BioBizz Feeding Schedule | Usage Guide

16 January 2023
How to use BioBizz nutrients properly and what minerals they apport to your garden.
16 January 2023
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BioBizz Feeding Schedule | Usage Guide

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  • 1. Bio fertilizers
  • 1. a. Bio grow
  • 1. b. Bio bloom
  • 2. Substrates
  • 2. a. All-mix
  • 2. b. Light-mix
  • 2. c. Coco-mix
  • 3. Additional bio products
  • 3. a. Fish mix
  • 3. b. Top max
  • 3. c. Root juice
  • 3. d. Alg-a-mic
  • 3. e. Bio heaven
  • 3. f. Acti vera
  • 4. The simplest way to grow autoflowers
  • 5. In conclusion

Biobizz was born in The Netherlands in 1992, making it one of the most popular cannabis seeds fertilizers which are now present in more than 64 countries, due to seeing that a lot of our clients use BioBizz products, especially the Bio line, we’ve come up with a bit of info about these products. You will learn the contents, usage, and benefits of the BioBizz Bio line.

1. Bio Fertilizers

Bio-Bizz’s Bio line offers 100% organic nutrients for cannabis and, when used properly, will result in enhanced yields, aromas, and flavors, so here’s a guide to give you a bit of information about their products and a schedule so you know exactly how to use them. These fertilizers can also be used in an autoflower feeding schedule but the doses should be adjusted, so make sure you read everything about it before using them.


Organic vs Synthetic Pros and Cons
  Pros Cons
  1. Enriches the soil.
  2. Harder to Overfeed.
  3. Environmentally friendly.
  1. More expensive.
  2. Needs more care.
  3. Substrate must be moist and warm. 
  1. Easier to use
  2. Less expensive
  3. Fast-acting
  1. Made from chemicals
  2. Nutrient buildup 
  3. Require more applications


As organic fertilisers, these products don’t just feed plants. Rather, they also serve as a food source for many beneficial microbes that live within the soil, including species of fungi, bacteria, protozoa, and nematodes. Synthetic nutrients bypass these creatures and the vital nutrient cycling that they provide as part of the soil food web. Synthetic nutrients are directly absorbed by plant roots, which allows plants to abandon their symbiotic relationship with microscopic members of the soil. While plants respond well to these inputs, they can degrade soil health over time. While this isn’t of much concern when growing in pots, it’s important to maintain a healthy and living soil outdoors to boost the longevity of your growing space and to increase fertility one year after the other. The worms present in your soil will also thank you for using organic fertilisers. These preparations don’t irritate and drive away these creatures, which also play a role in nutrient cycling and are known to boost plant yields. 

Bio Grow

Bio-Grow is a fertilizer designed for the growth phase of all kinds of plants and it’s made with 100% organic sugar beet extract to help produce a rich food source for all beneficial microorganisms which thanks to the sugars, potassium, and active bacteria result in a flavorful and deliciously smelling harvest. Boosting the beneficial bacteria within your soil will benefit your plants in more ways than one. Using Bio-Grow to enhance the number of bacteria in the rhizosphere around your plant roots will ramp up nutrient cycling. After consuming the initial fertilizer, these microbes will work hard to break down surrounding organic matter into plant-available compounds.

Predation from nematodes and protozoa also releases nutrients from inside bacteria themselves. Recent research also shows that plant roots don’t just take up small ionic molecules—they also eat entire bacterial cells! Known as the rhizophagy cycle, this process sees plant roots take up bacterial cells. Once inside, they release oxidative compounds to strip down their cell walls. Eventually, some of the bacteria exit the roots through newly-formed root hairs, and the cycle starts all over again. Building up a healthy population of beneficial bacteria using Bio-Grow will enable your plants to thrive. 

How To Use It

  • Begin using when the plants are approximately 10-15cm tall.
  • Use throughout the entire life cycle.     


Biobizz feeding schedule: biogrow and biobloom

The benefits of BioGrow and BioBloom.

Bio Bloom

Bio-Bloom is a 100% organic fertilizer that contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, enzymes, and amino acids which work together to provide the necessary nutrients for perfect plant growth, resulting in strong stems and branches, and vigorous plants. Overall, the essential macronutrients within Bio-Bloom help plants to develop properly and fulfil numerous key physiological functions.

For example, plants require the nitrogen within this formula to build structural proteins and enzymes that facilitate chemical reactions important to plant life. Good levels of phosphorus enhance root growth, improve resistance to cold conditions, and boost water efficiency. Finally, potassium is vital in the movement of water, nutrients, and sugars within plant tissue.

How To Use It

  • Use between 2-4ml per liter of water.
  • Use from the beginning of the flowering stage until harvesting.

2. Substrates

The Bio line can be used on any medium with great result, it’s recommended you use the fertilizers along with any of their substrates which are perfectly balanced and easy to use, and will take your harvest to the next level.


All-Mix is a heavily pre-fertilized substrate that creates the optimum environment for cannabis plants by emulating a rich soil with a micro active ecosystem while having enough nutrients to sustain healthy growth for the first couple of weeks without the need to add any extras.

All-Mix BioBizz Feeding Schedule

All-Mix BioBizz Feeding Schedule.

This product is a self-regulating system, which aids in maintaining ideal pH levels while only containing natural organic elements.

How To Use It

  • Moisten the substrate with water and leave it for 36hs to allow the microorganisms to start working.
  • Keep the substrate warm to provide a good environment for the microorganisms to work and let it dry between waterings to allow the soil to breathe.


Light-Mix is a pre-fertilized substrate that provides a good foundation for seedlings, young plants, and cuttings to grow vigorously from the very beginning, while also providing great drainage thanks to the special blend. Just like the All-Mix, the Light-Mix is a self-regulating system, which aids in maintaining ideal pH levels while only containing natural organic elements.

How To Use It

  • Apply larger nutrient doses to ensure your plants are fed properly.
  • Make sure the water infiltrates all the way through the substrate to avoid overwatering and mold.

Feeding Schedule for BioBizz Light-Mix/Coco-Mix

Feeding Schedule for BioBizz Light-Mix/Coco-Mix.


Coco-Mix is a 100% organic substrate made from leftover coconut waste which goes through a decomposition process to soften the fibers. This product improves aeration and can be used in all kinds of grow setups, including hydro, and not only is compatible but should be used with the complete Bio line if you are looking to boost the quality and yields.

3. Additional Bio Products

You can grow your plants from start to finish just by using the Bio-Grow and Bio-Bloom but if you want to take your harvest to the next level, you should take a look and experiment with the other products Bio-Bizz offers.

Fish Mix

Fish Mix is an organic fish emulsion mixed with organic beet sugar that helps accelerate the growth of all microorganisms in your soil, by using it properly you will be stimulating beneficial bacteria which will translate into a better overall quality.

Top Max

Top Max is a 100% organic stimulator that helps increase the size and weight of the flowers, also helps improve nutrient absorption, and enhances aroma and flavor. This product works by freeing up the micronutrients in the soil which end up stimulating your plants’ metabolism.

Feeding Schedule for Soil by BioBizz

Feeding Schedule for Soil by BioBizz.

Root Juice

Root juice contains humic acid and seaweed harvested from vegetables, it’s formula was designed to promote vigorous root development and make them stronger, more resilient, and prepared to absorb nutrients quicker. Humic acids play a critical role in healthy soil. These compounds are the end product of degradation and stem from the humification of plant and animal matter that are broken down by soil microbes. These molecules greatly benefit cannabis plants in a number of ways; they hold onto ionic nutrients and prevent leaching, boost nutrient uptake, improve drought tolerance, and even assist in the optimal germination of seeds. The addition of seaweed in this blend takes it to the next level. Calling seaweed a tonic would be an understatement. This aquatic plant provides a host of important nutrients and feeds the soil as well as your cannabis plants.


Alg-a-Mic stimulates chlorophyll absorption which means that will help your plants recover if they have suffered from overfeeding, nutrient deficiencies, diseases, or harsh temperatures, it’s a great product to keep your plants stress-free if you’re experiencing bad conditions throughout your grow cycle.


Biobizz feeding schedule: alg-a-mic and bio heaven

The benefits of Alg-a-mic and Bio heaven.

Bio Heaven

Bio Heaven contains the biological stimulants that are essential for a plant’s metabolism and structure, this product will not only improve the transportation of nutrients but also get rid of toxins.

Acti Vera

Acti Vera is a combination of ingredients along with Aloe Vera extract will which protects your crop’s immune system, improve metabolism, and meliorate nutrient absorption due to its cleansing, anti-bacterial, and detoxing properties. So now that you know exactly what each and every product does, here’s a soil feeding schedule for those growers that are not using any of Bio Bizz products.

4. The Simplest Way To Grow Autoflowers

If you’re a beginner grower or just want to keep things as simple as possible, Biobizz substrates make it extremely easy to get excellent results without having to add extra fertilizers, and it’s super simple. Now, keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to use Biobizz as other brands offer similar products, and you can always make your own substrate at home which is cheaper. So let’s start, first of all, it’s important for you to know that the All Mix (or similar substrates) are too strong for young autoflowers and may end up causing nutrient burn which can slow down growth or even cause your autos to hermie, but it contains the right amount of food for autos in the flowering stage. This means that the All Mix works great for autos in the flowering stage and the Light Mix works great for autos in the vegetative stage, so all you have to do is fill the bottom half of the pot with the All Mix and the top half of the pot with the Light Mix, this way your plants will only reach the stronger substrate once they’re big enough. Then all you have to do is water with plain water and that’s it!

5. In Conclusion

Bio Bizz offers a great line of organic fertilizers and thanks to the good quality, it has become one of the most popular fertilizers amongst cannabis growers, if you’re looking to grow top-shelf organic cannabis, make sure you take a look at their complete line. If you’re an organic grower or have used Bio Bizz’s Bio line before, share your tips to help fellow growers, leave a comment in the comment section below!