Strain History: AK-47

13 May 2020
The multiple award-winner Sativa, a favorite for all Cannabis enthusiast.
13 May 2020
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Strain History: AK-47

AK-47 is one of the world’s top strains and a favorite for many, this Sativa-dominant strain’s lineage is believed to go all the way back to the ‘70s where breeders used a mix of various landraces to give birth to it.

1. The History of AK-47

This predominantly Sativa hybrid lineage is believed to go back all the way to the ‘70s where it originated from a cross between Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani landraces (all Sativa except Afghani), resulting in a 65% Sativa strain. This strain had between 13-16% THC and 1.5% CBD which was considered quite high back then, although compared to recent strains is considered average.

However, the strain didn’t come into existence until the early ‘90s. Rumors are Simon, a biology student from Amsterdam who found it as an unnamed strain in 1992 and continued to develop it further until 1999 when he made it available for purchase on his own website.


Strain History: AK-47 Auto Plant

Original Auto AK from our grower GreenMachine from GrowDiaries.

The unnamed strain was nicknamed “one-hit wonder” and soon received its official name: AK-47.

The name was given not because it was a “violent” strain, but even though being a very balanced strain it would literally knock out less experienced smokers with just one hit.  Soon enough AK-47 became one of the most awarded cannabis strains in history winning many Cannabis Cups and more than 127 awards worldwide thanks to its very high THC content of more than 20%.

Nowadays it's seen as a “Top Cannabis Strains" that every cannabis enthusiast should try it at least once.

2. Original Auto AK: Remake Of The “One-Hit Wonder”

The Fast Buds team developed an Auto version of this top strain while keeping the very balanced effect. Thanks to its pedigree genetics she can withstand all environments and has a high resistance to diseases, making her easily grown indoors or outdoors.

Original Auto AK packs a punch with a THC level of 21%, it’s a foolproof hybrid for growers who need a solid producer.


Strain History: AK-47 Auto Bush

Original Auto AK from our grower Lady_NugWitch from GrowDiaries.

This beauty of a strain needs only 63 days from seed to harvest, her long elongated colas will produce up to 500gr/m2 of long tightly packed buds that glisten from the huge amounts of resin and smell of that old-school mix of earth, fresh forest, flowers, and lemon.

Being a Sativa dominant strain, this autoflower will deliver an exhilarating and uplifting high while not being too racy. That energizing effect is then slowly taken off by a more mellow body high, recommended if you need to focus on a long day of work or to enhance a night out with friends.

3. Most Common Questions

•  Is AK-47 good for anxiety?

Despite the name, AK-47’s effects don’t trigger anxiety. It delivers a well-balanced high of both a cerebral and body high (remember every person responds differently and it may trigger anxiety in some when smoking too much).

•  Is AK-47 Indica or Sativa?

AK-47 is a hybrid. This means it’s a mix of both, approximately 65% Sativa and 35% Indica.

•  Is AK-47 easy to grow?

This strain adapts well to all kinds of growing environments and you can pretty much always expect good results. She also responds very well to all methods of plant training.


Strain History: AK-47 Auto Ready To Be Harvested

Original Auto AK from our grower GreenMachine from GrowDiaries.

•  What does AK-47 smell like?

AK-47 reeks a spicy skunk-like aroma. You can smell hints of pine, wood, and lighter citrus tones.

•  What strains are similar to AK-47?

Similar strains would be Lemon Kush, Critical Auto, and Zkittlez Auto.

4. AK-47 Terpene Profile

The aroma of AK-47 is a mix of herbs, pepper, pine, and citrus. Its smell may vary according to the different phenotypes but generally contains approximately the following:

The main terpenes are: Caryophyllene  0.73%, Humulene 0.96%, and Myrcene 0.22%.

The secondary terpenes found are: Linalool, Pinene, Limonene, and Terpinolene, found in a concentration of less than 0.02%

5. Grow Tips

AK-47 is a perfect strain for growing outdoors, she develops extremely well in harsh climates and also has a high resistance to bugs and pests.

Even though she’s a high yielder (being able to produce up to 500gr/m2) her low/medium profile makes it easy to camouflage. 

6. In Conclusion

There’s no way to go wrong with this strain. Being awarded multiple times, AK-47 comes from the cross of the best of the best landraces and will definitely result in top buds quality. Her ability to resist all types of climates and pests has been improved over the years resulting in a well-rounded strain.

Our Fast Buds team worked hard to improve her already top-notch genetics. Original Auto AK has all characteristics AK-47 has while boosting her already delicious aroma and potent high. 

AK Auto
5 out of 5
I'm obsessed with this original line! I can only have a few tokes at a time of this Auto AK, it's some strong stuff!
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Reviewed 29 August 2020

This girl is recommended for staying alert on a long day of work, boost creativity, or just having a good time with friends. Her strong aroma will fill the air with a smell of fresh forest, flowers, and lemon when smoking a joint.

We highly recommend all cannabis-enthusiast to try it at least once!