How to Store Cannabis

Don't waste your buds! Improper storage can ruin a stash. We cover the best ways to preserve your flowers' flavor, potency, and aroma.
Author Ryan
13 June 2018
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How to Store Cannabis

  • 1. Do's
  • 1. a. Keep buds dry
  • 1. b. Keep buds in the dark
  • 1. c. Keep buds cool
  • 1. d. Keep buds sealed
  • 2. Don'ts
  • 2. a. Don't put buds in the refrigerator or freezer
  • 2. b. Don't store buds in plastic bags
  • 3. How to store weed long-term
  • 3. a. Make sure your weed is cured properly
  • 3. b. Use air-tight glass containers
  • 3. c. Keep it in the right conditions
  • 3. d. Use clean jars
  • 4. In conclusion

You've put two months of effort into cultivating the perfect harvest. You've chopped your tree and the buds are drying. As you look over your haul, one question nags at the back of your mind, "How am I going to smoke this all before it goes bad." Sadly, weed has a shelf life. Leave it too long and it can become dry and hard to smoke, lose potency or worst of all, grow toxic mold. We're here to run down the dos and don'ts of storing high-quality cannabis.

1. Do's

Keep Buds Dry

Mildew and mold are your enemies in this fight. Mold can start growing on marijuana flowers before they've even been harvested. The sticky, irregular surface of a nug is the perfect spot for spores to wait for the right conditions before covering your weed in a gross net of moldy cobwebs. Don't give them a chance. Wherever you store your weed, make sure the humidity stays below 65%. However, dry air can make those sticky trichomes brittle and prone to flaking off, so make sure you keep humidity above 59% for optimal smoke.

Keep Buds in the Dark

Cannabinoids don't like light, and placing your buds out in direct sunlight is an easy way to ensure your hard-won THC content degrades into a couch-locking, sleepy CBN. It's probably OK to leave your buds on a shady sheld, but you must make sure it's never exposed to direct sunlight at any point in the day. Sunlight contains ultra-violet radiation, the same kind that gives humans sunburns and skin cancer, which destroys THC, essential oils, and more. Anything that makes weed worth smoking is destroyed under the direct light of the sun.


How to store cannabis: do's

Trichomes will degrade so make sure to keep your flowers in the right conditions!

Keep Buds Cool

Mildew and mold love humidity, but they also love the heat. A warm storage spot is the perfect breeding ground for toxic fungus you don't want to inhale. Play it safe and make sure you keep your buds at a temperature below 77° Fahrenheit or 25° Celsius. Any higher and you risk virulent mold eating your harvest. This may be difficult during the summer if you live in a warm climate and don't have air conditioning, but keeping your buds away from direct sunlight will also help keep them cool.

Keep Buds Sealed

We need oxygen to live, and because of that, we forget one fundamental fact, oxygen is a corrosive gas that eventually destroys all it touches, and cannabinoids are no exception. Keeping your buds away from the air is an essential part of preserving them, but you don't want to remove all the air, you need at least a little to keep your humidity in check. However, if there's too much air, you'll be giving mold and mildew fuel to power their growth. Mason jars and other rigid, airtight glass containers are perfect for storing buds. They'll keep the right amount of air inside, trichomes won't stick to the inside of the container, and they're cheap.

2. Don'ts

Don't Put Buds in the Refrigerator or Freezer

We know we said to keep things cool, but putting your weed in the fridge or freezer creates more problems than it solves. Humidity in your fridge is going up and down continuously as you open and close the door, put food in, take it out, or even when you're doing nothing at all. These fluctuations are perfect for, you guessed it, mildew and mold.


How to store cannabis: dont's

Never store your buds in the freezer unless you're planning on making hash.

The fridge might be the absolute worst place you could ever keep your stash. The freezer introduces its own problems. While it is dryer and more stable than the fridge, the low temperatures will freeze the remaining water in your buds, and make trichomes hard, brittle, and prone to flaking off.

Don't Store Buds in Plastic Bags

Generations have kept their ganja in plastic bags. If it was good enough for your hippy grandparents, it's good enough for you, right? Not quite, plastic bags carry a slight electric charge. You've probably seen this yourself when a bag sticks to your hand. That charge doesn't just attract bags to human hands; it attracts trichomes to the bag. Every moment in a bag is subjecting those precious balls to a slight pull. It won't strip your bud bare, but over time, you'll find your weed loses potency and the inside of the bag grows sticky. I nice mason jar, or even a discreet and inconspicuous cookie jar are better options for storing your weed.

3. How to Store Weed Long-Term

Now, if you’re storing weed for a couple of months or longer, it’s essential you keep it in the right conditions as your weed can degrade if you don’t store it properly. All of the things mentioned throughout the blog still apply, but there are a couple of other things you should keep in mind.

Make sure your weed is cured properly

Storing your weed long-term starts with proper curing. So make sure to trim the buds and place the flowers in airtight mason jars in a cool, dark place, making sure the jars are only ¾ full. After a couple of days or weeks of burping and curing, your flowers will be ready for consumption but you can check this by measuring the moisture in the jars, you want the hygrometer to read anywhere between 58 to 62% humidity.

Use Air-tight Glass Containers

In order to store your weed correctly, you want to use glass containers as oxygen can degrade and damage the trichomes. If you cannot find a glass container, you can use a ceramic container, just make sure to stay away from plastic!


How to store cannabis: long-term storage

Always go for airtight glass jars as they will preserve your flowers better.

Keep it in the Right Conditions

As mentioned, you don’t only want to keep the flowers in airtight glass jars but you also want to keep the jars in the right conditions, so remember to place the jars in a dark place (with the lights off) and ensure the temperature are below 25 ºC to prevent mold, ideally, the temperature should be around 20 -21 ºC.

Use Clean Jars

And finally, make sure the curing jar is clean. Depending on where you got the jar from, it could have dust, dirt, and even mold spores which can affect the quality of your harvest, so make sure to clean the jars before storing your buds!

4. In Conclusion

Of course, all this advice is moot if you haven't adequately dried and cured your buds. It doesn't matter if your storage spot is perfect, poorly cured marijuana will grow mold eventually. Be sure to check out our bud drying guide. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with all the latest strains, deals, and contests from Fast Buds!

Author Ryan
13 June 2018