Advanced Nutrients Feeding Chart For Autoflowers | Usage Guide

06 February 2023
How to grow cannabis using Advanced Nutrients products and a feeding schedule for autoflowers!
06 February 2023
34 min read
Advanced Nutrients Feeding Chart For Autoflowers | Usage Guide

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  • 1. Advanced nutrients products
  • 1. a. Voodoo juice
  • 1. b. Piranha
  • 1. c. Base bloom
  • 1. d. Tarantula
  • 1. e. Bud candy
  • 1. f. B-52
  • 1. g. Nirvana
  • 1. h. Rhino skin
  • 1. i. Big bud
  • 1. j. Sensi zym
  • 1. k. Bud factor x
  • 1. l. Overdrive
  • 1. m. Flawless finish
  • 2. Advanced nutrients' dry fertilizers
  • 2. a. Sensi grow a&b
  • 2. b. Sensi bloom a&b
  • 2. c. Big bud powder
  • 2. d. Bud blood
  • 3. Advanced nutrients feeding schedule for autoflowers
  • 4. Advanced nutrients - faqs
  • 5. In conclusion

Advanced Nutrients has its origins more than a decade ago, the company first started as a hydroponic nutrients and equipment retailer, which was quickly replaced by another company that focused on more professional equipment and in 1999 became the company we all know nowadays.  If you're growing autoflowers with Advanced Nutrients you should start with a lower dose and increase it gradually to avoid overfeeding and other related problems. Because Advanced Nutrients are one of the top choices amongst cannabis growers, we’ve come up with a guide to help you make the most out of their fertilizers.

1. Advanced Nutrients Products

Advanced Nutrients offers a wide range of fertilizers that suits all type of growers, it doesn’t matter if you’re growing photos or autos,  in coco, soil or hydro, they will have what you need.

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Advanced nutrients for autoflowers: products

Advanced Nutrients products have been in the market for years and are amongst the most popular fertilizers for cannabis.

In this case, we’ll be focusing on a feeding schedule for those growing autoflower seeds in soil which is what most of our clients use but don’t worry, you can use this schedule as a guideline and with minor adjustments, you can adapt it to any type of grow setup. Also, have in mind that Advanced Nutrients offers other products that we didn't name here because you won't be using them with this feeding schedule. So, before using them it’s important you know why you use them, so here’s a bit of information about the products you will be using.

Voodoo Juice

Voodoo Juice helps you take care of the roots, by providing beneficial microorganisms and vitamins that will help your plant absorb nutrients more effectively.


Advanced nutrients for autoflowers: voodoo juice

The Bacillus in Voodoo Juice will provide an ideal root growth, helping them thrive.

These living beings will also provide oxygen while making nutrients more available, thus resulting in bigger and healthier roots and consequently a healthier plant.


Just like the Voodoo Juice, Piranha provides beneficial fungi such as Trichoderma and mycorrhizae that will develop a symbiotic relationship with your cannabis plants.


Advanced nutrients for autoflowers: piranha

Piranha contains fungi that protect your plant's roots while also helping them absorb nutrients better.

These microorganisms will multiply the radicular zone, making it easier for your plants to absorb water and nutrients while protecting your plants’ roots against harmful microorganisms.

Base Bloom

Base Bloom is one of a 3-part nutrient line specially designed for Cannabis and is 20% more concentrated than similar products, providing all the macronutrients your plants need to produce big, fat, and resinous buds.


Base Bloom Contents


Bloom is also a pH perfect product, meaning it will keep the pH stable and in an optimum range; This product should be used with the other 2 parts which are Micro and Grow but in this feeding schedule designed for autoflowers it’s used by itself.


Tarantula is a mix of beneficial fungi that will help you prevent root problems such as overwatering, pests, lack of oxygen, and other root problems that you may encounter.


Advanced nutrients for autoflowers: tarantula

The microorganisms in Piranha helps minimize stress, resulting in a smoother grow cycle.

This product will colonize the root system and minimize all kinds of stress your plants may suffer throughout the growth cycle, resulting in bigger plants and better yields, especially with autoflowers.

Bud Candy

Bud Candy provides carbohydrates, calcium, and magnesium which will aid in resin production and help your plant produce bigger trichomes, resulting in more cannabinoids, terpene, and other compounds while also filling in the nuclei of the cells, which will result in denser buds and bigger yields.


Advanced nutrients for autoflowers: bud candy

Bud Candy contains what your plants need to produce more and better resin.

Have in mind that Bud Candy won't do the trick by itself but using in recombination with the rest of the products, good equipment, and the right conditions your plants will end up producing an overall better-quality resin.


B-52 provides lots of vitamins and minerals that will help your plants perform photosynthesis easier, making nutrients readily available and directing them to where they’re needed.


B-52 Contents
Nitrogen B9, B6, B5, B3, B2, B1 vitamins
Phosphorus Humic acid
Potassium Fulvic acid


These benefits will allow your plant to grow healthier and absorb as many nutrients as they can while helping combat stress caused by intense light, low temperatures, and underwatering.


Nirvana is a 100% organic product that contains biocatalysts that the roots absorb and will result in vigorous and strong plants because it enhances cell division and promotes root growth during the vegetative stage.


Advanced nutrients for autoflowers: nirvana

Nirvana can be used during the entire cycle and is used to enhance cell division and root growth.

Also, if used during the flowering stage you will see explosive growth and you’ll see all the flowering sites full of flowers faster than ever while being completely organic so there's no need to worry about overfeeding.

Rhino Skin

Rhino Skin is a product that provides Potassium silica and Silicate dioxide which creates a shield that will reinforce the cells’ walls helping them endure high temperatures and protecting them against pests and harmful fungi. This “armour” allows your plants to grow a bigger and stronger stem and branches, being able to grow bigger and denser buds without you needing to provide support to the branches.

Big Bud 

Big bud is a bloom stimulant that will provide everything your plants need to produce the best buds possible, by using Big Bud starting from the first week of flowering your plants will produce bigger and fatter colas, increasing yields and bud quality.


Advanced nutrients for autoflowers: big bud

Big Bud is a flowering stimulant used to obtain denser buds and consequently, better yields.

As you can see in the image above, this product contains minerals, acids, and proteins that will do exactly what the name of the product says, help you get big buds.

Sensi Zym

Sensi Zym contains Beta-glucanase, Xylanase, and Cellulase designed to transform all of the compounds that your plant cannot absorb into assimilable molecules, these enzymes combat nutrient build-up and will recycle all of the unused nutrients in the soil into a form that can be easily absorbed.

Bud Factor X

Bud Factor X provides a micronutrient mix that helps avoid all types of deficiencies related to trace minerals, strengthening your plants’ immune system. 


Advanced nutrients for autoflowers: bud factor x

Bud Factor X contains all the trace minerals needed to get a delicious aroma and flavour.

By doing this, your plant will be protected against bugs and pests while also enhancing terpene, flavonoid, and trichome production, resulting in more potent, and better tasting and smelling buds.


Overdrive is designed for when your plants are almost ready for harvest, this product should be used during the last two weeks of the flowering stage when the flowers are formed and need a bit of nutrients to fatten up properly.


Overdrive Contents
Nitrogen Potassium
Phosphorus Magnesium


By using it at the right time you can end up increase bud density by around 10% while you see an explosion in calyx growth and an abundance of trichomes all over them, and when used properly, will take your flowers to the next level.

Flawless Finish

Flawless Finish, as the name indicates, it’s used during the flushing process to finish your grow cycle flawlessly; This product contains chelates such as magnesium and sulfur, which not only clean but also blocks nutrients in the medium so your plant is completely clean when it’s time to harvest.

This product should be used for 7-10 days at least to eliminate nutrient build-up, resulting in a smoother smoke and truly revealing the smell and taste of the specific strain you’re growing.

2. Advanced Nutrients' Dry Fertilizers

For those who prefer dry fertilizers, Advanced Nutrients offers 3 excellent products in powder form, they are:

Sensi Grow A&B

Sensi Grow A&B provides the same excellent results as other two-part Grow fertilizers from Advanced Nutrients but in powder form. This product covers all the nutritional needs of your cannabis plants, allowing them to reach their full potential.

  • Providing precise ratios of macro and micronutrients
  • 100% water-soluble formula that dissolves completely
  • Strictest quality control for more readily available nutrients

Sensi Bloom A&B

Just like Sensi Grow A&B, Sensi Bloom A&B will improve the flowering stage of cannabis plants by increasing potency, yields and overall quality of the harvest thanks to its water-soluble formulation that provides the exact nutrients your plants need during the flowering stage. Other benefits of Sensi Bloom A&B include:

  • Tailored nutrition for the flowering stage
  • Chelated forms of iron that provide higher absorption rates
  • Formulation rich in cations helps keep pH in range

Big Bud Powder

Bid Bud powder offers all the same benefits as Big Bud liquid fertilizer but in powder form which provides essential nutrients for the flowering stage such as phosphorus and potassium as well as amino acids. Combined with other products from Advance Nutrients, expect up to an 18% increase in yields. Big Bud powder fertilizer offers growers:

  • Bigger and denser flowers
  • Increase trichome production
  • Significant increase in overall yield weight

Bud Blood

Bud Bloom provides a unique mix of ingredients specially designed for promoting flower development due to its perfect nutrient ratio which contains potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, and other required elements for your plants to grow bigger and more delicious buds. Benefits of Bud Blood include:

  • Increasing number of flowering sites
  • Bigger, denser, and more aromatic flowers
  • Stronger roots which help protect your plants against diseases

3. Advanced Nutrients Feeding Schedule For Autoflowers

Now that you know which products you’ll be using and when, here’s a detailed feeding schedule designed solely for autoflowers from seed to harvest.


Advanced nutrients for autoflowers: feeding chart for autoflowers

Advanced Nutrients feeding schedule for autoflowers.

Note that this schedule is based on a 10 week grow cycle but can be adjusted depending on how long your autoflowers take from seed to harvest.

4. Advanced Nutrients - FAQs

Advanced Nutrients is one of the most trusted companies currently producing cannabis-specific nutrients. Backed by more than 20 years of dedicated research, and with one of the largest R&D teams in the industry, Advanced Nutrient’s products are created to help you achieve maximum yields with minimal effort and without sacrificing quality.

At Spannabis 2022 (Europe's biggest cannabis-centric event), they took out the top prize not only for Best Cannabis Nutrient Brand 2022 but also for Best Nutrient 2022 with their amazing product Big Bud®. Big Bud® has been the top-selling bud booster worldwide for almost as long as the company has been in business, so if you haven't had a chance to give it a whirl then now is the time. Let's quickly run through all the most commonly asked questions about Advanced Nutrients products, and about the company itself.


What kind of nutrients and additives do Advanced Nutrients produce?

Advanced Nutrients produces a wide variety of cannabis-specific nutrients, additives, and boosters including bloom enhancers, base nutrients, and pH-perfect technologies. All of their products are designed with simplicity in mind so that it is easy for growers to identify which combination of nutrients is best for their plants in each stage of growth. They are created with the specific idea that they will be used together, hand in hand, to take away all of the guesswork for the grower.


Are they designed to be used for hobby home growers, or more for commercial cultivation?

Advanced Nutrients have something for everyone. Although they have a few products that are more geared towards commercial cultivation, most of their products can be used by both hobby home growers and commercial cultivators alike.


What is the pH Perfect technology, and what makes it so special?

The pH Perfect technology is a feature that Advanced Nutrients has built into their base nutrients to make sure that pH levels in the nutrient solution stay consistently within a range of 5.5 - 6.5 for hydro products, or 6.0 to 7.0 for soil products. This makes it easy for growers to provide their plants with a balanced and consistent nutrient solution, resulting in healthier plants that are better able to absorb the nutrients being provided.

What sets Advanced Nutrients apart from other nutrient producers?

Advanced Nutrients is one of the most trusted brands in the cannabis industry because of their dedication to research and development, and their commitment to producing quality products that are easy for growers to use. Over the past 2 decades, they have fostered a reputation for being one of the most reliable and knowledgeable companies in the business. They are also renowned for their customer service, with a team of experienced professionals that are always willing to help.


Are Advanced Nutrients products safe to use?

Yes! Advanced Nutrient's products are formulated with safety in mind, and all of their ingredients have been tested for quality, purity, and efficacy. Additionally, the formulations do not contain any dangerous chemicals or heavy metals. Their products are designed to work in harmony with your plants, giving them the vital nutrients they need without any harmful side effects.


Do Advanced Nutrients products come with any sort of warranty?

Yes indeed. All Advanced Nutrients products come backed by a six-month money-back warranty. Just take back whatever you have left in the bottle to the place of purchase and ask for your money back, that's it!


Should I shake the nutrient bottles up before use?

Yep. Taking the time to give all of your Advanced Nutrient bottles a good shake will ensure that the nutrients are fully blended, and thoroughly mixed in with one another. This is true for all liquid nutrients, no matter the producer.


5. In Conclusion

Advanced Nutrients provides a wide range of fertilizers that provide everything your plant needs from seed, it doesn’t matter if your growing in soil, coco, or soilless, their wide catalog will have what you need. Also, if you’re growing photoperiodics we recommend taking a look at their website where you’ll find their recommended feeding schedule for non-autos.

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If you’ve used Advanced Nutrients products with autoflowers before please share your experience with fellow growers, leave a comment in the comment section below!