The Benefits of Cannabis Growing Tents

Don't have an extra room at home? No problem, growing tents make great alternatives for cannabis gardens!
06 October 2020
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The Benefits of Cannabis Growing Tents

  • 1. Growing tents are quite inexpensive
  • 1. a. Number of chambers
  • 1. b. Tent canvas quality
  • 1. c. Ports and windows
  • 1. d. Structure material and weight limit
  • 2. Not enough space? no problem!
  • 3. Foolproof and highly portable
  • 4. Full discretion mode on
  • 5. Optimal growing conditions
  • 5. a. Year-round harvests
  • 5. b. Energy efficiency
  • 5. c. Decreased pests and contaminants risks
  • 5. d. Great airflow
  • 6. In conclusion

Growing your own marijuana plants when you're a frequent cannabis consumer is a great idea. However, many people may find themselves feeling scared when they think about the legal aspects of growing weed, or perhaps discouraged when they realize they don't count with a big garden or terrace to grow their plants.

The good news for you is hope isn't lost! All you need is a marijuana growing tent.

Cannabis growing tents are perfect for growing weed at home in a discreet and highly controlled way. With them you can achieve supreme growing conditions, they work great for small spaces, and they are easy to set up and put to use.

However, let us explain in detail the reasons why indoor weed tents are amazing alternatives for your home cannabis operation.

1. Growing Tents Are Quite Inexpensive

In the first instance, we know the main thing you're probably wondering is if these seem-to-be-perfect objects will cost you fortunes. We are very pleased to let you know that this will not be the case with cannabis growing tents.


Tent TypePriceDetails
Basic $60-$120Built-in air-tight vents, light-proof reflective walls, waterproof trays.
Pro$120-$290Fully-equipped, fan filters, lighting systems, hangers, ducting, trellis net, hygrometer, and a timer.


The prices of most weed growing tents range between 60 and 300 euros, starting from the most basic ones, which already count with all the features you'll need to kickstart your home operation. On the other hand, if you can allow yourself a bigger expenditure then we definitely recommend going for tents that come with some plus features that will surely make the weed growing process a whole lot easier.

But when we mention 'features' you might wonder what exactly are the features should you be looking for? Allow us to explain further.  

Number of Chambers

There are simple, one-chamber tents and then you can find two-chamber cannabis tents. If you opt to go for the two-chamber tent, or perhaps two different sized tents, this will allow you to have several plants in different growing stages at the same time. 

Having a two-chambered tent will ideally lead to the so-dreamed perpetual harvest.


Two chambered tents are one step closer to the ultimate perpetual harvest.

With a two-chambered tent you are one step to achieving the ultimate perpetual harvest.

Tent Canvas Quality

Price and quality are usually strongly related. This applies to growing tents as well. When talking about the tent's fabric material or thickness we're aiming directly at the quality of the product. Logically, a thicker tent will last for longer periods of time. 

Ports and Windows

Basic tents cover basic needs. Extra lux tents come with a few simple add-ons like windows to take a peek at your plants without having to open the whole tent. At the same time, a better-built tent will ensure to block any external source of light from getting in through the ducting and cord ports.


Ports and windows are extremely useful for tents!

With a window on your tent you'll be able to check on your plants easily.

Structure Material and Weight Limit

The basic structure of an indoor tent consists of tubes that work as the bones of your tent. The material in which these are made will determine the overall weight your tent can stand for lights and heavy equipment. Be sure to check the weight tolerance in the tent's properties before you buy it.

2. Not Enough Space? No Problem!

As we mentioned before, many people who would love to grow their own cannabis plants at home feel limited when they realize they haven't got enough space for their plants to grow. This is because they don't know that what they need to do is to get a cannabis growing tent!

One of the best aspects of weed growing tents is that you can purchase them in any size you want and/or need! You can find them in many different sizes or even order a personalized tent that fits your space adequately. 


You can have a personalized tent size to fit anywhere!

If you can only fit your tent in a specific place then you can get yourself a personalized tent size.

The one thing you must keep in mind is that your indoor growing tent should always be at least 1.5 meters tall to keep your flowers from touching the grow lights. However, if you count with some extra space that's better since it will give you and your plants more freedom. Consider your plants like fish, the more space you give them, the bigger they'll get. 

We should point out that the bigger the tent, then of course the more plants you'll be able to grow at the same time. Nevertheless, you should not overcrowd your tent with plants since it will not have a positive effect on your plants' growing process.

3. Foolproof and Highly Portable

Are you a nomad grasshopper moving from one place to another? If you were worried about growing your cannabis at home because you're usually changing home then the good news is cannabis growing tents are completely portable and easy to set up.  

Setting your indoor tent will only take you about one afternoon, it just takes placing the canvas first and hanging the lights, air extractors, and charcoal filters later. There's no need to be a skilled engineer to set up a tent and the more practice, probably the faster you'll get at it. 


Keep in mind though, that plants are almost like humans, they can also be highly sensitive to external factors and can become 'stressed' when you put them through too many changes, so try to avoid excessive and unnecessary relocations and routine alterations. 

4. Full Discretion Mode On

Another amazing thing about growing marijuana in cannabis tents is that these indoor gardens can go completely unnoticed when placed correctly. 

We know although consuming marijuana is pretty much harmless, some of us might still have to deal with family members or friends who don't completely agree on this point and who somehow feel the right to argue about it, ugh.


Get creative and hide your growing tent in an unusual place!

Need to hide your tent? Get creative, you can install these babies practically everywhere.

So, if you were worried about what any nosy relatives or neighbors could be whispering around, or if you were paranoid about the cops coming for you, depending on your country of residence, then definitely get a tent. 

And did we mention growing tents are fully odor-proof too? These babies are perfectly designed to keep enclosed all the strong scents we know cannabis plants release as they grow, especially during the flowering stage. 

No one can have a problem with you growing marijuana if they aren't aware of the fact that you're doing it! Place your tent inside your room or even inside your closet and be free!

Combined with an air purification device, your cannabis growing tents will trap the odor inside and filter the air out through its filtration system, say goodbye to odor complaints and paranoia. 

Given growing tents are fully sealed you can also place your tent outside (making sure electronic devices are safe from possible rains), in the attic or basement, or that one room in the house no person ever goes into. 

5. Optimal Growing Conditions

No, we're not exaggerating when we say that growing tents provide the perfect growing environment for your cannabis plants. 

Check out @Fluffhead's indoor growing tent operation.

These indoor gardens can cover most of the common issues every weed grower fears to face. With your cannabis growing tent you'll be able to enjoy the following luxuries:

Year-round harvests

It could take a little while until you get it right but by setting a smaller tent, or purchasing a two-chamber tent, you'll be able to carry two different growing stages at the same time. By doing this, once you get full control of the growing process of both tents you might be able to achieve the so-dreamed perpetual harvest, which means an all-time weed supply.

Energy efficiency

It is common knowledge that indoor lights tend will probably raise your energy consumption scarily much. However, growing tents are designed to boost power performance and reduce your financial damage.


Besides, their full reflective interior ensures even light throughout the whole tent, and if there's one thing we're completely sure of, is that just like 2+2= 4; more light+cannabis plants = richer buds

Decreased Pests and Contaminants Risks

Given that the indoor growing tents are completely sealed if you ever find any pests or contaminants in your plants, chances are you're dealing with a Terminator or Chernobyl-surviving pest.

Anyway, in order to enjoy this pest-contaminant-free perk, you absolutely must keep your indoor tent garden extremely clean at all times. This means using clean tools to work on the plants, frequently cleaning the tent, and last but not least keeping yourself clean.

This way, your cannabis tent will be like an inverse Alcatraz for pests. Some common pests found in weed plants include:

  • Broad mites;
  • Thrips;
  • Whiteflies;
  • Spider mites;
  • Mealybugs; and more.


Great Airflow

With the negative pressure effect inside the tent, which is the term used to refer to the sealing properties, the air inside cannabis growing tents is also characteristic for being extra pure, which your plants will be super happy about.

The integrated carbon-filter air purification devices of indoor growing tents provide a good distribution of pure and fresh CO2 for your weed plants to breathe, which will result in healthy and strong growth.


In Conclusion

Growing cannabis outdoors might be one of the most preferred options for growing cannabis at home, but not everyone can enjoy this luxury. The same applies to indoor grow rooms, not everyone has an extra room to turn into a marijuana workshop at home. 

Cannabis growing tents aren't just great because there is no other choice left though. There is no denying in the great properties they can provide to your plants: full control of the growing process; optimal growing conditions and environment; and fewer pests risks! Living the dream!

Don't hesitate to try them! Take a walk around your house, find the perfect tent spot, take note of the measurements, and head to the closest shop to start growing your own cannabis plants as soon as possible!

06 October 2020