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Recent Study Shows: 150% Increase in Legal Cannabis Sales Among Young Women

Women are the fastest-growing consumers of legal cannabis.
19 July 2021
2 min read
Recent Study Shows: 150% Increase in Legal Cannabis Sales Among Young Women

Back in the day, cannabis and cannabis products came in ziploc bags without much information on the product itself but, as legalization happens, the cannabis market grows and cannabis products are sold in completely different packaging in legal dispensaries. Legalization made it possible for women to buy cannabis safely instead of buying from a sketchy guy in a back alley, resulting in an increase in cannabis sales amongst women.

The Changes Are Astronomical

Thanks to legalization, the cannabis market now offers professional packaging with lots of information, such as lab tests and recommended dosage. Large cannabis companies are using traditional non-cannabis products as inspiration to offer consumers high-quality cannabis products with child-proof packages with colorful and modern labels that wouldn’t look out of place in a cosmetics store.

Women say they appreciate the evolution as now they can benefit from easy-to-use, safer and regulated products, being able to go into a dispensary and purchase top-shelf cannabis without having to meet a creepy guy in a back alley, claiming the changes are astronomical.

Experts claim that during the Covid-19 pandemic legal cannabis sales grew more than 45%, reaching $17.5 billion, doubling or almost tripling from 2020 to 2021. This has to do with those born in the 90s and 00s who are just now turning 21 and can legally buy cannabis.  Also, most of these young adults have grown up where recreational cannabis is legalized, so they’re more comfortable with not only trying but openly consuming cannabis.

The Future Of Cannabis is Female

Experts claim that legal cannabis sales amongst women born between 1997 or later grew the fastest, reaching over 150%, followed by men also born in 1997 or later with 118% and, in third place, a 50% increase amongst those born between 1981 and 1997. A cannabis market research agency mentioned that women are consuming more and more legal cannabis due to the shifting public opinion but more importantly, the more modern and sophisticated packaging which makes the packaging more acceptable and feminine, encouraging women to try them.

Data collected concluded that cannabis flower dominates sales for both women and men but women are more prone to trying pre-rolled joints, beverages, and edibles, and this is why, in an attempt to target female consumers more directly, brands are getting design inspiration from cosmetics, claiming women prefer something more discreet and with a more balanced effect.

Companies are now putting quality, convenience, portability, and ease of use on top of potency, for example, in order to attract moderate female consumers that don’t want too high, just a quality product to enjoy an afternoon with friends and relax. The majority of female consumers also mentioned that they use cannabis to treat anxiety, anorexia, and menstrual pain among other disorders as an alternative to prescribed pills or therapy.

On the other hand, doctors say more research needs to be done in order to support these claims because self-medicating with cannabis could have negative consequences in the long run, such as increased anxiety over time due to desensitization of the cannabinoid receptors.

Despite the several claims that more research needs to be done, the cannabis market continues to grow and marketing in the cannabis industry will hopefully become more and more professional in a way that welcomes women, staying away from offensive and sexually suggestive branding.

19 July 2021