of low maintenance and easy to grow hybrid.

Gelato Auto
5 out of 5
I recommend this to everyone! Super powerful with great flavors and yield. I think it was easy to grow. This is awesome strain!
Verified customer
Reviewed 10 June 2020

On the basis that you are a fan of huge harvests, terpene-rich strains, a fast turnaround time, amazingly long-lasting flavors with through the roof potency then you need to look no further. Gelato Auto truly is the strain that everyone is looking for right now, so do yourself a favor and grab a few seeds right now! It is as fun to grow as it is to smoke!