Dos-Si-Dos Cannabis Strain Week-By-Week Guide

Following our cannabis strain series, our latest week-by-week guide on the world-renowned Dos-Si-Dos!
20 December 2021
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Dos-Si-Dos Cannabis Strain Week-By-Week Guide

  • 1. History
  • 2. Specifications
  • 3. Week-by-week guide
  • 3. a. Germination - week 0
  • 3. b. Vegetative stage - week 1
  • 3. c. Vegetative stage - week 2
  • 3. d. Vegetative stage - week 3
  • 3. e. Pre-flowering stage - week 4
  • 3. f. Flowering stage - week 5 and 6
  • 3. g. Flowering stage - week 7 and 8
  • 3. h. Flowering stage - week 9 and 10
  • 3. i. Harvesting - week 11
  • 4. Terpene profile
  • 5. Type of effect
  • 6. In conclusion

1. History

This beautiful strain released by Barney’s Farm back in 2019 is amongst the best representations of modern hybrids. Resulting from crossing Gelato 33 to OG Kush Breath and Face Off OG, Dos Si Dos offers an insane trichome production and beautiful colors, with the main characteristic being the pungent but fruity terpene profile that everyone looks after. With 60% Indica genetics, this Indica-dominant strain offers the best of both worlds, an energizing high with an intense body high.

2. Specifications

Thanks to the hand-picked genetics, Dos Si Dos is a fast-growing Indica-dominant hybrid that offers growers of all levels huge yields in as little as 8 weeks of flowering. This strain is became widely known thanks to the delicious smell and flavor it offers, perfect for extractors and hash makers.

Dos Si Dos grows super fast and it’s fairly easy to grow but make sure to avoid stress if you want to really see it thriving. With as little as 4 weeks of veg you’ll be able to get up to 700gr/m2 of mouth-watering flowers with up to 28% THC, so if you’re looking for top-shelf weed, Dos Si Dos is the way to go!

3. Week-By-Week Guide

It’s vital to keep in mind that a strain can display somewhat diverse traits in different growing conditions so utilize this as a guide, not a rule. In the table below you’ll be able to see the growing conditions this plant was grown under, allowing you to have an idea of what to expect.


Grow Conditions Specifications
Light Fixture:HIDNutrients:Super Soil
Grow Space:IndoorPH level: 7
Temperature:23 - 27°CFlowering:8 weeks
Humidity:55 - 70%Substrate:Soil


So remember, you don’t need to follow this guide but use it as a way to learn from other growers’ mistakes and make the most out of your garden once the time comes. Having said that, let’s start this weekly guide!

Germination - Week 0 

This grow cycle started by germinating 4 Dos Si Dos seeds in jiffy peat pellets. You can germinate seeds any way you want because the important thing in the germination process is to provide the right conditions for the seeds to open up, not the method itself so you can basically do it however you want as long as you germinate the seeds successfully.


Dos-si-dos cannabis strain week-by-week guide: germination

Dos Si Dos grown by Maryjane23 from GrowDiaries.

If you’re a beginner and are not familiar with the different germination processes and what to choose, just let the seeds soak in a glass of water for 12-48 hours and once you see the tip of the taproot, transfer them to a damp paper towel.

Once the baby plant comes out of the soil you can go ahead and transplant it. In this case, the seedlings were planted in the final container. Planting in the final container minimizes stress but other factors can end up stressing your plant too, so always make sure the temperature is around 23°C and the humidity levels around 70-75% to avoid any possible issues.

Vegetative Stage - Week 1 

Before starting feeding a nutrient solution you should wait for the roots to establish. Now, you can add mycorrhizae or root boosters but wait at least for the true leaves before feeding your plants.


Dos-si-dos cannabis strain week-by-week guide: vegetative stage week 1

First couple of true leaves on healthy Dos-si-dos.

In the photo above you can see this Dos Si Dos developed the true leaves quite fast so the grower quickly place a tomato cage to ensure all plants have enough space to grow. Remember that if you’re growing in pre-fertilized substrate you should not feed your plants unless advised.

Vegetative Stage - Week 2 

As you can see, on week 2 plant growth exploded, but luckily the tomato cages are helping with that. If you grow in coco or soilless hydro it’s super important to check the pH of the nutrient solution when feeding but in this case, the plants are growing in soil which helps buffer the pH, so checking and adjusting pH levels are not as important as in other setups.


Dos-si-dos cannabis strain week-by-week guide: vegetative stage week 2

Explosive growth on week 2 of the vegetative stage.

Thanks to the excellent genetics Dos Si Dos grows extremely fast, by week 2 the flowering sites are starting to turn light green, which means the plants will be soon ready to flower. Because of the fast growth, the grower topped the plants in an attempt to slow down growth and allow more light to reach the flowering sites. 

Vegetative Stage - Week 3 

By week 3 the plants are looking gorgeous and have grown quite a bit, as you can see in the photo below, all the flowering sites are turning yellowish and the number of main colas has doubled.


Dos-si-dos cannabis strain week-by-week guide: vegetative stage week 3

Dos-si-dos one week before the pre-flowering stage.

Despite topping, the plant continues to grow exponentially so the grower decided to train the branches with the tomato cage. This way all the branches are nicely spread out and instead of getting one huge main cola, you’ll get several medium-sized flowers.

Pre-Flowering Stage - Week 4 

After flipping to a flowering light cycle (aka 12/12), a lot of white hairs started to appear super fast, which already gives an idea of what to expect by harvest time. As you can see, the grower change from a white light (blue spectrum) to a yellow light (red spectrum) which encourages better bud development.


Dos-si-dos cannabis strain week-by-week guide: pre-flowering stage

Stigmas starting to develop in the pre-flowering stage.

During the pre-flowering stage, cannabis plants go through the flowering stretch in which plants can double in size. Luckily, the tomato cages helped the grower manage that. If it wasn’t for the tomato cages then the whole garden would definitely get out of control. Keep in mind that it’s always a good idea to plan ahead to avoid any possible issues further into the flowering stage.

Flowering Stage - Week 5 and 6 

Dos Si Dos growth is impressive, what was a couple of white hairs is now some beautiful buds taking form and by the end of week 6 the buds are starting to take form. You can also see the insane trichome production that’s covering the leaves from top to bottom! In some cases, it’s fairly normal for leaves to start yellowing so as long as it’s the lower leaves yellowing and not the new leaves, don’t worry.


Dos-si-dos cannabis strain week-by-week guide: flowering stage week 5 and 6

Buds starting to take form on week 5 and 6 of the flowering stage.

Remember that the flowering stage is the most crucial plant growth stage for cannabis consumers because it can affect flower quality so once your plants are in full-flower mode, remember to keep the temperature around 20 ​​°C and the humidity levels around 40-50%.

Flowering Stage - Week 7 and 8  

By week 7 and 8 all plant growth has stopped, except for bud development. This means that your cannabis plants will not grow any more branches because the plant is focusing all the energy on the flowers so all you need to do is keep your plant well-fed, lookout for bugs and just let your plant do its thing.


Dos-si-dos cannabis strain week-by-week guide: flowering stage week 7 and 8

Beautifully resinated Dos-si-dos plant.

Now that the buds are fairly formed, remember to keep good airflow between them because mold is your worst enemy at this point. Mold could make your whole crop worthless so keep the humidity levels on point and be on the lookout for bugs!

Flowering Stage - Week 9 and 10

As you can see, by week 9 some of the leaves have slowly faded into a nice purple color and the buds are completely covered in trichomes and the white hairs have wilted and turned orange, this is a sign that your plants will soon be in the harvest window but they’re not 100% ready yet, so be patient.


Dos-si-dos cannabis strain week-by-week guide: flowering stage week 9 and 10

Beautiful colors on Dos-si-dos almost ready for harvest.

By week 10 the buds should be almost ready, so you can go ahead and flush. Flushing will help all the flavors stand out and will ensure the buds aren’t too harsh on the throat. So make sure you flush, especially if using synthetic nutrients.

Harvesting - Week 11

Week 11 is the last week for this delicious Dos Si Dos. If you haven’t started flushing, now would be the time to do it. Just remember that flushing is optional. If you’re growing with 100% organic nutrients then it’s most likely not needed but it’s really up to you.


Dos-si-dos cannabis strain week-by-week guide: harvesting

Dos-si-dos ready for drying by Kayaboy.

Before harvesting, make sure to check the state of the trichomes because this is the standard practice of when to harvest. If you want a more corporal effect, you should harvest when the majority of the trichomes are amber but if you’re looking for a stronger psychoactive effect, it’s recommended you harvest when the majority of the trichomes are cloudy.

4. Terpene Profile

Dos Si Dos offers an unusual yet delicious terpene profile composed of humulene, limonene, and myrcene as the main terpenes and linalool, pinene and caryophyllene as the secondary ones.


Dos-si-dos cannabis strain week-by-week guide: terpene profile

Dos-si-dos terpene profile.

This delicious terpene mix produces a nice floral flavor with mint and lime hints and a strong sweet and sour background that will surely leave you wanting more.

5. Type of Effect

Due to the 28% THC, Dos Si Dos offers an intense cerebral high that starts as euphoric and energizing and will gradually turn into an even stronger mental and corporal high.


Dos-si-dos cannabis strain week-by-week guide: type of effect

Dos-si-dos buds after curing, all ready for consumption.

Thanks to the excellent genetics, you’ll experience the best of both worlds with this one so if you’re not an avid consumer be careful, it may be too strong!

6. In Conclusion

Dos Si Dos is a must for terpene lovers. This Indica-dominant hybrid will surely give you everything you’re looking for: great yields, delicious flavors, and beautiful flowers. So if you’re looking to grow a well-rounded strain, Dos Si Dos is just what you’re looking for!


If you’ve grown Dos Si Dos before, feel free to share your tips and tricks with fellow growers by leaving a comment in the comment section below!

20 December 2021