Stardawg Auto Strain History

06 July 2022
Stardawg has emerged as the hot favorite among many cannabis users. Read on to discover the history and lineage of this powerful strain that later produced Stardawg Auto.
06 July 2022
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Stardawg Auto Strain History

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  • 2. History of stardawg auto
  • 3. What makes stardawg auto so special?
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Don’t you just love strains with a magnificent history behind them? We all do.

Stardawg – the strain most preferred by medical marijuana users – boasts of a great story. Named after the trichomes that cover the buds like a star-studded blanket, Stardawg is extremely powerful with a high THC content. If you’ve never tried this strain, you’re really missing something precious. The uplifting effects provided by the strain are tough to beat. Sativas are generally known to generate positive feelings, and true to their nature, the Stardawg makes you happy and euphoric in every possible way.

1. History of Stardawg

Before we get to how Stardawg originated, it might help to understand where its parents came from. It all started with Dog Bud – a strain from Oregon with unknown origins. It’s believed that Dog Bud came into existence in the 1980s, but it may have happened earlier too. So, Dog Bud was a beautiful strain with amazing effects. Two unnamed people from Colorado brought Dog Bud along with them to Massachusetts. This was in 1991. Usually, sensimilla buds are preferred but fortunately for everyone, in this case, Dog Bud buds had seeds in them.

The seeds were sown and one of the resulting strains was named Chem Dog 4. Chem Dog 4 aka Chemdawg 4 was an amazing strain and breeders wanted to continue the lineage further. Top Dawg – the seed company that possessed Chem Dog 4 – wanted to preserve the genetics of such a gorgeous strain. They needed something extra special, so they chose Tres Dawg. Now Tres Dawg was a star in its own right. An offspring of Afghani #1 and Chemdawg, Tres Dawg was also nicknamed Violet 25. She won several awards and continued to flaunt her status as one of the best strains back then.


Stardawg auto strain history: history of stardawg

The Stardawg originated from the original Dog Bud cannabis strain.

With over 25 percent THC, the strain had some powerful genetics. Even more apparent were the crystals that coated every inch of the buds. As a hybrid 50/50 Indica/Sativa strain, Tres Dawg delivered balanced effects and was quite a favorite among both medical and recreational cannabis users. Breeders from Top Dawg had a goal. And that was to combine several strains to create something magical. They had some of the best strains to choose from, but what could be better than Chem Dog 4 and Tres Dawg?

So, finally, Chem Dog 4 and Tres Dawg were cross-bred, and as they say, the rest is history. Most strains become famous either because of the genetics or THC content or flavor, but the resulting hybrid – Stardawg – had everything going for it. From its pungent aroma to dense buds with more resin than both the parents, Stardawg literally became a star. Top Dawg breeders later named Chem Dog as Chem Dawg, and if rumors are to be believed, a few more original Chem Dawg seeds are waiting to be popped. Chem Dawg has also been responsible to create some of the most sensational strains in the 90s, and we may get to see several other strains if the original seeds are still available.

2. History of Stardawg Auto

At Fastbuds, our goal is to hunt for unique American strains with the ability to make a huge impact. Like everyone else, we obviously wanted to try the Stardawg that had captured the interest of so many people. And, you better believe that we try several strains frequently, but the only ones that make the cut are strains with great potential. Stardawg not only had potential, but it completely blew us away. We just knew that it was a strain that had to be presented to thousands of people like you that can’t resist some dank marijuana. However, as always, we had to give it our own unique touch.

And, we did just that. By crossing Stardawg with our own Ruderalis, we attempted to recreate magic and judging by the raving reviews, we believe our mission was successful. We wanted something that could be harvested faster – we are Fastbuds for a reason, after all – and Stardawg Auto was born. A robust strain with autoflowering genetics – it’s not only effective but fast as well. Stardawg Auto continues the tradition of its lineage, which is why it bagged third place in the Neurocopa held in 2017. If Stardawg has mystified you, we promise that Stardawg Auto enriches the strain a step further with its beauty.

3. What makes Stardawg Auto so special?

Stardawg Auto perfectly fits the adage “Like father, like son” because the strain behaves very much like its parents. With THC levels extending beyond 22 percent, this strain is not for someone trying marijuana for the first time. Stardawg is regarded as a star performer even for its aroma. In the world of cannabis, strains that smell like morning breath or even skunky are considered exceptional, and Stardawg Auto will not disappoint you here. If you’re itching to try a strain exuding a fragrance that’s pungent with a fuel-like aftertaste, you really gotta try Stardawg Auto. Chemdawg gained its fame because of its taste which reminded users of diesel. So, now you understand where Stardawg’s fuel-like aroma comes from. Some may even say that Stardawg smells like a concoction of chemicals. Mixed with piney scents and earthy undertones, Stardawg Auto emits fragrances that appear like a combination of all the scents mentioned above.

What makes the Stardawg truly amazing is a terpene known as pinene. Cannabis has a lot going for it apart from THC and CBD. Most researches focus a lot on the famous cannabinoids, but the effects of terpenes enhancing the flavors and taste are ignored sometimes. Pinene is not only a mood enhancer, but it also enriches the high when a user smokes or consumes the herb with good amounts of terpenes. It smells like fir and pine trees, and you can only imagine the effect when combined with aromas that resemble fuel. What’s more, pinene is also an anti-inflammatory with great potential in the medical field. Coming to the appearance of the strain, Stardawg looks every bit like a delicate girl with its orange and red pistils. However, the orange pistils later change colors, turning into a fiery red that will surprise you. The buds are green as ever, but you’ll have a hard time discerning the colors, thanks to a munificent coating of crystals blocking your view.


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Stardawg Auto only appears delicate, but don’t be fooled, because the aromas recite a different story. She’s a potent strain with an ability to knock you out, so be cautious. A light citrus aroma is also detected, and the entire mixture is tailored for someone that appreciates strong flavors.

Apart from its taste and fragrance, what makes the Stardawg Auto truly stand out is the way it takes the user on a complete joy ride. As a Sativa/Indica hybrid, it gives you the best of both species. The high begins within just five minutes of toking. Most weed strains take a while to get started, but not Stardawg. What begins as a cerebral high with intense focus slowly fades into a deep relaxation transforming into a couch-lock. One can’t blame you if you’re completely exhausted and fall asleep after just a few hours. It’s recommended to try this strain only at night because although it produces a Sativa-like effect at the beginning, the Indica effects are way too powerful to be ignored. And that’s perhaps why Stardawg Auto is best for medical marijuana users suffering from chronic pain. It also helps with depression, insomnia, anxiety, and fatigue to a great extent.

4. How to Grow Stardawg Auto?

With so many unique features and effects, you’re probably thinking whether it’s sensible for beginners to try this strain, eh? You’re not wrong to think so, but you’ll be surprised to know that Stardawg Auto is super easy to grow! Yes, even with all the THC, mind-boggling flavor, and effects combining both Indica and Sativa, growing the Stardawg Auto is as easy as growing a tomato plant! It may seem intimidating, but the plant will shower all its love on you in the form of buds appearing like clusters of stars.

Autoflowers don’t need a lot of maintenance, which is why they are so special, and Stardawg is no exception in this regard. Guerrilla farmers dig this strain because it suits their style of “Sow it and forget it” cultivation method that doesn’t need a lot of planning.


Stardawg auto strain history: how to grow stardawg auto

Beautiful Stardawg Auto buds after harvest.

Beginners usually look for something easy, and Stardawg might be the best one to start with. She may grow short and bushy with dense buds, but we have also witnessed her stretching like a tree due to Sativa genetics. It’s mandatory to have a big grow room to accommodate her since a strain so special needs to be pampered with your attention.

Stardawg is not very demanding, but she does require big containers supporting her growth. She also has a big appetite, and it’s your job as a grower to supply good nutrients whether you’re growing in soil or water. Choose medium-sized containers that drain well with a capacity to hold at least 5 gallons of soil. Another important factor that shouldn’t be ignored is the lighting. Stardawg Auto thrives under big lights in the range of 600 to 1000 watts. Remember to water her frequently because she’s a thirsty girl. If you’re lucky to grow her outdoors, this marijuana goddess won’t hesitate to make you the happiest person alive!

5. Stardawg Cannabis Strain FAQs

How’s the Aroma and Flavor of the Stardawg Cannabis Strain?

This variety offers a unique terpene profile with a strong skunky background and sweet and earthy nuances. This aroma mixture is extremely pungent and flaunts a chemical-like aroma that shows how strong this variety is. On top of that, the flavor is just like the aroma with more citrusy tones followed by kicks of pine and lemon that get strong as you exhale so if you’re looking for varieties with deliciously strong tastes, this one is a must.


What Are the Recreational Effects of the Stardawg Cannabis Strain?

This Sativa-dominant effect is ideal for those who need a boost in energy to get things done before getting into an extremely relaxed and peaceful state. Stardawg’s effect starts as a subtle head high that’s perfect for hanging out with friends or getting daily chores done. It’s said that this variety is the perfect wake and bake strain as it will give you that extra push when you’re low on energy and lift your mood without affecting concentration. After the joyful energetic effect, you’ll start to feel a strong body buzz that can deal with muscle pain and allows you to relax without leaving you couch-locked. Basically, the perfect all-rounder strain.


What Are the Medicinal Benefits of the Stardawg Cannabis Strain?

Despite its Sativa-like effect, its Indica heritage offers medical patients several advantages. For instance, the energizing effect allows those who wake up tired or lazy to get up and get to work and can also help those suffering from mood disorders. This variety can also relieve pain and tension while alleviating digestive issues, just keep in mind that smoking too much will give you a serious case of the munchies!


Are There Any Adverse Effects That Come with Stardawg’s High?

There are no exceptional adverse effects other than the general ones that come with any cannabis strain such as dry eyes and mouth, red eyes, and munchies.