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The Top 5 Best Indica Autoflower Strains

02 March 2023
It's time to chill out with our rundown of the best Indica strains for your tent. Whether you're looking for the perfect medical strain, or the ideal variety for a stealth grow, we've got you covered.
02 March 2023
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The Top 5 Best Indica Autoflower Strains

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  • 1. Gorilla zkittlez auto
  • 2. Blackberry auto
  • 3. Rhino ryder auto
  • 4. Banana purple punch auto
  • 5. Strawberry pie auto

Sometimes you just want to chill. Picking the right strain for the occasion is essential. An energetic Sativa-dominant hybrid, like our own Mexican Airlines Auto, might be the perfect choice for an afternoon smoke before heading out to meet friends, but it'll have you up all night if you partake later in the evening. For a relaxing time, you'll want to go with an Indica-dominant autoflower. Not all of these strains are extremely sedating, some, like our Banana Purple Punch Auto, are great for watching your favorite series or movies as strains like this will relax your body and mind without keying you up like a cup of coffee or energy drink.

1. Gorilla Zkittlez Auto

Gorilla Zkittlez Auto is our unique autoflower mix of the popular Gorilla Glue and Zkittlez genetics. It grows extremely tall and branchy with typical hybrid-like traits that exhibit a blend of both Indica and Sativa characteristics. Its fantastically resinous flowers give this variety a look like no other that will wow your friends and make you think you’re tripping, but it's only when you try the final product that you see what gave these genetics their fame.


Top 5 best indica autoflower strains: Gorilla Zkittlez Auto

Gorilla Zkittlez Auto.

Gorilla Zkittlez Auto offers the relaxing effects of a classic hybrid while combing them with an energetic high that most associate with Sativas. It's the best of both worlds, a mindblowing experience that'll let you sleep easily once it's over, which only top-shelf strains can give you.


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2. Blackberry Auto

Fast Buds autoflower take on the beloved Blackberry Kush is an Instagram hit, and it's easy to see why. Its purple coloring is so vibrant it almost appears black. Its short grow time also makes it a favorite for those looking to finish a crop in less than two months.


Top 5 best indica autoflower strains: Blackberry Auto

Blackberry Auto.

As grower Tripaholic88 described it on Grow Diaries: "Smoke report: I'm really liking this strain guys! At first, you get a little calm, cerebral, stimulation like someone is petting your brain, and your muscles immediately relax as you melt away the pain. I have chosen this strain as a mainstay in my Indica selection I like it that much. It's very effective for my insomnia! I've smoked about three grams so far. I couldn't keep my hands off of it!"


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3. Rhino Ryder Auto

Rhino Ryders Auto takes its genetics from the legendary Medicine Man, AKA White Rhino. This legendary California Medical Cannabis strain earned a reputation as a pain reliever for a variety of conditions. This effective MMJ comes with a body high that feels like a lead blanket and will leave you on the couch. Don't smoke Rhino Ryder Auto if you've got anything else to do during the day because it will leave you "stoned." 


Top 5 best indica autoflower strains: Rhino Ryder Auto

Rhino Ryder Auto.

One grower put it this way: "The high is first a nice cerebral hit to the head resulting in an instant mood uplift that has you giggly and lasts for about 30-40 mins, then slowly the body creeps up until you are in an almost narcotic daze. Perfect for aches and pains; outstanding medicinal quality right here folks! Tastes like an apple pie with cinnamon on top with a woody taste."


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4. Banana Purple Punch Auto

The one, the only, Banana Purple Punch Auto. Even in these heady legal days of Gorilla Glue and Cookies crosses, nothing has become more popular than the Banana Purple Punch Auto, an outstanding mix of the popular Purple Punch and Banana Kush genetics. Fast Buds packed all the effects of the original strains into a fast-growing autoflower form. While it can exhibit some Sativa characteristics, which is common in hybrid strains, the effects are all Indica.


Top 5 best indica autoflower strains: Banana Purple Punch Auto

Banana Purple Punch Auto.

Banana Purple Punch Auto high begins with a giggly head fog that's great to share with friends. That slowly fades leaving you with a pleasant body buzz that won't overwhelm you (unless you smoke too much), letting you move on for the day.


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5. Strawberry Pie Auto

A powerful autoflower offering a delicious, mouth-watering blend of earthy, berry, and cookie-dough-like flavors that’ll have you coming for more. Fast Buds’ autoflowering version of this terp beast of a strain comes from a very thorough selection that guarantees growers an extremely tasty harvest.


Top 5 best indica autoflower strains: Strawberry Pie Auto

Strawberry Pie Auto.

This variety combines a unique terpene profile with outstanding potency, while being very easy to grow both indoor and outdoor. It’s also an ideal variety for beginners as the sturdy genetics will recover from first-timers’ mistakes with ease while its short stature makes it perfect for stealth growers. On top of that, the pleasant body buzz will leave you relaxed but won't put you to sleep (unless that’s what you want), making it an excellent choice for nighttime smoke.


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