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Strain History: Amnesia Haze

14 May 2020
Amnesia Haze is one of the most powerful Sativa from the old times, a Sativa you won’t forget!
14 May 2020
5 min read
Strain History: Amnesia Haze

This Sativa-dominant hybrid reached legendary status and was even listed as one of the Top 25 strains of all time. It’s euphoric effects led to winning numerous Cannabis Cups and its overwhelming popularity made her known throughout all coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

1. The History of Amnesia Haze

Like almost all old-school classic strains, Amnesia Haze’s exact origin is a mystery, but this is the most accepted theory.

It is said that the American breeder David Paul Watson, created Amnesia in the early ‘90s from a cross between Thai, Jamaican, Hawaiian, and Afghani landraces. However, he didn’t get much credit for it at the time.

It was only when the genetics were taken to Amsterdam that the strain was developed even further and really started to get popular. According to the story, Zwiep, owner of a fertilizer company crossed the original Amnesia genetics to Nevil’s Haze, creating what we know today as Amnesia Haze. At first, Zwiep only made available Amnesia Haze as a clone but due to the popularity it was getting, he decided to make it available as a seed.


Strain History: Amnesia Haze: Original Auto Amnesia Haze

Original Auto Amnesia Haze from our grower Satori_Hanso from GrowDiaries.

He teamed up with a seed bank in Spain and released regular and feminized versions of his strain. 

This allowed him to win several cannabis cup awards, including 1st place in 2004 and 2012, becoming one of the most famous cannabis strains we know today and one of the main strains available in coffeeshops all throughout Amsterdam.

2. Original Auto Amnesia Haze: The Strain You Won’t Forget

This huge yielding, Sativa-dominant hybrid will grow vigorously (completely maturing in around 70 days) and will definitely express her full-blooded Sativa heritage.

Original Auto Amnesia Haze is better suited for growers with plenty of growing space and experience. This monster girl will grow up to 150cm with large spacing between her internodes and will develop a bushy, yet tall growth structure typical of a Sativa dominant strain.

Amnesia Haze Auto
5 out of 5
an almost ideal smoke for weekends, vacations, going out, parties, just chilling with friends or driving around (preferably not behid the wheel lol).
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Reviewed 25 June 2022

The excessive growth means you will need to heavily apply LST techniques of she will really take off but don’t worry, the extra work will reward you with up to 650gr/m2.

She will produce very thick chunky flowers (even more than normal haze varieties), with 22% THC, she will glisten with resin covering the buds and all surrounding leaves, contrasting with its large-sized bright orange pistils.

Original Auto Amnesia Haze smells of a unique blend of orange citrus and floral overtones that turns into deeper citrus on the exhale. The long-lasting flavor comes along with an even longer-lasting high.


Strain History: Amnesia Haze: Close Look at Amnesia Bud

Original Auto Amnesia Haze from our grower Satori_Hanso from GrowDiaries.

The high delivered by this strain will be a cerebral roller-coaster that stimulates all senses. Users will feel focused and highly motivated, transforming into a more lethargic high as time passes, the perfect type of effect for writing, gaming, or hanging out with friends.

 3. Most Common Questions

Is Amnesia Haze a Sativa or Indica?

This is a mostly Sativa strain (75% Sativa and 25% Indica), bred from the cross of four landraces being 3 Sativa and 1 Indica. 

Is Amnesia Haze a variation of Haze?

No, Amnesia Haze is a cross between the original Amnesia and Nevil’s Haze, although it contains Haze in its genetics it is not a phenotype of Haze.

Does Amnesia Haze make you forget?

Actually no, Amnesia Haze delivers a racy cerebral high, making you think of random things but won’t actually cause amnesia.

Is Amnesia Haze strong?

Amnesia haze’s name is kinda misleading, it indeed has a very cerebral effect but its Indica side will leave you relaxed and calm, there’s no need to worry.

What strains are similar to Amnesia Haze?

Similar strains are Cinderella 99, Original Auto White Widow, and NYC Diesel.

4. Amnesia Haze Terpene Profile

Amnesia Haze doesn’t have a very strong smell, it definitely has a more powerful high than aroma. Its smell is a blend of herbs and citrus with a hint of pepper and is composed of only two main terpenes, being them 0.84% Humulene and 0.50% Caryophyllene. 

It also contains Linalool, Pinene, Terpinolene, Limonene, and Myrcene all in a concentration of less than 0.01%.


Strain History: Amnesia Haze: Huge Amnesia Plant

Original Auto Amnesia Haze from our grower ElChicoDelaWeed from GrowDiaries.

5. Grow Tips

This autoflower is a good choice for growers who have experience with challenging Sativa and Haze varieties, and a good understanding of plant training, using training techniques such as LST, or Sea of Green is recommended to get the most out of this monster producer.  

During flowering, the buds will grow large and dense and due to its excessive growth you will need to add support (such as bamboo sticks) to prevent the branches from hanging down and eventually breaking off.

6. In Conclusion

Amnesia Haze is one of the most powerful Sativa from the old times. It’s not by chance that its popularity grew super quickly and ended as one of the most appreciated strains in Amsterdam. Since the ‘90s it has been a staple in coffee shops all throughout The Netherlands and is one of the main strains tourists try when visiting there.

Our team developed an extremely autoflowering productive strain, being able to harvest more than 600gr/m2. Original Auto Amnesia Haze delivers an extremely potent cerebral effect (even called psychedelic by some), it’s a must for cannabis enthusiasts, especially if you enjoy a good Sativa-like high.

Amnesia Haze lives up to its name, it wasn’t out of nowhere that this strain got so popular, we recommend you give it a try!