Original Auto Jack Herer Strain History

Author Sean Prana
21 June 2022
Learning about legendary Jack Herer, how our Original Auto Jack Herer grows, what to expect and some handy grow tips that help taking your harvest to the next level.
21 June 2022
29 min read
Original Auto Jack Herer Strain History

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  • 1. Who was jack herer?
  • 2. How she grows
  • 3. The terpene profile
  • 4. The effect
  • 5. How are the buds?
  • 6. Flavor description
  • 7. Grow tips for original auto jack herer
  • 8. Jack herer auto faqs
  • 9. In conclusion

There are some cultivars that exist which have become household names, and living legends amongst the Cannabis community. Original Auto Jack Herer is an autoflowering version of the multiple cup-winning hybrid that took the world by storm and has been winning awards ever since. In this article we explain who Jack Herer was, a breakdown of our Original Auto Jack Herer, including grow tips. 

1. Who Was Jack Herer?

Born on June 18th 1939, Jack Herer was most well known for his work as a writer, speaker, and activist during the 1980’s. 

Original Auto Jack Herer Strain History: Jack Herer

Jack Herer (June 18, 1939 – April 15, 2010), American pro-cannabis sometimes even called "Emperor of Hemp".

After working on his own breeding lines and collaborating with Sensi Seeds in Amsterdam, history was made and the Jack Herer strain was created. Before passing on April 15th 2010, Jack Herer had become famous for his work as a breeder and his book The Emperor Wears No Clothes. 

2. How She Grows

By crossing Jack Herer with our stud autoflowering female, we created a sativa dominant, autoflowering cultivar that takes 9 weeks to flower. She will finish at a medium height of 70-90cm making her a low profile, stealthy strain ideal for back gardens, terraces, and balconies. 

Original Auto Jack Herer Strain History: How She Grows

Best qualities of Original Auto Jack Herer and what to expect from the plant.

Despite Original Auto Jack Herer’s low profile, the yields are exceptionally large and can reach 450-550gr/m2.

3. The Terpene Profile

One of the most special things about this fast flowering auto is the terpene profile which is a blend of old school fruit and floral. Her aroma can be described as earthy, sweet, spiced, pepper with notes of citrus. Bold flavors that represent the full spectrum of fruity and floral with a musky spice.

 Original Auto Jack Herer Strain History: terprnes

Flavors of Original Auto Jack Herer.

Hash makers and extract artists will be able to refine this unique flavor and aroma even further, making Original Auto Jack Herer a wise choice.

4. The Effect

Testing at 21% THC, the effects of this sativa dominant cultivar will be upbeat, euphoric, and clear. A wonderful strain for keeping well-motivated, or in a creative mindset. An excellent candidate for social scenarios, musicians, artists, and a great way to kick start the day as a morning joint. 

Original Auto Jack Herer Strain History: effects

Why to smoke and what to expect after smoking Original Auto Jack Herer.

Well recommended for long hikes in nature, enjoying at the beach or busy days out that involve high energy levels and a happy, feel-good factor.

5. How Are The Buds?

Her buds when fully mature are thick, fat, and well stacked. All of the calyces are swollen and dripping with clusters of trichomes. Thanks to the sativa influence, the buds will be very large with a solid density.

Jack Herer Auto
Jack Herer Auto
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· Multiple award-winning.
· Effectively short and compact.
· Bold flavors.
· Peaceful and pleasant high.
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6. Flavor Description

When smoking this cultivar, the flavors can be described as a concoction of fruity, spicy, earthy, citrus with floral overtones.

Original Auto Jack Herer Strain History: Jack flower

 Original Auto Jack Herer by grower AngryBird on GrowDiaries

On the exhale pepper, spice will be more prevalent leaving your lips coated in a spiced fruit aftertaste.

7. Grow Tips For Original Auto Jack Herer

In order to help you get the most out of your plants, we have provided some top tips when growing Original Auto Jack Herer. Below are 6 ways to really take advantage of all the fantastic traits this lady has to offer.


1. Thanks to her very fast turn around time of 63 days from seed until harvest, we recommend growing Original Auto Jack Herer multiple times per year.


2. Tying plants and performing L.S.T will allow the canopy to open even further, increasing production and the number of main flowering sites.


3. Planting this strain in a Sea of Green set up will produce incredible results, as well as uniform plants that can be grown closely together.

4. A solid performer in both cold and hot climates, meaning this low maintenance strain is perfectly suited for all parts of the world.


5. An exceptional resin production makes Original Auto Jack Herer highly rewarding for hash makers and extractors. Be sure to save all of the leftover sugar leaves when trimming your harvested buds.


6. Due to the medium height of 70-90cm, this short and stocky cultivar is easy to camouflage and is perfect for those in search of a discreet strain to grow.


7. If you are growing large-sized plants use pots that are 10-15 liters in size. Smaller-sized plants grown closely together can be planted in a 7.5-litre pot.

8. Jack Herer Auto FAQs

Does Jack Herer Auto Have Medical Use?

Thanks to the cannabinoid and terpene profile this strain has to offer, it can potentially help medical consumers with both physical and psychological disorders such as uplifting mood, treating chronic stress, anxiety, depression, relaxing your muscles, and boosting your appetite among others.


Does Jack Herer Auto Help with Insomnia?

Due to being a Sativa-leaning hybrid, the effect provided by Jack Herer is fairly energetic and not the best if you’re trying to go to sleep. On the other hand, this is a great strain for those who need that extra boost to stay active and go through a busy day stress-free.


Was This Strain Really Named After a Person?

Definitely! Jack Herer was the first approved medical-grade strain distributed in pharmacies and it was named after Jack Herer, a renowned cannabis activist.

9. In Conclusion

Original Auto Jack Herer is a very easy to grow strain that loves to be trained and tied down. Not only does she flower quickly and has a high resistance to cold and wet weather, but this cultivar also thrives in hot climates where she can grow huge yields making her adaptable to any climate or situation. Next time you grow this strain, you will know the history and legacy of the legend that was Jack Herer.