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Canna Feeding Chart | Usage Guide

16 January 2023
The best way to use Canna products on all mediums!
16 January 2023
13 min read
Canna Feeding Chart | Usage Guide

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  • 1. Inorganic fertilizers
  • 1. a. Canna terra
  • 1. b. Canna coco
  • 1. c. Canna aqua
  • 1. d. Canna hydro
  • 2. Additives
  • 3. Organic fertilizers
  • 3. a. Bio canna
  • 4. Canna feeding schedule for autoflowers (ml/l)
  • 5. In conclusion

Canna is one of the most popular fertilizers and substrate manufacturers all over the world, since its foundation in the 1990s, the company has been putting several products on the market designed for all plants, including cannabis, with excellent results. This Dutch company has been known for lab testing all their products and proving their quality, making their top-quality products available all over the world, including Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Africa. So if you want to know how to better use them or want more information before using them on your grow cycle, here you will learn a bit more about their products, how to better use them in every grow setup, and the best feeding schedule for using Canna products with autoflowers.

1. Inorganic Fertilizers

Canna offers a wide range of inorganic fertilizers made with high-grade nutrients and chelates which results in a better quality product that makes the nutrients readily available for your plant to absorb. So if you prefer inorganic over organic fertilizers, read along for more information about their products and the best feeding schedule for hydro, coco, and soil! Of course, inorganic and organic fertilisers have their own unique advantages. Inorganic fertilisers shine for numerous reasons and come in extremely handy in certain situations. First and foremost, these inputs mean that growers don’t have to spend anywhere near as much time building up a healthy soil and amending it with a long list of additives, such as compost, organic matter, beneficial microorganisms (such as bacteria and fungi), and a long list of dry amendments.

This is because inorganic fertilisers work right away. They offer nutrients in their most basic ionic form, meaning plants can take them up right away. Many growers that opt for these products are able to quickly put together simple growing mediums consisting of coco coir, peat, and perlite/vermiculite. Inorganic fertilisers also allow growers to be extremely accurate with their dosing regimens. As opposed to throwing lots of different organic components into a pot and hoping for the best, these growers have the luxury of data; they’re aware of the exact amount of each nutrient within a feeding solution every time they apply nutrients to the soil. Furthermore, these types of fertilisers are very helpful during times of deficiencies. Because they act so quickly, they’re able to rapidly remedy curling and yellowing leaves and stunted growth.

However, just because you don’t have to pay as much attention to your soil doesn’t mean you should neglect it entirely. Selecting the right growing medium can help you make the most out of your inorganic fertilisers. Including good amounts of clay and organic matter in your containers or raised beds will help to prevent them from leaching right out. Why? Because both of these substances feature a net negative charge, and many plant nutrients are cations with a positive charge. This means that soils higher in clay and organic matter are able to hold onto these nutrients, meaning these growing mediums have a superior cation exchange capacity.

Canna Terra

Canna Terra is a product line specially designed for growing in soil, either outdoors or indoors. The special nutrient mix has been developed to provide great results for growers with little experience to more experienced growers.


Canna usage guide: canna terra

Canna terra is specially designed for soil.

Just remember that for the very best results, you should use them with any of their Canna Terra substrates.

Terra Vega

Terra Vega is a fertilizer that provides every nutrient your plant needs in the vegetative stage, resulting in healthier plants. With proper use, you avoid nutrient deficiencies and you’ll clearly see faster growth while your plants grow strong and get prepared for the flowering stage.


Nitrogen (N)Phosphorus (P)Potassium (K)


Terra Flores

Terra Flores is a fertilizer designed for the flowering stage that provides vital nutrients for flowering, helping your plants grow without any nutrient deficiencies, resulting in denser buds, and thanks to the high-quality ingredients, you’ll get frostier flowers and improved yields.


Nitrogen (N)Phosphorus (P)Potassium (K)


Usage Tips

  • Shake well before use;
  • Recommended pH: 5.8 - 6.2;
  • Store closed in a dark and room temperature place.


Canna Terra Feeding Schedule For Photoperiodics (ml/L)

Canna feeding chart: canna terra


Have in mind that all schedules in this article are meant for a water EC of 0.4, depending on the water you’re using you will have to increase or decrease the nutrient dose a bit so make sure you check and adjust your water to avoid nutrient burn.

Canna Coco 

Just like Canna Terra which is designed for soil growers, Canna also offers a fertilizer line designed for coco fiber with an A and B making it easy to use and suitable for growing in all kinds of growing setups.

Coco A and B

Coco A + B is a fertilizer designed for coco growers, these products contain everything your plants need to grow deficiency-free from seed to harvest. These 100% water-soluble fertilizers allow you to use them in an automatic irrigation system without clogging the lines, providing a much smoother grow cycle.


Nitrogen (N)Phosphorus (P)Potassium (K)


Usage Tips

  • Do not store nutrient solution for more than 24hs;
  • Do not mix A & B directly;
  • Recommended pH: 5.5 - 6.2.

Canna Coco Feeding Schedule For Photoperiodics (ml/L)

Canna feeding chart: canna coco

Canna Aqua

Canna Aqua is an easy-to-use product line designed for hydroponic on recirculating hydroponic systems, meaning that they’re meant to be used in setups where the water is reused.


Canna feeding chart: canna aqua

Canna Aqua is the best option for recirculation hydroponic systems.

Due to the roots being in direct contact with water, you can get bigger plants and yields while using less nutrients while allowing you to have exceptional control over what your plants get in each stage of plant growth.

Aqua Vega A + B

Aqua Vega A + B contains directly absorbable nitrogen compounds, high-quality chelating agents and other elements for an ideal vegetative stage in recirculating hydro systems. This product is very easy to use due to dissolving directly in water and containing pH stabilizers, so you can expect exceptional root development and a very strong plant with minimal effort.


Nitrogen (N)Phosphorus (P)Potassium (K)


Aqua Flores A + B

Aqua Flores A + B provides everything your plants need in the flowering stage and in the right quantities, thus preventing nutrient deficiencies and stimulating bud development thanks to the ideal NPK ratio, silica and other micronutrients content while allowing your plant to maintain its natural aroma and flavor, and the best of all, contains pH stabilizers so there’s no need to adjust the pH of the nutrient solution.


Nitrogen (N)Phosphorus (P)Potassium (K)


Usage Tips

  • Do not mix A & B directly;
  • Renew nutrient solution regularly (every 1-3 weeks);
  • Recommended pH: 5.5 - 6.2.


Canna Aqua Feeding Schedule For Photoperiodics (ml/L)

Canna feeding chart: canna aqua

Canna Hydro 

Canna Hydro A+B is a nutrient line designed for drain-to-waste hydroponic setups, meaning that the water is not recycled, despite the downside of utilizing more water due to being drain-to-waste instead of a recirculating system.


Canna feeding chart: canna hydro

With proper use, Canna Hydro provides excellent results.

This type of setup allows your plants to get new nutrients at each feed while also minimizing the risk of diseases and not needing to deal with nutrient leftovers in water, thus getting more precision.

Hydro Vega A + B

Hydro Vega provides an easy-to-absorb nutrient mix full of nitrogen, high-quality chelates, and trace elements that result in better root growth and boosted growth, resulting in bigger and stronger plants. 


Nitrogen (N)Phosphorus (P)Potassium (K)


Hydro Flores A + B

Hydro Flores A+B offers the right amount of vital nutrients needed for an ideal flowering stage in combination with essentials chelated trace elements, providing all necessary elements in a directly absorbable form, minimizing the risk of nutrient deficiencies, and resulting in a smoother grow cycle.


Nitrogen (N)Phosphorus (P)Potassium (K)


Usage Tips

  • Do not mix A & B directly;
  • In drip irrigation systems feed 1-3 times a day with 10-20% runoff or flush every 1-2 weeks;
  • Recommended pH: 5.2 - 6.2.


Canna Hydro Feeding Schedule For Photoperiodics (ml/L)

Canna feeding chart: canna hydro


Have in mind that this schedule was designed for soft water, Canna offers its Hydro line in both soft and hard versions so for the best results you should test your water before buying this product.

2. Additives

As you may have seen in the tables, you will have to use some additives for the best result possible. These additives improve plant health and yields, and are used in all of the feeding schedules above so here’s a bit of information for you to know why you should use them.


Cannazym is one of the top-selling additives on the entire market, and it’s easy to see why. Not only is it produced by CANNA, one of the most trusted cannabis cultivation brands the world over, but it also just does exactly what it says on the box. Cannazym contains enzymes designed to stimulate root growth, boosting plant health even more; This product prevents harmful bacteria and fungi from attacking your plant while also removing dead roots, keeping vital root space free and full of oxygen, thus improving overall root health.


Nitrogen (N)Phosphorus (P)Potassium (K)


The beneficial enzymes in CANNAZYM convert dead root growth into minerals and sugars, transforming them into bioavailable nutrients that help feed the plant. Dead roots are the perfect breeding ground for detrimental mold and bacteria, so by speeding up the decomposition process the risk decreased. The mix of more than 12 different enzymes and vitamins with extracts from desert plants helps boost the plant’s natural defenses and hormone production capabilities. CANNAZYM promotes the accelerated growth of new roots and helps ward off many harmful bacteria and mold. If you are looking to reuse your growing medium (like with no-till farming) CANNAZYM is an indispensable tool.

How and When to Use

  • Make sure you remeber to shake the bottle up well before every single use.
  • Add 25ml of CANNAZYM to 10 liters of filtered water.
  • Can be used daily or weekly, throughout the entire grow cycle.
  • Can be stored in a cool, dry, dark spot for up to 4 days.
  • Do not mix with hydrogen peroxide. 


Rhizotonic is a strong root stimulant that aids in nutrient absorption and helps improve root development; After the first few uses, you’ll see extraordinary root growth while improving your plant’s resistance against diseases and keeping them healthy. This algae-based vegetative growth simulator contains vitamins such as B1&B2 which boost the plant’s natural ability to produce hormones and root growth. Perfect for use with clones, cutting, and transplants. It also helps speed up the germination process. Simply dilute 40ml of RHIZOTONIC in 10 liters of water and soak your seed overnight in the solution. This allows the seed to burst and germinate a lot faster than if just soaked in water.


Nitrogen (N)Phosphorus (P)Potassium (K)

How and When to Use

RHIZOTONIC can be used with any type of growing medium and style, and can be used from seed to harvest (always remember to flush before harvest). It can be applied directly to the leaves and a foliar spray, as a pretreatment for all substrate types, or in with the nutrient solution that you feed your plants.

  • Remember to shake the solution well before use.
  • Mix with fresh, filtered water at a rate of 1:250 - eg 40mls to 10 liters.
  • Can be used as a foliar spray up to six times daily. 
  • Can be added to the daily feed every day.

CannaBoost Accelerator

Boost Accelerator is a flowering stimulant that allows you to make the most out of each plant, providing everything your plants need for bigger and denser buds, and an overall bigger yield.


Canna feeding chart: cannaboost accelerator

CannaBoost Accelerator provides everything for bigger and denser buds.

When used properly, this product will improve basic processes such as photosynthesis, resulting in a shorter internodal space and more compact buds. It does this by boosting the metabolism of your plant. When combined with PK13/14 you can achieve unseen flowering results, no matter which growing system you are using. CANNABOOST offers a key few benefits, including:

  • Improved yield size - This additive stimulates heavier, denser, more compact bud growth which increases the yield weight. 
  • Improved flower ripening - Not only are the yield sizes increased, but the final product is of much better quality. Terpene and trichome production are both boosted, with the terpene profile allowed to reach its full potential thanks to the sugar production boost from the increase in photosynthesis
  • Strengthened immune system - The enhanced energy regulation of the plant means that there is more energy to resist diseases, fungus, mold, and pests. 

How and When to Use

  • CANNABOOST works best when using a dilution of 1:500 (20 ml per 10 liters of water) from the moment that flowers start to form. This can be doubled an or extra flowering boost.
  • The solution will store fine for 4 days in a cool, dry, dark area. 
  • Can be applied as a foliar spray or added to the nutrient feed solution.

PK 13/14

PK 13/14 is a flowering booster designed to fatten up buds, by using it in combination with other products your plant will develop huge amounts of resin and very dense buds, thus improving yields; Everything you want your harvest to be, just make sure you don’t overuse it to avoid nutrient deficiencies!


Nitrogen (N)Phosphorus (P)Potassium (K)


As the name might suggest, this is an additive that boosts Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K), both of which play a major role in the flowering of cannabis. Phosphorous (P) plays an important role in energy transfer and the metabolism of cannabis and is vital for the flowering stage if you want to get the fattest, juiciest bids possible. Potassium (K) is vital for good overall plant structure and controls a bunch of the plant’s processes such as the production of sugars, and water transportation. When used in conjunction with CANNABOOST the end result will be a yield with quality and size way above what you are used to. 

How and When to Use

  • Remember to always shake the bottle well before using.
  • CANNA PK 13/14 only needs to be added in a very small window of time. Dissolve 15 ml concentrate per 10 litres of water (1:666) and add to the root zone in the 3rd last week before harvest, for a total of 3 to 6 days. 

3. Organic Fertilizers

Canna also offers a 100% organic line for those who prefer growing organically, this line not only doesn't harm the environment but also provides everything at just the right amounts to avoid harming your plant either by under or overfeeding. Just like inorganic fertilisers, organic fertilisers have their own long list of advantages when it comes to growing high-quality cannabis. These products don’t just feed plants, but they nourish the very soil within which plants grow. You see, a healthy soil is teeming with beneficial life forms such as many different species of bacteria, fungi, nematodes, and protozoa.

High-quality soils also contain plenty of worms and micro animals that work to shred up organic matter. Overall, these critical life forms contribute to the soil food web—a network of food chains that facilitate the cycling of nutrients within the soil. Inorganic fertilisers can harm these creatures and cause them to disappear in the surrounding soil. Furthermore, plants work with these microbial allies in order to obtain nutrients; they work together in a mutual fashion. When fed inorganic nutrients, plants have no reason to help to keep these creatures alive and kicking. Therefore, taking the organic approach helps soil biology to thrive, which creates a healthy and fertile soil that will generate high-performing plants for seasons to come.

Bio Canna 

Bio Canna is Canna’s 100% organic certified products that can be used in any substrate of your choice, providing everything your plants need and in the right amount to grow fast and healthy.

Bio Flores

Bio Flores is a 100% organic fertilizer designed for the flowering stage, this product provides every nutrient your plant needs to not only develop more buds but also denser flowers while enhancing both the taste and aroma.


Nitrogen (N)Phosphorus (P)Potassium (K)

Bio Vega

Bio Vega is an organic fertilizer designed for the vegetative stage, providing everything your plant needs to grow healthy, strong, and be able to withstand the weight of the buds once flowering commences while leaving your whole crop deficiency-free due to being 100% organic.


Canna feeding chart: bio vega

Bio vega provides everything your plants need for optimal veg growth.

Remember that if you provide ideal conditions and good-quality nutrients the buds will grow very dense and can be too heavy for the branches to withstand so this product will allow you to grow your plants without worrying about providing support during flowering.


Nitrogen (N)Phosphorus (P)Potassium (K)

Bio Rhizotonic

Bio Rhizotonic is a root stimulant for promoting root growth and providing a good environment for the roots to grow in, this product contains 100% natural ingredients that enhance root growth, helping your plants grow strong and getting them ready for the flowering stage.


Nitrogen (N)Phosphorus (P)Potassium (K)

Bio Boost

Bio Boost is 100% organic and designed to improve nutrient usage that stimulates flower production, providing excellent results. This product improves flower production and allows your plants to grow robust while developing bigger, denser, and better quality buds.

Usage Tips

  • Shake well before using;
  • Feed 2-3 times a week to keep substrate fertile;
  • Use nutrient solution within 24hs after mixing.

4. Canna Feeding Schedule For Autoflowers (ml/L)

Now, using any of these products at full strength from the start may be too much for an autoflower so the best way to avoid any kind of problems would be to start with a lower amount, so this table was was designed with 3/4 of the recommended dose, this value may be increased or decreased according to the specific strain and growing environment.

Feeding Schedule For Autoflowers

Canna feeding chart: autoflowers


Also, if you are using one of their pre-amended substrates such as Canna Terra Professional, you should not start feeding from week 1, we recommend starting on week 3-4 of the vegetative stage but if you feel like your plants are hungry you can start earlier.

5. In Conclusion

Canna offers a wide range of both synthetic and organic fertilizers, so you’ll surely find what you need for your specific growing setup, it doesn’t matter if you’re growing in coco, soil or hydro, make sure you take a look at the best options in your case and get growing. Also, have in mind that Canna offers some other products such as pH up or down, Calmag and Canna Cure which may be needed in some cases, so make sure you have everything you need before starting your grow cycle. If you’ve used Canna products before, feel free to share your experience with fellow growers, share your tips in the comment section below!