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Guanokalong Feeding Chart | Usage Guide

01 March 2023
The best way to grow cannabis organically with Guanokalong!
01 March 2023
9 min read
Guanokalong Feeding Chart | Usage Guide

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  • 1. Solid fertilizers
  • 1. a. Palm tree ash
  • 1. b. Guano powder
  • 1. c. Veg pearls
  • 1. d. Seaweed powder
  • 2. Liquid fertilizers
  • 2. a. Kalong grow
  • 2. b. Kalong bloom
  • 2. c. Bat boost
  • 3. Guanokalong feeding schedule for photoperiodics (ml/l)
  • 4. Guanokalong feeding schedule for autoflowers (ml/l)
  • 5. In conclusion

Guanokalong is a Dutch company focused on providing 100% organic guano and fertilizers gathered from all over the world, from Madagascar to Java to Norway, and due to the high-quality products, have become one of the most popular brands all over the world. Due to gathering the natural resources from their natural environment, you can expect a nutrient-rich product that will provide everything any kind of plant needs, including cannabis plants, with excellent results.

So for those who are looking for a cheap and effective way to grow organically without much effort, we’ve come up with this article, here you’ll learn why you should use each product, how to use them, and the best feeding schedule for growing autoflowering and photoperiodic plants organically.

1. Solid Fertilizers

Guanokalong’s solid fertilizers provide your plants the tools for an excellent growth and flowering phase with 100% organic nutrients, enhancing no only the aroma but also the flavor of your harvest without too much hassle.


Guanokalong feeding chart: solid fertilizers

Guano comes from the caves of places such as Java and Madagascar.

Palm tree ash

Palm tree ash is a vegan bloom booster highly suitable for plant cultivation due to being potassium-rich while having good amounts of phosphorus and magnesium, and due to the other elements it contains, helps control the pH of the soil.


Nitrogen (N)Phosphorus (P)Potassium (K)



  • Improves flower production;
  • Ideal for fattening up buds;
  • Helps keep pH in range. 

Extra info

This product contains a lot of potassium which is one of the most important macronutrients a cannabis plant needs, this element helps regulate the opening and closing of the stomata which are the pores on cannabis leaves. These pores regulate the transpiration rates of the plant, which is how much water vapor is lost to the atmosphere.  Plants only absorb between 1% and 3% of the water they absorb with the rest being lost through transpiration. 


Guanokalong feeding chart: palm tree ash

Palm tree ash contains the macronutrientes needed for flowering but make sure you also provide nitrogen!

These pores play a role in the transpiration process and photosynthesis, so without potassium, your plant would not grow very well and would also have problems with water absorption and nutrient transportation. On top of these benefits, palm ash also contains good levels of phosphorus and magnesium. Let’s take a look at phosphorus first. This macronutrient benefits plants in a number of ways. It helps to promote early root growth, which is essential to success during the seedling phase and the early stages of the vegetative period. As you know, the more roots grow and the bigger they get, the more capable they become at uptaking oxygen, nutrients, and water. This element also improves crop hardiness and boosts water use efficiency. So, what about good old magnesium? We all know how important this element is in humans, but how does it benefit weed plants? Above all else, it literally forms the core of the chlorophyll molecule. Why is this so important? Because this is the very green pigment that allows plants to absorb light and convert it into the energy they need to live. Furthermore, magnesium also helps to activate enzymes and promote protein synthesis.

Guano powder

Guano powder is an excellent product, full of natural ingredients that improve flavor, quality, and flower production, resulting in strong and healthy growth due to the micronutrients and enzymes it contains while also providing all the macronutrients your plants need to thrive.


Nitrogen (N)Phosphorus (P)Potassium (K)



  • Better taste, aroma, and yields;
  • Enhances root development;
  • Reduces chances of nutrient burn due to releasing nutrients gradually;
  • Produces denser, fatter flowers;
  • Decreases the chance of nutrient burn issues through its slow release qualities;
  • Can be stored for multiple growing seasons in a dark, dry area.

Extra info

This product contains a unique mix of enzymes, micro, and macronutrients with phosphorus being much more abundant, making it better suited for the flowering stage.


Guanokalong feeding chart: guano powder

Guano powder contains all enzymes, micro, and macronutrients your plants need for flowering.

This element is super important to plants because it plays an important role in a plant’s basic functions and how it grows so providing good amounts of phosphorus will result in better and faster growth from seed to harvest. But guano doesn’t just feed the plants. Sure, it contains nutrients, but these are locked up in organic matter. Before these become available to plant roots down in the soil, they serve as food to beneficial microbes that cycle nutrients in the soil. But feeding these creates first, guano helps to maintain soil health and transport nutrients through the entire soil food web, from bacteria and fungi to protozoa and worms.

Veg pearls

Veg pearls, as the name says, are designed to provide the best vegetative growth possible due to being 100% organic and being rich in nitrogen. This product is a great alternative to manure and is made with sugar cane extract, resulting in incredible branch and leaf growth.


Nitrogen (N)Phosphorus (P)Potassium (K)



  • Better overall plant growth;
  • Increases plant stress resistance;
  • Improves soil life;
  • Reduces watering requirements.
  • Budget-friendly;
  • Reduces over-feeding issues thanks to the slow release of the nutrients.

Extra info

This product provides nitrogen, this macronutrient is vital for a plant to grow green matter (such as branches and leaves), due to being 100% organic, you won’t have to deal with salt build-up thus reducing the risk of nutrient burn.


Guanokalong feeding chart: veg pearls

This product will allow microorganisms to thrive, resulting in healthier plant growth.

It also provides a lot of micronutrients and sugars to provide an ideal environment for beneficial microorganisms to live in, resulting in healthier growth and even frostier nugs with enhanced aromas and flavors.

Seaweed powder

Seaweed powder is a vegan microorganism booster designed for improving the beneficial microorganisms in your soil thanks to the elements it contains.

This product will not only provide macro and micronutrients but will also help retain water, allowing you to always keep the soil moist for the microorganisms to thrive.


Nitrogen (N)Phosphorus (P)Potassium (K)



  • Provides growth hormones for better root and plant growth;
  • Protects from bacterial infections;
  • Improves the substrate’s water retention;
  • Fully vegan;
  • Helps reduce overall plant stress.


Extra info

Guanokalong’s seaweed powder comes from brown algae that are naturally rich in micronutrients, amino acids, and vitamins while also providing lots and lots of growth hormones such as cytokine and gibberellin which help root development, stimulate cell division, resulting in an overall better plant growth.

2. Liquid Fertilizers

The company’s liquid fertilizers are 100% organic and a great way to supplement the solid fertilizers mentioned above, these products provide the extra micro and macronutrients to feed your plants with every single nutrient they need to avoid any kind of nutrient deficiencies.


Guanokalong feeding chart: liquid fertilizers

Guanokalong also offers liquid fertilizers to make it easier for you to brew teas and fix deficiencies fast.

Kalong grow

Kalong grow is a fertilizer designed for the vegetative stage, and due to only containing nitrogen and potassium, should be used in combination with other products that contain phosphorus to provide the best plant growth possible, resulting in better yields and better tasting and smelling flowers.


Nitrogen (N)Phosphorus (P)Potassium (K)



  • Prevents nutrient build-up;
  • Enhances microbial life in soil;
  • Allows you to fix nutrient deficiencies fast.

Extra info

This product should be combined with other Guanokalong products because it does not contain phosphorus which is vital for plant growth. For the best results possible you should use it along with Guano powder which releases phosphorus gradually which is then broken down by the microorganisms in the soil, making it available for your plant to absorb.

How and When to Use This Product

This product can be applied to both indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation methods. Remember to always shake the bottle well before use. Although the website says that this product can be used during both the veg and flower growth stages it is a vegetative growth fertilizer, and as such, it is not balanced correctly for flowering plants. If you feed your plants daily then 1 to 2 ml per liter of water will work. If you feed less regularly then up the dose to 4 to 5 ml per liter. Remember to check the EC and pH levels before feeding your crop.

Kalong bloom

Kalong bloom is a 100% organic fertilizer made with ideal NPK ratios for the flowering stage, just like Kalong grow, this product should be used in combination with another phosphorus-rich product to provide your plant with everything it needs to thrive.


Nitrogen (N)Phosphorus (P)Potassium (K)



  • Enhances flower production and quality;
  • Prevents nutrient build-up;
  • Allows you to fix nutrient deficiencies fast.

Extra info

Just like Guanokalong Grow, this product should also be used along with Guano powder or any other product that provides phosphorus, making sure you provide it in the right amounts and ratios.


Guanokalong feeding chart: kalong bloom

along bloom provides everything your plants need for ideal bud production.

Phosphorus is a vital macronutrient vital for your plant’s growth so make sure you provide it but always remember that feeding too much may result in overfeeding so start feeding gradually and carefully.

How and When to Use This Product

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor cannabis crops. Keep in mind to always give the bottle a good shake before you use it. Only to be used during the flowering growth period. Apply at 1 - 2 ml per liter of water for regular feeds, or 3 to 4 ml per liter if only feeding once every few days. Remember to always give the plants a fresh water flush for the last week or so before harvest.

Bat boost

Bat boost is a balanced mix of other Guanokalong products, with the main nutrient being potassium, resulting in an overall better quality harvest due to only containing potassium which is vital for flower production. 


Nitrogen (N)Phosphorus (P)Potassium (K)



  • Enhances flavors and aromas;
  • Enhances root growth;
  • Protects your plants from diseases.

Extra info

This product provides humic acids derived from leonardite which will help your plant absorb all the nutrients provided even faster while also conditioning the soil and stimulating the beneficial microorganisms in it, reducing stress and improving water retention.

How and When to Use This Product

Guanokalong® BatBoost is for both outdoor and indoor use. It can be provided to the plant from the 3rd week of vegetative growth until the final flush at a rate of 2 to 4 ml per liter of feed water. It can be added directly to your regular nutrient solution.

3. Guanokalong Feeding Schedule For Photoperiodics (ml/L)

For those looking for the best way to use Guanokalong’s products, here’s a feeding schedule for beginners, experienced growers, and expert growers, so make sure you read it carefully to know exactly which products you will need to use based on your growing experience.

Feeding schedule for beginners

Guanokalong feeding chart: beginners


The table above is a feeding schedule with the minimum amount of Guanokalong products, so if you want to get even better results here’s the table for more experienced growers

Have in mind that this table will require more effort because you will need to mix liquid fertilizers, but it will surely reward you with a better harvest due to the extra inputs.


Feeding schedule for experienced growers

Guanokalong feeding chart: experienced growers


When following this schedule you won’t have to add anything extra, just have in mind that it’s recommended to water at least three times a week to keep the medium moist, allowing the beneficial microorganisms to break down nutrients more effectively and faster.

Remember that Guanokalong products are 100% organic so there’s no need to flush unless you want to.

Flushing will most likely result in an even better flavor and smell but it’s optional, so if you don’t do it your flower will still smell and taste exceptional.


Feeding schedule for expert growers

Guanokalong feeding chart: expert growers


Now that you know how to grow photoperiodic strains using Guanokalong products, here’s a table designed for autoflowers. Have in mind that it’s possible that your plants need a bit more nutrients depending on the specific strain and growing conditions so make sure you pay attention to any signs of deficiencies.

4. Guanokalong Feeding Schedule For Autoflowers (ml/L)

For autoflowers we’ve come up with the following feeding schedule depending on your level of expertise, for the best results possible is recommended to use the complete line of Guanokalong products but you will get excellent results just with the basic ones.

Just make sure you check the pH of the water before watering or check the pH of the water source before starting your grow cycle to ensure you’re providing a good environment for the beneficial microorganisms to thrive.


Feeding schedule for autos

Guanokalong feeding chart: autoflowers

Have in mind that if you don’t have access to the complete line or you want to keep things simple, you can use only the top three products (Guano powder, veg pearls, and Palm tree ash) but for even better results you should use all the products in the table.

Have in mind that this feeding schedule uses 1/4 of the recommended dose to avoid nutrient burn, if you feel like your plants are hungry you can increase the amounts according to the signs your plants give you

Also, remember that this is just a guideline, depending on your conditions and specific strain, you may need to increase or decrease the amounts based on what you see and how your plants develop.

5. In Conclusion

Guanokalong products are an easy and effective way to grow organically without having to spend too much, and due to being 100% organic, you don’t run the risk of overfeeding, which is a great benefit.

If you have used these products before feel free to help fellow growers and leave a comment with your tips and tricks on the comment section below!