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Top 5 Fastest Growing Autoflower Strains

Autoflowering strains are easy to grow because they don’t take quite as much work or finesse to try your hand at growing them. However, this “autopilot” style doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with low-potency plants. In fact, some autoflowering options can reach a potency of up to 24%.
27 September 2019
7 min read
Top 5 Fastest Growing Autoflower Strains

  • 1. Zkittlez auto
  • 2. Blue dream'matic
  • 3. Crystal meth auto
  • 4. Lsd-25 auto
  • 5. Six shooter auto

Autoflowering strains are easy to grow because they don’t take quite as much work or finesse to
try your hand at growing them. However, this “autopilot” style doesn’t mean that you’re stuck
with low-potency plants. In fact, some autoflowering options can reach a potency of up to 24%.

Of course, growing autoflowering strains has its pros and cons. One of the biggest benefits that
they offer, though, is that they grow quickly. Autoflowers can start to flower as soon as 8 or 9
weeks after germination. This is approximately 30% faster than the time it takes a traditional
cannabis plant to mature.

If you’re looking for a strain that’s quick to grow, we have you covered. Here, we’re going to give
you a full guide to five of the quickest growing autoflower strains from Fast Buds.

1. Zkittlez Auto

The Zkittlez Auto strain, as you might have guessed from the name, is a Skittles-inspired choice.
Every toke comes with a new and interesting flavor ranging from sour grapes to sweet berries to
grapefruit and more. It gives any cannabis fan a new, candy flavor experience every time they
light up.

The makeup of Zkittlez Auto is mostly indica with very high THC counts and very low CBD
levels. THC levels can be as high as 23.68%. It offers a very relaxing high including help for
aches and pains as well as stress. The time you spend high can vary depending heavily on your
tolerance and how much you smoke in a session.

Zkittlez Auto
5 out of 5
Just an easy to grow, solid packed buds. A heavy feeder and can be a bit prone to light burn at the end but otherwise perfection!
Verified customer
Reviewed 21 November 2020

Growing this type of cannabis doesn’t take long either. You can expect to see flowering as little
as 8 to 9 weeks and you can cultivate it either indoors or outdoors. You are going to see plenty
of yield from a rather large plant. The cannabis plant reaches as high as 70 to 100 cm or 2.2 to
4 feet. The internodal spacing on these plants also allows for elongated cola formations and
plenty of trichomes are going to accumulate on your mature buds. This means that you’re going
to see not only a lot of buds to smoke at the end of the maturation process but they’re going to
be potent, high-quality buds as well.

Just remember that this is an option that needs plenty of fertilizers to reach its full potential.
These should be natural fertilizers as well since heavy chemicals are only going to damage the
plant and its unique flavor.

2. Blue Dream'matic

The Blue Dream’matic strain is another high THC, low CBD option that has increased in
popularity - especially on the west coast scene in the U.S. It’s a hybrid cross between the
Blueberry and Haze strains which are popular in their own rights. The former is well-known for
pain relief and the latter is one of the most common components of high-quality sativas. Blue
Dream’matic keeps the flavor associated with Blueberry and adds a touch of citrus. It also
earthy notes of pine and cedar with a tart sweetness.

As for the high you’ll feel with Blue Dream’matic, you can expect relaxation and even an almost
euphoric feeling. This feeling of relaxation and mood boost comes from a chemical called
Limonene. Limonene helps to offer those feelings without the sedation expected from similar
cannabis strains. It’ll give you a bit of a dry mouth but it’ll also give you a happy high.

The growth process of the BDM only takes around 9 to 11 weeks. It’ll reach as high as 110 cm
or 45 inches. It can be cultivated indoors or outdoors but you’ll want to be careful about water
and nutrients. It’ll happily lap up both, so you’ll need to give it plenty of water and carefully
balance how much nutrients to give it. While it might seem like under-feeding, this plant will only
need about a fourth of what most packages of plant food recommend. For this work, you’ll get
an output of high-quality, sticky buds.

3. Crystal METH Auto

The Crystal Meth Auto is a Mexican hybrid that comes with a low CBD concentration and a very
high THC concentration. To be specific, it has a defined composition of about 20% THC and
1% CBD. It has the effects of a sativa strain with none of the drowsiness of an indica-dominant
option. The high that the crystal meth product offers is both in the body and head. It’s
comparable to drinking some quality tequila without the dizziness associated with it. You’ll feel
more relaxed after just a drag or two.

When you take a drag of the results of the Crystal Meth Auto, you’re going to taste a pine aroma
with a nutty touch - primarily hazelnut. It has a naturally pleasant taste and smooth smoke.

Growing even a little Crystal Meth Auto is going to give you plenty of quality bud at the end of
the growing process. The yield is about 600 grams per square meter or 1.3 pounds per light.
The germination process only takes around 5 days and you’ll see fully matured plants in about 8
to 9 weeks. An interesting part of the growing process is that you’re going to see a show of
colors. It’ll start light green with a touch of yellow. At 5 weeks you’ll see a red shade start to form
and eventually the green will take on a dark, deep purple shade.

The plants do get rather tall at measurements as tall as 120 cm or 50 inches. Because of this,
it’s a good idea to grow plants in a 10-liter or 3-gallon flowerpot. It’s a more sensitive plant when
it comes to pH levels, so you’ll want to keep an eye on that factor fairly frequently.

4. LSD-25 Auto

The LSD strain has a strong reputation on your own and it took some work for us to match it up
with our autoflowering genetics. This LSD-25 Auto strain is a high-THC and low-CBD strain that
retains all the effects of the original strain without the difficulty it takes to grow the original.

Before getting into the growth of this strain, let’s look at what you’ll get out of it. It has a taste
and aroma of diesel and smoked wood but you can calm these flavors into a more full-bodied
taste with proper curing. As for the high, you’re going to feel a body high first. After a bit, you’re
going to see the psychedelic effects that earn this strain its name. The more of it you smoke, the
more intense these effects will be. It’s a pretty strong choice, so even if you’re a regular smoker,
you’ll want to be careful with the amount you smoke when you’re initially trying it. If you’re a fan
of a psychedelic experience, it’s an option you won’t want to miss.

LSD25 Auto
4 out of 5
I think my mistake was to decide not to train her. She was basically one fat cola and very short side branches with small buds.
Verified customer
Reviewed 21 October

As for growth, the LSD-25 Auto can reach maturity in as little as 8 weeks. It reaches a range of
70 to 120 cm or 2.2 to 4 feet. It’s also fairly easy to grow because it’s pretty forgiving. Even if
there are pH swings, semi-extreme temperatures, and irregular feeding, you’re still going to end
up with a gorgeous and strong end product. It also works well in a variety of environments so
you don’t have to worry as much about soil type and indoor vs. outdoor growing. This makes it a
good choice for newbie growers.

2. Six Shooter Auto

Finally, we have the Six Shooter Auto. This is an original strain that Fast Buds’ breeders created
and it packs a punch. You can tell just from looking at it thanks to its large buds and visible resin
covering its surface. It’s a sativa dominant choice and it produces large yields - among the
largest quantities that Fast Buds offers.

Six Shooter Auto
5 out of 5
I received one seed of this variety as a gift and I can say that this is an excellent quality as always. I think it will be a great product)
Verified customer
Reviewed 9 August 2021

The strain is rather potent as well with as much as a 21% THC level. So, it’s another choice that
you’ll want to test the waters with before smoking a lot. This intense high is one you’re going to
initially feel in your head more than your body. The sativa properties give you plenty of energy
and once it fades you’ll feel the indica properties with a clear head and a body high. As for the
flavor, it has a citrus-pine punch with a hint of pepper. Despite its strong nature, you can expect
a smooth drag from gentle smoke with an herbal aroma.

Growing it isn’t difficult for this heavy-yielding plant either. You’ll start to see flowering as early
as 3 to 4 weeks and you can expect your buds to be ready for harvest at only 9 weeks. Since
the bud-to-leaf ratio is so high, the process of trimming the buds is also going to be a breeze
which saves you a lot of time. With yields as much as 500 to 750 grams per square meter of
these 100 to 140 cm or 3.2 to 4.5 tall plant, you aren’t going to run out of Six Shooter anytime
soon after harvest.


27 September 2019