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How To Roll a Cross Joint Like a Pro

Make your friends scream 'Amen' at your cross joint rolling skills
19 March 2021
6 min read
How To Roll a Cross Joint Like a Pro

  • 1. What is a cross joint?
  • 1. a. The birth of the cross joint
  • 2. How to roll a cross joint
  • 2. a. Rolling a cross joint step 1
  • 2. b. Step 2: making the intersection
  • 2. c. Step 3: the hole that makes air flow
  • 2. d. Step 4: putting everything together
  • 2. e. Step 5: the longed-for moment, lighting up!
  • 3. The bottom line

Among all groups of people, certain rules of respect are always applied, and these tend to vary depending on the type of group. For example, among a group of skaters, the one who does the cleanest and hardest tricks will likely have gained his pals' respect. 

Among musicians, the one who plays the sickest solos will probably be the one everyone looks up to as well. And with stoners? Well, with stoners the most respected stoner is the one that truly knows what he's doing, growing or rolling wise

We all have that skilled friend who can make the most beautiful doobies, and he's most likely already famous for that. Or perhaps the one who's famous for having the most delicious buds you'll ever taste. Whichever the case, we respect this friend. 


It's important not to skip sealing the unions or the smoke will slip away!

It's important not to skip sealing the unions or the smoke will slip away!

So, if it turns out you're looking for ways to expand your stoner knowledge and impress some of your folks, or if you're just looking for a new fun way of smoking weed, you've come to the right place.

Learn how to roll a cross joint like a pro and make your friends scream "Amen!". 

1. What Is A Cross Joint? 

In case you're not familiar with the cross joint, then allow us to explain. A cross joint is, as its name suggests, a joint conformed by two weed cigarettes forming a t shape. 

Cross joints are quite a special occasion in the stoner culture, it's not every day that one gets the chance to burn this beautiful specimen. You might have already seen this crazy jay shape in the famous 2008 movie, and one of our favorites, Pineapple Express, which actually inspired us to create our own strain on its behalf. 


What's the novelty in cross joints? Well, just the fact that what once was one end to burn on the normal jay now consists of THREE different ones to light at the same time and give you the high of your life. 

The Birth of The Cross Joint

If you're a curious mind like us, the question "who was the master and stoner mind behind the creation of the cross joint?" has probably already crossed your mind. Well lucky you, we've done some research and found the answer.

The first cross jay ever to be rolled is rumored to have been done by *suspense drums kick in* Michael Maurice O'Shaughnessy. Who's this man? Well, only an Irish civil engineer who worked as the city engineer for San Francisco during the beginning of the 20th century. 


Michael O'Shaughnessy, the engineer thought to have created the cross joint.

Michael O'Shaughnessy, the engineer thought to have created the cross joint.

In fact, this man created the Hetch Hetchy Water System, so indeed this man knew about pipes and how to make things flow, no wonder why he came up with a creation such as the cross joint. 

So, let's continue the legacy and learn how to make a cross joint in 5 easy steps

2. How To Roll A Cross Joint

We know that rolling a cross joint might be slightly frightening at first, but hey, if you don't try you'll never know, right? Besides, it all just takes some practice, as the saying goes "practice makes perfect" so I guess you'll have to smoke a lot until you get it right, oh what a problem.


You'll likely be able to find all the necessary tools to make a cross joint a home.

You'll likely be able to find all the necessary tools to make a cross joint a home.

To roll a cross jay-jay you'll need the following things:

  • Large and regular size rolling papers;
  • A needle, wire, or paper clip;
  • Scissors;
  • A piece of cardboard for the filter (optional);
  • A grinder;
  • And some weed!

Once you've gathered all of the necessary tools to build your cross joint, it's time to head over to the operation room, a.k.a. just a regular table or rolling tray to get things going. 

Rolling a Cross Joint Step 1

In order to build a cross joint, the first thing you'll need to do is to roll two different and separate doobies, ideally, one should be notoriously bigger than the other as this one will be the main pillar of your cross. Therefore, use a large size rolling paper for this one.

We suggest making an exaggeratedly big and fat bat for the first couple of times you're making the cross jay, this way you'll be more capable of working with it. Once you get the hang of it, you'll likely be able to make it on a smaller scale. 


Step 1: Roll two different joints.

Step 1: Roll two different doobies.

Do use a crutch with a small piece of cardboard for the bigger bat, if that's the way you like it, or you can simply skip this part. Finish with an empty twist on the edge and then move onto the second jay. 

At this point, this one should be much thinner than the other, the smaller the better, you'll see why later on. Also, for this doobie, don't add any filter on the edge, just make two empty twists on both ends. 

Step 2: Making The Intersection 

Once you've successfully rolled your two jays then it's time to make the intersection through which both will merge into one. Take the needle, paper clip, or wire, just anything thin enough to poke through the larger bat.

Extra Reminder

Take it easy and do things carefully! These things are quite fragile so have patience. 

Assuming you've seen a cross sometime in your life, then you should probably know that this hole should be ideally placed somewhere between three-quarters near the end tip of the ciggie.


Make a hole in the bigger joint for the intersection of your cross joint.

Make a hole in the bigger bat for the intersection of your cross joint.

Once you've already stuck your needle or clip through, the next step will be carefully moving it in a circular motion to enlarge said hole, big enough to stick the pinner through, but don't do this just yet. 

Step 3: The Hole That Makes Air Flow

Before you stick the thinner jay through the big one there's one vital step. Taking the needle, or wire, you'll need to make a hole through the pinner, right in its center, from one side through the other to ensure that air flows through your cross joint.

This hole doesn't require a size as big as the last one, though it should definitely be at least two times bigger than the needle used to make it. Why is it so vital to make this hole? Well, because without it, it'll probably be impossible to smoke your cross joint. 


Don't forget to make the inner hole or your cross joint won't burn!

Don't forget to make the inner hole or your cross joint won't burn!

If you forget this step, chances are that the doobies' ends will burn only, and you won't be able to draw in smoke into your lungs. 

Step 4: Putting Everything Together

Now, this is where the magic happens. Once we have our two greenies, both with their indispensable holes previously done, it's time to put together all the parts of the puzzle. 

Take the pinner and stick it through the hole of the big one, making sure that its central hole is aligned inside the vertical bat. Remember to push slowly, otherwise you'll risk breaking one of the two parts. Twisting and turning as you push softly might be of help. 


Take all the parts and put them together!

Take all the parts and put them together!

The central hole of the pinner should be placed inside the other, in the center of the cross's intersection, where you can't see it. 

Step 5: The Longed-For Moment, Lighting Up!

By now your cross joint should look well put together and ready to light up and get you stoned. But it isn't, just yet

Take two extra rolling papers, cut off their glue line and wrap them around each side of the intersection to seal the cross and ensure that no smoke or air leaks out when you smoke. It's crucial that you do this properly or it could result in some annoying trouble during the smoking experience, all this effort for what?! 

Now that you've successfully sealed your cross joint, congratulations engineer! You're ready to get baptized and smoke the epic cross jay, enjoy! Take a moment to appreciate your rolling skills, take a photo and so on, and get ready to get stoned. 


Before you light up, seal all the intersections and you should be good to go!

Before you light up, seal all the intersections and you should be good to go!

In order to burn a cross jay, you're going to need the help of a beloved friend, this calls for some beautiful teamwork. You'll need at least two lighters, ideally three, to burn this baby.

So get ready, set your creation between your lips, and light up the three edges. Then pass it to your bruh and do them the favor as well. You can still do it all alone, but hey, what's more fun? Sharing is caring.

3. The Bottom Line

It's always fun trying new things when it comes to the world of marijuana smoking. In fact, the phrase "you can always get higher" is a good life motto to live by as a stoner, there's no real od-ing with cannabis, so where's the harm, really? 

At tops, all a cross joint will do to you is get you extremely sky-high, so just don't do this before any important or responsibility-required events, this means, not before visiting your relatives for instance, unless they're of the cool-with-weed type. 

Enjoy this stoner experience and don't forget to send us photos of your cross joints! 

19 March 2021