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Panama Legalizes Medical Marijuana

01 September 2021
Cultivation, production and exportation of medical marijuana legalized in Panama
01 September 2021
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Panama Legalizes Medical Marijuana

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  • 1. License to grow
  • 1. a. The call for legalization
  • 2. Cannabis in the region

Another country takes a leap towards legal marijuana. We're talking about the Central American country of Panama, which has approved the use of cannabis for medical purposes. This now turns the country into the first one in the region to regulate the use of this substance. 

The legalization took place after the third legislative debate held by the National Assembly of Panama, in which all of the 44 votes were in favor, with absolutely none against. This new approval will now result in the creation of a regulatory framework aimed to control the use and access of the plant, for "therapeutic, medical, veterinary, scientific and research purposes. 

The new law, to be effective after the previous approval of Laurentino Cortizo, the country's current president, will also manage and regulate the cultivation, production, importation, and exportation of cannabis in its new sector. 

License to Grow

With this new law, approved license holders will be allowed to start their grow operations in Panama, a country that counts with almost the ideal if not perfect grow conditions for cannabis plants to bloom.

At the same time, state-established areas with limited access will be outlined, aimed specifically for the cultivation of marijuana. However, of course things aren't yet as optimal since only pharma companies or other firms specialized in medical services will be able to acquire and commercialize the plant. 

The Call for Legalization

One may wonder what leads a country towards such a big change. Well, as it usually has taken place in history, people make their voices be heard.

At first, when the benefits of cannabis use from the medical point of view became so clear, countries all over the world started twisting the way they used to consider the plant. But, in the meantime, in those places where those with authority were more of a square head, refusing to see the great prospects that this plant brings, that's when the people started doing the job.

In Panama, it was this demand for access to medical marijuana from patients, that was increasing at such a fast rate, that created the urge for the government to begin thinking their way around it.

Cannabis in the Region

The legalization of cannabis for medical use in Panama will definitely mean a new era starting in the region. Take it as a form of inspiration, nearby countries reading the news will now start to reconsider their own thoughts on the subject.

Such is the case for Costa Rica, for example, which is also considering the legalization of marijuana in the country. As they have discussed, once legalized, the cultivation of hemp and cannabis would be allowed for the manufacturing of several different products.