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Top 5 Outdoor Autoflower Strains

06 March 2023
The quality of autoflowering genetics has been vastly improved over the years. Today, marijuana breeders develop top-notch auto versions of some of the best photoperiod varieties, which is why this type of genetics is widely used by many growers.
06 March 2023
15 min read
Top 5 Outdoor Autoflower Strains

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  • 1. Mexican airlines auto
  • 2. Tropicana cookies auto
  • 3. Amnesia zkittlez auto
  • 4. Lemon ak
  • 5. Gorilla cookies auto
  • 6. Wrapping up

The quality of autoflowering genetics has been vastly improved over the years. Today, marijuana breeders develop top-notch auto versions of some of the best photoperiod varieties, which is why this type of genetics is widely used by many growers. Autoflower strains are ideal if you have small growing spaces or outdoor growing space with light pollution.

Just a couple of years ago, the quality of these outdoor autoflower strains was mediocre. But today, you can find hundreds of outdoor autoflower strains coming from top-tier genetics on the market. We want to make stuff easy for you, thereby bringing you a list of five amazing outdoor autoflower strains you should try if you’re interested in this unique type of cannabis plant. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Mexican Airlines Auto

Mexican Airlines Auto is an excellent feminized autoflowering plant, presenting creativity and laughter for high-quality recreational cannabis lovers. Mexican, Ruderalis, and Columbian varieties are the parents of this strain. It has a pleasant taste of spicy ginger, with a bit of a lemon aftertaste. Furthermore, the high THC level of 19% makes Mexican Airlines the perfect choice for those seeking strong effects with intense euphoria, as well as an injection of creativity—this can almost turn into a psychedelic experience.


Mexican Airlines Auto
5 out of 5
Very good strain, fast (77 days from seed), very frosty, strong high. One plant gave me 73g the other one 50g great product. I odered 20 seeds more.
Verified customer
Reviewed 26 November 2022


It is Sativa dominant strain, which is uncommon for outdoor autoflower strains. And the result is a plant with big light-green leaves and compact buds, reaching a maximum of 120 cm (4 ft.) height. It isn’t a very wayward strain. However, if growers can prevent excess humidity and mildew during the end of the blooming, this dominant strain will bring harvest 500gr/m2 after 10 weeks from seed to harvest. When growing outdoors, a two additional weeks can unleash its full potential and provide a fresh crop. The plants are rigid and highly resistant to disease and develop buds with white and blue tones.

2. Tropicana Cookies Auto

Tropicana Cookies has greatly increased in popularity in the last years and great became one of the most renowned Cali genetics. This autoflowering hybrid contains the same genetics and the result is a fantastic citrusy autoflowering strain with up to 27% THC content.

The simple cultivation of this strain is the most crucial thing, and it doesn’t require special care. It can be grown both outdoors and indoors, or even in a greenhouse. To develop its full potential, you must follow certain recommendations like using pots up to 10-12 liters, which is around 2 - 3 gallons, and also using lamps or LEDs that provide proper lighting per m2.


Tropicana Cookies Auto
5 out of 5
So dank sticky and fruity smell full of tricoms and smooth smoke I love the terps...I recommend this strain it was really easy to grow.
Verified customer
Reviewed 5 October 2023


This strain features extremely resinous flowers covered with long, sticky trichomes, a refreshing aroma of sandalwood and sweet citrusy flavors, and outstanding harvest 400-500 g/m2 after 8 - 9 weeks from seed to harvest. It’s one of the strongest outdoor autoflower strains and has a delightful and enjoyable high and positive effect. A mix of Indica and Sativa provides relaxation, as well as strong and euphoric feelings.

3. Amnesia Zkittlez Auto

Amnesia Zkittlez Auto combines the genetics and mellow uplift of the popular Zkittlez cannabis genetics with a creamy and smooth Sativa uplift thanks to the heritage from Amnesia Haze genetics. It’s a rare Sativa-dominant hybrid with the right amount of pep to smoke any time during the day. The plant itself is quite versatile. With a bit of attention, light, and good nutes, you can easily reap the fruits of this unique cannabis strain. As already mentioned, Amnesia Zkittlez Auto is one of the most versatile hybrids out there. 

It can relax the smoker without having to put him/her to sleep. The high-THC and low-CBD flowers of Amnesia Zkittlez Auto provide a cerebral yet giddy lift before seamlessly sliding into an uplifting, extremely energizing effect that gives you that extra boost you need to get things done. In fact, a toke or two can keep you going throughout the whole day. However, you’re advised not to overdo it ( at least not during nighttime). The more you toke, the more energizing effects you will experience.


Amnesia Zkittlez Auto
5 out of 5
Mine flourished under the most adverse grow conditions this last season when every other plant was plagued by bud rot and powdery mildew.
Verified customer
Reviewed 25 January


It is indeed the perfect high you can share with others—the kind of cannabis meant to smoke with your best mates and a few drinks, or perhaps with a loved one on a beautiful mountaintop or beach. Amnesia Zkittlez Auto seeds can produce plants that reach their full maturity in just about nine to ten weeks. These plants grow big and bushy with large green buds covered in frosty white crystals, whether grown outdoors or indoors.

Remember to flush thoroughly to make sure your Amnesia Zkittlez Auto harvest contains the finest flavor. Flushing will also promote beautiful yellow, red, and purple colors, unlike anything you’ve ever seen on a plant before. Amnesia Zkittlez Auto is one hungry beast; thus, you’re recommended to not skimp on the water and nutes. Combine healthy nutrition with some defoliation and LST, and you’ll notice positively high yields of this staggering anytime strain.

4. Lemon AK

Lemon AK Auto is the new rendition of an all-time classic. In 1992, the old AK-47 strain was created in Holland by combining landrace genetics from Colombia, Mexico, Afghanistan, and Thailand. This Sativa-dominant hybrid made its way to the US just in time for the Cali Medical Marijuana boom and quickly became a popular strain in dispensaries across the west coast, props to its high THC levels.

The strain gives a joyful yet balanced experience. Lemon AK Auto’s Sativa energy is covered by the touch of Indica genetics and the relaxing effect of limonene. It’s a fantastic daytime strain that gets you up and running in no time.


Lemon AK Auto
5 out of 5
She was very easy. She grew quite chunky considering she's a sativa, but the effects did feel sativa. She has a lovely taste.
Verified customer
Reviewed 19 January 2020


Lemon AK Auto’s seeds explode out of the ground, and maybe a little too eagerly. During its early growth, foliage tends to grow faster than the stem can support it. You will want to give a support stake in the first stage to prevent it from caving in on its own weight. If growing outdoors, you might also want to protect it from the elements.

A lousy rainstorm can damage the plant during its fragile phase. Stem growth might catch up in the second week; however, the plants produced by these seeds remain top-heavy all the way through, creating vast, lemon-scented colas. Indoor growers will see that the Lemon AK Auto strain can soak up as much light as given, and respond well to powerful light cycles of more than 20 hours.

Growth finishes around the 10th week, and the outcome is a citrus-scented Christmas tree, providing a Lemon AK Auto yield of 650 g/m2 promoting the value of its superior genetics.

5. Gorilla Cookies Auto

Gorilla Cookies Auto is a perfect amalgamation of taste and feeling originating from the crossing of Gorilla Glue and Girl Scout Cookies genetics responsible for the delicious cookie dough flavors which can be described as a mix of cookie dough, earthy and powerful kush terpenes. It contains a jaw-dropping 28.5% THC and <1% CBD that helps with anxiety, clears the mind, and keeps you happy.

Gorilla Cookies Auto is a balanced Sativa-Indica hybrid with really nice balanced effects. It is also a feminized autoflower which means that it flowers automatically. It has a short flowering span, completing its whole life cycle in 10 weeks while being capable of reaching up to 150 cm in height.


Gorilla Cookies Auto
5 out of 5
I got 134g off this gal growing in 3 gal pot with 24 hours of light. i'm stoked with the result! Smells like diesel. Was a great grow overall.
Verified customer
Reviewed 9 December 2022


Its cultivation is a fairly simple process that, with basic maintenance, can produce a crop of 650 g/m2 under proper lighting and good growing conditions. The plant is abundant in buds, boasting beautiful light and dark green hues all over the buds and covered by resin all over.

6. Wrapping Up

Autoflowering marijuana has a lot to offer. With the growing season approaching rapidly, we’ve put together our above-mentioned list of top five outdoor autoflower strains in 2023. With spring officially here, and the marijuana planting season about to take full swing, many growers are pondering what to grow. In most cases, it’s a regular, feminized variety of marijuana that’s chosen, but there are several other options out there.

Photoperiod seeds depend on the light cycle to trigger flowering which means you can only have one or a maximum of two harvests per year but autoflowers give you a huge advantage as they allow you to save up to 30% time which allows you to have up to 4 harvests per year. So what are you waiting for? Modern autoflowers are the latest in the cannabis world.

Outdoor autoflower strains are quickly rising in popularity, and with that in mind, we tried providing some useful insights regarding some of the best outdoor autoflower strains you can grow right now. Did you find this article helpful? Share your thoughts and suggestions with us in the comments below.