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The Top 5 Best Hybrid Autoflower Strains

07 March 2023
Balance in all things, even weed. Fast Buds details the most potent, flavorful, and just plain fun to grow autoflower strains available.
07 March 2023
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The Top 5 Best Hybrid Autoflower Strains

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  • 1. Gorilla glue auto
  • 2. Girl scout cookies auto
  • 3. Gorilla punch auto
  • 4. Strawberry banana auto
  • 5. Cherry cola auto

You want to smoke weed, but you don't want an Indica to lock you on the couch or a Sativa to set you on edge; sounds like you want a hybrid. Of course, the truth is that nearly all popular marijuana strains have both Indica and Sativa genetics in them. Decades of selective breeding have muddied the once clear taxonomic waters, and even the skunkiest Indica and the tallest Sativa will have a bit of their counterpart's DNA churning away in their cells.

For our purposes, we'll be treating the best autoflower strains that express both Indica and Sativa traits, both in the high and in the growth of the plant. Looking at our sales charts, it seems as if stoners prefer the balanced experience hybrid strains offer, as these varieties are our most popular by far. Let's get to it, here are the best hybrid autoflower strains.

1. Gorilla Glue Auto

Fast Buds' autoflower take on the legendary GG #4 earned its spot at the top of our sales charts with its beastly growth and unreal resin production. Gorilla Glue Auto is a hit with indoor and outdoor growers alike thanks to its potent flower, ease of growth, and beastly structure. 


The top 5 best hybrid autoflower strains: gorilla glue auto

Gorilla Glue Auto by Fast Buds.

Gorilla Glue Auto packs on the buds and resin, so if you're growing discreetly, be sure to install a carbon filter. If discretion is less of a concern, you'll want to show off not just the incredible final product, but the plant itself. You'll friends have to see (and smoke it) to believe it.


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What a beast!

2. Girl Scout Cookies Auto

Girl Scout Cookies Auto is where it's at! This legendary cross of the world-renowned Durban Poison and the classic OG Kush set the west-coast cannabis scene on fire, and we couldn't wait to bring our autoflowering version to the rest of the world. 


The top 5 best hybrid autoflower strains: gorilla glue autoThe top 5 best hybrid autoflower strains: girl scout cookies auto

Girl Scout Cookies Auto by Fast Buds.

This balanced strain pairs a friendly social buzz with a giddy euphoria that will have you laughing like the first time you got stoned. When combined with its ease of growth and dense bud structure, it's no wonder Fast Buds' Girl Scout Cookies Auto is a hit the world didn’t know it needed.


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3. Gorilla Punch Auto

Fast Buds' award-winning Gorilla Punch Auto pairs an unforgettable fruity flavor with effects perfect for chilling out and watching a stoner comedy on Netflix. It won't knock you out like the strongest Indica-dominant hybrids, but you'll want to relax for sure.


The top 5 best hybrid autoflower strains: gorilla punch auto

Gorilla Punch Auto by Fast Buds.

One of our master growers put it this way, "...the gorilla punch auto is a delight to have in your grow area! The smells are just delicious, like a potpourri of spicy, lemony and woody flavors and aromas. The high is a very uplifting yet relaxing type of buzz."


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4. Strawberry Banana Auto

By all rights, Strawberry Banana Auto should be classified as an Indica-dominant hybrid, but just one hit from this wonder lets you know it's got Sativa genetics inn its heritage. Strawberry Banana Auto is an energy drink in cannabis form, giving you a boost that will last hours.


The top 5 best hybrid autoflower strains: strawberry banana auto

Strawberry Banana Auto by Fast Buds.

The smoke hits fast with a fruity and earthy mix of straw’nana flavors. Between the taste, energy, and Strawberry Banana Auto’s beastly growth, it's no wonder indoor and outdoor growing fans love Fast Buds' take on this amazing strain.


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5. Cherry Cola Auto

An autoflowering version of one of the modern wonders on the cannabis market. Cherry Cola Auto as all the legendary effects of the photoperiod counterpart, but with Fast Buds twist, resulting in a full-bodied and richly flavored smoke, along with unreal coloring on the foliage. 

Let's start with the taste. Cherry Cola Auto dense smoke is packed with such a diversity of terpenes that every hit is a new sensation. You'll find earthy, woody, and even a few floral notes in there, which translate to a unique fizzy cherry cola flavor.


The top 5 best hybrid autoflower strains: cherry cola auto

Cherry Cola Auto by Fast Buds.

Cherry Cola Auto sports color you have to see to believe. Before flush, the leaves take on a yellowish-light-green hue that reminds us of fall. You'll want to bring your fiends over to show it off. With great effects, flavor, and built-in bragging rights, Cherry Cola Auto is quickly becoming a Fast Buds fan favorite.