Louisiana Legalizes Smokable Form of Medical Marijuana

Starting from Jan. 1, patients in Louisiana will be able to smoke their medicine
30 December 2021
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Louisiana Legalizes Smokable Form of Medical Marijuana

There are more than 28,000 patients registered in the medical marijuana program in Louisiana, USA, and they will now have access to its natural, “flower” form which can be smoked.

The law to this effect, House Bill 391, was passed by the legislature and signed by Governor John Bel Edwards. There are up to 200 pounds of cannabis flowers ready for sale in Louisiana’s nine dispensaries starting on January 1.

No Need to Overpay for Processed Products

The new regulations are hailed as a major move that will make medical cannabis available to even more people that need it. While new forms of consuming the medicine, such as oils, edibles, and creams, may be extremely effective and don’t carry the adverse effects associated with smoking, they are also much more expensive than raw product.

Ruston Henry, the owner of H&W Drug Store in New Orleans, said he expected more patients to join the medical marijuana program now that no additional processing costs would be passed onto the end consumer.

Louisiana Legalizes Smokable Form of Medical Marijuana: Jars full of dry cannabis flowers and gloved hands weighing a bud on small desktop scales

In its natural form, cannabis is very cheap medicine.

Medicine for the Desperate

The state of Louisiana has so far registered a total of 28,174 medical cannabis patients. To participate in the program, they need to get their doctor’s recommendation, and there are 280 medical specialists who have recommended the medicine to at least one patient.

According to Henry, most of these people are desperate because they have tried every therapeutic option available to them and found them all ineffective. Medical marijuana is usually the last line of defense and the only thing that works.

The legalization of cannabis pharmaceuticals is the first step in embracing this medicine, especially in more conservative jurisdictions. Once there is an understanding that the plant’s constituents really help people, the legal status is extended to the cheaper unprocessed form.


30 December 2021