Six Shooter Strain History

17 December 2018
Find out what makes the descendant of two powerful strains like Crystal Meth and Mexican Airlines is capable of! Here's presenting Six Shooter!
17 December 2018
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Six Shooter Strain History

The cannabis industry is gaining traction at such a fast pace that it’s almost impossible to keep up. In an era where things changed from the “War on Drugs” to cannabis becoming legal in several countries, a lot has changed. What a time to be alive, eh?!

And when an industry evolves so quickly, the competition increases proportionally. Suffice it to say that breeders around the world are striving hard to create strains boasting of the best genetics, and it’s no different at Fastbuds.

After testing, tasting and researching thousands of strains, we had an important mission in mind: to introduce a strain that was powerful yet productive to the world. And after creating the Six Shooter Auto, we are convinced that we have succeeded in our mission.

The Six Shooter isn’t any ordinary strain. It’s mega powerful and yet so productive that you’ll have enough even after distributing it to your friends…that is, if you want to…because you’ll not be able to share a single bud after tasting it.

So, coming back to the mission we had in mind, our breeders were set with a task to create a strain that could beat the best of the best. Now, that’s an impossible task, especially considering that the market is almost saturated with new strains popping up every now and then. Each strain has a unique characteristic, but we wanted something more.

The first step was to select strains with mind-blowing genetics. Something that produced great yields and was powerful too. Obviously, cross-pollinating two sturdy strains would result in something even more illustrious. Therefore, we chose Mexican Airlines and Crystal Meth – two of the most high-powered and vigorous strains in our catalog – to create Six Shooter.

When two herculean strains are combined, you can only expect fireworks. And Six Shooter is much, much more than that. It’s the ultimate of all – a strain with pure landrace Sativas in its blood.

History of the Six Shooter strain

fastbuds bud close up

A special breeding program was conducted to create the Six Shooter. It takes quite a lot of work to combine different strains. But what makes Six Shooter special is its genetic lineage. To understand why you need to look a little higher up the family tree because it takes something special to create an offspring that lives up to its name.

Crystal Meth and Mexican Airlines were used to create Six Shooter. But, why were they selected in particular?

Well, Crystal Meth has an amazing story behind its origins as well. As a strain producing not even a hint of Indica, Crystal Meth was created keeping Sativa fans in mind. It derives its power from Mexican Sativa that was created using Durban – a super Sativa from South Africa – and other Sativa landraces from Pakistan and Mexico.

With such an amazing ancestry, it’s easy to understand why people raved about Mexican Sativa. Landrace Sativas are hardly seen nowadays, and we wanted to preserve all the awesomeness in one strain. It was also important to reduce the flowering time, so we crossed it with an autoflower from our own line, and that’s how the Crystal Meth came into existence.

Most people wonder why such a beautiful strain was named after a harmful drug, but those that have tried our Crystal Meth can perhaps understand why. Of course, it has nothing to do with Meth, but she gained her name primarily because of the Sativa effects inducing a heavy cerebral rush coupled with extreme euphoria.

So, we chose Crystal Meth as one of the participants to create something even more spectacular. And, since it already had a Mexican landrace lineage, it made sense to choose Mexican Airlines as the second participant.

Now, Mexican Airlines is another strain synonymous to raw power. Power is an understatement when you begin to describe her. She was created by blending two landrace Sativas from Mexico and Columbia. You can only imagine what happens when two landrace Sativas come together.

With a high akin to hopping on a flight that takes you straight to heaven, Mexican Airlines has high levels of THC extending beyond 19 percent. An apt name, indeed.

Once we had finally selected two sturdy strains – Mexican Airlines and Crystal Meth – we knew that the offspring would be a gargantuan monster. And, that’s how the Six Shooter was born. It took a while to make the resulting strain stable, but it was worth all the effort because she makes us proud.

Six Shooter Auto
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What makes the Six Shooter so special?

fastbuds six shooter by dahoola

Apart from the genetics, there’s a lot going for Six Shooter. First off, the effects are way too intense for even experienced users, so please proceed with caution if you’re just starting out. What makes Six Shooter a strain fit for kings is that a little goes a long, long way.

With THC levels over 21 percent, she’s fiery and beats even her ancestors. We didn’t think it was possible to beat Crystal Meth and Mexican Airlines, but our Six Shooter proved that nothing’s impossible.

Since her lineage contains a tall list of landrace Sativas taken from different parts of the world, she too is a Sativa-dominant hybrid inducing unbeatable euphoric effects. The initial effects are brutal. You can feel electric signals crisscrossing in your brain!

A small dose can make your ears ring! Yes, her onslaught is so severe that you’ll see stars pretty soon. However, it’s not a paranoid-inducing kinda high. Yes, you will experience raw Sativa power, but your thoughts will not race like a horse. Instead, you’ll feel happy and content with a positive aspect towards everything in life.

Perfect to get you going whenever you feel a hint of laziness, she’ll make even the laziest of your friends perk up and talk for hours.

Wanna create a masterpiece? Six Shooter will guide you along. Want to wash your car at 3 am? Sure, Six Shooter’s there for you. She gets your adrenaline pumping so much that you’ll be ready to do anything.

Six Shooter has the ability to make users feel invincible. Like a fully loaded gun that can be triggered at any point in time, she will make your days and nights worth remembering. You’ll socialize, talk, laugh and dance so long that you’ll surprise yourself.

And the best part is that although her effects are similar to powerful drugs that get you addicted, she’s just a cannabis strain with no negative effects. She’s awesome for those suffering from anxiety and depression.

To enhance the effects a tad further, convert the buds into edibles or concentrates. Six Shooter is already mega-powerful, but extracts will allow you to enjoy her pine-smelling terpenes a little more.

Sure, you’ll get the usual dry eyes and dry mouth that lasts for a while, but the positive effects are so beautiful that you’ll forgive everything. You’ll feel very productive, even at night, so it’s recommended that you partake a few hours before bedtime.

After the initial effects fade away, Six Shooter will treat you with such warmth that you’ll feel all the muscles of the body slowly loosening up. Little by little, a deep calmness will slide over you, and you’ll want nothing else other than sleep.

Her effect on physical pain is remarkable. Although her ancestors were complete Sativas, Six Shooter produces Indica-like effects after the initial rush is gone. Dabbing and vaping extracts are particularly effective if you’re suffering from chronic pain, back pain, migraine, headaches or other problems.

Six Shooter provides an experience that cannot be described in words, but one must try her at least once due to the flavors. She’s pungent and aromatic at the same time. Fresh pine fragrance accompanied with pepper and citrus notes are mouthwatering, to say the least.

Six Shooter is effective due to her terpenes. Pinene – a terpene found in many species including pine trees, rosemary, conifers, and orange peels – is very aromatic. It has a host of medical benefits, which is why it’s used in aromatherapy as well.

Apart from exuding an exotic aroma, Pinene reduces short-term memory problems usually associated with high THC strains. It also improves focus and works as an anti-inflammatory agent.

How to grow Six Shooter?

fastbuds Six shooter bud by dahoola

Six Shooter is pretty easy to grow as long as you provide the right conditions. Despite being an autoflower, she effortlessly reaches a height of about 3.2 to 4.5 ft (100 – 140 cm) indoors. The main attraction is the central cola producing massive amounts of pure fragrant buds.

Six Shooter is a heavy yielder and huge plants like her need a lot of attention in terms of light and nutrients. Don’t forget to water her as frequently as you can. It’s recommended to use aerated containers that help the roots spread out well.

With just 9 weeks required from seed to harvest, her flowering period begins pretty early. As one of the biggest yielders in our catalog, final yields can range anywhere from 500 to 750 grams of delicious buds per meter square.

As she arrives at the final stages of flowering, she puts on quite a show with trichomes covering every inch of the buds. Six Shooter flowers sooner when grown outdoors, so use your creativity and provide a combination of indoor and outdoor lighting to get a quicker harvest!