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Spice Up Your Love Life With CBD Lube

Cannabis and sex are as meant to be as peanut butter and jelly
13 April 2021
7 min read
Spice Up Your Love Life With CBD Lube

  • 1. What is cbd?
  • 2. Why cbd lube?
  • 3. How to use cbd lube to spark up your sex life
  • 3. a. Cbd lube is best for the ladies
  • 4. Will cbd lube get you high?
  • 5. Use lube, not oils or topicals!
  • 6. What about thc lube?
  • 7. Conclusion

During the past decade, ever since the world started changing its point of view on marijuana, it seems as if all we can hear about is the benefits that using the different products that the plant derives provide. 

It was a matter of time until the amazing properties of cannabis became so evident that the world had no other choice but to embrace and accept them, and change their stubborn and outdated position. After all, isn't that what evolution is all about, embracing the change and moving forward? 

So, since the use of cannabis is spreading for both, medical and recreational purposes, several industries finally jumped onto the train and began creating newer and innovative products made of this magic plant. Now lotions, balms, oils, candies, and even toothpaste can be found on market shelves nowadays. 


Spice Up Your Love Life With CBD Lube: Find out all the benefits of using CBD lube.

Find out all the benefits of using CBD lube.


Today, we'll get into all the details of CBD lube and how to use it to spice up your love life. 

1. What Is CBD?

If you're looking to understand what CBD lube is, then we should probably start off by explaining what CBD even is. Well, the cannabis family is composed of a vast amount of compounds that make these plants so special, the ones that produce the different well-known effects and benefits.

Among these compounds, the ones most people focus on are cannabinoids, chemical substances that bind with the endocannabinoid system in the human body to produce their own unique effects. It's in this category that we'll find the famous THC and CBD that are so acclaimed in the weed culture.

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the one famous for the typical cannabis high, the psychoactive effects that weed is known for. CBD or cannabidiol, on the other hand, is the cherished child of medicine, being the cannabinoid known for its great medicinal properties.

But, if we're talking about medicinal properties, then how come CBD can be found even in sex lubricants? Well, because you don't need to be suffering from any illnesses to indulge in the benefits of this cannabinoid. 

In fact, CBD isn't just used in the medical field, several athletes use this compound to benefit from it in their sports performance and recovery too. So, let's find out what CBD lube can be good for. 

2. Why CBD Lube?

We'll get into the differences between THC and CBD lube further on, so let's focus on the latter for now. CBD is the compound in marijuana known for providing great pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, do you see where we're going with this? 


Spice Up Your Love Life With CBD Lube: CBD lube acts as a topical.

CBD lube acts as a topical, which means it won't get you high!


Applying CBD in the shape of lube means that you're employing cannabis in a form of topicals. What are topicals? Well, as the name suggests, they work on the specific place of application, being absorbed through the top layer of our skin, the epidermis, and the surrounding areas. 

When we use topicals, such as lube, this means that we won't feel the typical overall body or head high that other forms of consumption, such as smoking, edibles, or transdermals provide, but rather a targeted effect. 

Users who've tried using such lube to spice up their sex lives, as an aid to help with other underlying mental or health conditions, or to cope with pain related to the sexual encounter, have reported that indeed the product provided a sense of relaxation and helped mitigate different types of painful sex. 

3. How To Use CBD Lube To Spark Up Your Sex Life

Now, the thing with cannabis-infused lube is that it's not just a quick additional supplement you apply at the moment given of the heavenly act but it sort of requires some previous thought. Here's why, and how to use it. 

In order to benefit from CBD's benefits as lube in sex, you'll need to pre-apply the product between 15 to 20 minutes before the sexual encounter, to allow enough time for the body to absorb the compounds, and let the effects start to kick in.

Hold Your Horses!

Neither topicals nor any other form of marijuana consumption except smoking or vaping act instantly. Therefore, you'll need to hold your horses to allow your marijuana-infused lube some minutes to take action. 

However, don't sit there staring at the ceiling as you wait for the effects to kick in, start spicing things up! Besides, depending on what your preferences are, of course, the temptation and teasing previous to the sexual encounter can really help build up some sexual tension and result in a wilder experience later on. 

CBD Lube Is Best For The Ladies

When it comes to using weed lube, you may be wondering whether men and women can both use this product to benefit from its properties on a sexual level. Well, the answer is yes, partly. 


Spice Up Your Love Life With CBD Lube: CBD Lube is best when used in women.

Since skin surrounding the vagina and vulva is more sensitive than the penis', CBD lube is best when used in women.


On one hand, this lube isn't really as effective on the penis as it is on the vagina and this is why: the skin tissue on the vulva or vagina is way different and far more absorbent than the one on the penis. Nevertheless, CBD lube can still be applied anally as a suppository, where tissues do have the capacity of absorbing it. 

4. Will CBD Lube Get You High?

If you're wondering whether CBD lube will get you high, the answer is absolutely not, and for two different reasons:

  • You're employing a topical, therefore the product does not enter the bloodstream and reach the entire body system;
  • You're using CBD! This cannabinoid does not provide the typical psychoactive high often associated with marijuana. 

So, if you're not a cannabis user, and your partner has suggested trying CBD lube for your next sexual encounter, and this was a matter that was making you worried, worry not! You'll definitely not get high, and you certainly will enjoy it. However, don't feel any pressure to do anything you're not sure quite about. 

5. Use Lube, Not Oils or Topicals!

Now, unless you're searching to get pregnant, and in which case, congratulations, we suggest you stick strictly to CBD lube and lube only, not oils, other forms of topicals, or balms. 

The reason for this is that these different weed lubes are made specifically for such use, which means that they won't come to disturb your peace during the sexual encounter with irritation or any other misfortunes. And at the same time, they will not affect the effectiveness of your contraceptive methods


Spice Up Your Love Life With CBD Lube: Lube won't affect the effectiveness of your contraceptive methods.

Using cannabis lube won't affect the effectiveness of your contraceptive methods.


This same aspect is why you should not try cannabis oil as a replacement for lube. Although it can be used on the vulva, vagina, or anus, depending on the ingredients, it won't really provide the same effects. 

Firstly, lubes are meant to be slicker and not as sticky as oil, and they last longer as well. Besides, if your contraceptive methods include the use of latex, lotions or oils could even weaken or break this barrier, and again, assuming you're not looking for a baby, we do not want that. 

At the same time, lubes will still be a better alternative to other topicals, since they were thought especially for this use. Other products that may come with ingredients such as fragrances and other additives could end up leading to irritations or even a yeast infection, which is an imbalance in the reproductive system's bacteria. 

6. What About THC Lube?

When it comes to comparing THC and CBD lube, the truth is, that users claim that THC provides a more enhanced effect during sex than CBD. This is most likely because THC is usually associated with feelings of euphoria, deep relaxation, and disconnectivity from the outer world and worries. 

All these three aptitudes we've just mentioned sound just about the perfect recipe for a great sexual encounter. Some THC lube users reported that using this product produced the following effects:

  • A deeper relaxation; 
  • Tingly sensations; 
  • Boosted libido, a stronger and higher arousal; 
  • And stronger or longer, and even multiple orgasms. 

However, when it comes to sex, it can all be so subjective, many factors can influence the experience, such as the relation between the partners, whether there are feelings involved or not, how well they know each other, and even their overall sexual knowledge and experience.


Spice Up Your Love Life With CBD Lube: Several things can affect how your sex encounter goes.

Several things can affect how your sexual encounter goes.


Not only this, even the course of your day may have an effect on the way your sex experience goes. If you're more tense than usual, do expect to notice that in the way you express yourself during sex, which can go either really well if you use sex to let go, or not so great if you're having a hard time doing so.

And if all fails, we'd surely suggest applying some THC or CBD lube to spice things up and burn one as you wait for the effects to kick in. After all, nothing can go all that wrong, at least you're getting lucky, ay?

7. Conclusion

Some people would rather keep it classy when it comes to their sex lives, and stick to the same old that's been working for them. Others prefer just the opposite, trying out new things in bed until they've exhausted the options, and still continue to find newer ways. 

We can't come to tell you to try this or that, but we can surely suggest some things, and cannabis lube is one on the list. Go ahead, there's absolutely no danger in giving this new form of marijuana consumption, so why not?

We hope you enjoy your sexy time with CBD lube! And don't forget to send us your thoughts and comments!

13 April 2021