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What Is A Gravity Bong And How To Make It?

01 September 2022
Learn all about this crazy smoking gadget and how to make it at home!
01 September 2022
7 min read
What Is A Gravity Bong And How To Make It?

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  • 1. What is a gravity bong?
  • 2. How does a gravity bong work?
  • 3. How to make a gravity bong
  • 3. a. Step 1: cutting the upper piece
  • 3. b. Step 2: making the bowl, easy version
  • 3. c. Step 2: making the bowl, pro version
  • 3. d. Step 3: filling with water and lighting up!
  • 4. Is it true gravity bongs get you higher?
  • 5. The bottom line

When it comes to us, stoners, we can't deny the crafting skills among us. Rolling joints, to begin with, is already quite a fine art itself, even rolling the simplest joint requires some mastery, or else ask someone who's never rolled one to try and you'll see what we mean.

But it doesn't stop there, when there's a desire to get stoned, cough-cough, always, then we can always find a way, no matter the obstacles we might bump into on the way. No rolling papers? No problem! We've got a full list of DIY alternatives we can use to come and save the day.

And we don't stop there. Sometimes, even when there's no urgent situation going on, we will still engage in crafts making just for the sake of fun. Bible paper as rolling papers? We're in, f*** you Jesus! Oops, got a little carried away. Cooking some tasty edibles? Sounds like an evening of fun. 


Learn what is a gravity bong and how to use it.

Learn what is a gravity bong and how to use it.

What about bongs though? We sure like to get our hands on and build the craziest homemade DIY bongs, from the simple small bottle bong to fruits and vegetable pipes, the 'I had nothing else' Tic Tac bong, and our favorite, the easy to make and scientific experience gravity water pipe.


What is a gravity water pipe though? That's exactly what we're talking about in this article.

1. What Is A Gravity Bong?

A gravity bong, which also goes by the name of geeb, jib, GB, geebie, ghetto bong, and more, is another method of marijuana consumption that combines air pressure and water to draw the smoke by combining two other types of bongs: the bucket and the waterfall bong.

Geebs are a fun way to spice up your smoking experience, besides, they look cool as well, quite scientific in fact, so it'll throw you back to your childhood, making you feel all excited as you see its functioning. But how does it work, anyway? Let's get into that. 

2. How Does a Gravity Bong Work?

Well, to explain its functioning we'll need to explain the different parts of a gravity water pipe first. It consists of half a small bottle, the upper part, where a bowl is built on top, and another bigger bowl filled with water, bigger enough so that the upper half can be sunk inside into the water. 

When you smoke with a gravity bong, you need to submerge the upper part of the bottle, light up the weed on the bowl as you lift the bottle up and the smoke gathers inside the space between the upper piece and the bowl with water.


Gravity bongs are quite fun, and they make you higher!

Gravity bongs are quite fun, and they make you higher!

The next step is removing the lid from the upper bottle, but make sure you don't push down or lift up the piece as you do so. Once you have successfully removed the upper lid and bowl, you have to place your lips on the bottle's opening and inhale the smoke as you push down the small bottle, allowing the smoke that was stored in the body of your smoking device to be released.

If it was all too much, don't stress! You don't need to release all of that remaining smoke, by keeping the upper piece on the level you keep it stored inside the bottle, so you can take a break, and hit it again!

3. How To Make A Gravity Bong

So if all this got you anxious about building your own homemade gravity water pipe, then you're in the right place and time our friend, that's exactly what we're here for, explaining how to make one! 


Making a homemade gravity bong is easy and with tools you can probably find at home.

Making a homemade gravity bong is easy and with tools you can probably find at home.

To make a gravity bong you'll need the following tools:

  • A plastic bottle; 
  • A pointy object, such as a needle or a toothpick;
  • Some aluminum foil;
  • And any kind of container, as long as it's bigger than the bottle.

Step 1: Cutting the Upper Piece

To make a gravity bottle water pipe at home, the first thing that you'll need to do is take the small plastic bottle and cut off the lower half of it. You can throw away this half since we're not going to use it later.


To make a gravity bong, cut the upper part of a plastic bottle.

To make a gravity bong, cut the upper part of a plastic bottle.

Now, there are two options for making your gravity bottle water pipe, a very easy and simple one, and a more posh way to do it. Let's get into the easy one first. Unscrew the lid and put it aside in case you opt for using it later. 

Step 2: Making the bowl, easy version

If you're going for the easy small bottle version, take your half plastic bottle, grab enough aluminum foil to cover the whole mouth of it. Make sure all of the edges cover the surface well, creating a sort of bowl in the center, where you're meant to place the grinded weed buds later. 

Once you've covered the bottle's mouth with the aluminum foil, take any thin pointy object, we suggest using a needle or toothpick for this, and poke many small holes on your bowl. These holes are the ones that will let the smoke travel through your bottle smoking device.


Make a gravity bong the easy way by making the bowl directly on it.

Make a gravity bong the easy way by making the bowl directly on it.

Keep in mind that if you make the holes too big some pieces of weed might fall in the bottle through them, which we don't want to happen. 

Step 2: Making the bowl, pro version

Now if you're feeling super crafty and inspired, why not put a little extra effort to make your bottle gravity bong, even more when you've got some time to spare?

All you'll need to make your gravity bong a little more pro is to change the way you build the bowl. Instead of tossing out the bottle's cap, keep it and use it to improve your bottle smoking device. 


Poke tiny holes into the lid with a needle.

Poke tiny holes into the lid with a needle.

First, take the cap and carve a round circle in the middle. Then, taking the aluminum foil, cover the cap so that you cover the plastic completely and no air comes out. But before you completely seal the aluminum foil around the cap, put a little pressure on the hole you've previously carved on the cap to make what will be the bowl. 


Make sure all of the plastic is properly covered since we should, or rather must, avoid burning any of it. Burnt bottle plastic if highly intoxicating and it can produce major harms to your lungs and body.

Now take the needle, toothpick, or poking object of choice and start poking small holes on the bowl to allow the smoke to travel through your gravity bong. 

Step 3: Filling With Water and Lighting Up!

Once you've successfully created your upper half of the bottle bong, the next and final steps are filling the bigger container with water, grinding your weed in order to pack your bowl, and lighting up. 

Make sure you pack your bowl properly. In case you're not quite sure how to do that, here's an article that might be of good help. 


Now you're ready to go! Hit that bottle gravity bong and get extra high!

4. Is It True Gravity Bongs Get You Higher?

Long story short, yes, they do. Why is that? Well the answer is a little more elaborate than that. 

When you smoke from a bottle gravity bong, you force smoke that's heavily concentrated, in the device, into your lungs, which fills them to a capacity that, in comparison to the usual joint or pipe hit, is much higher. 


Did you know that gravity bongs get you higher?

Did you know that gravity bongs get you higher?

Besides, most of the times we use these crafty gadgets, we smoke much harder rips, almost one full bowl in one hit. Therefore, if you're yet quite a newbie to the world of marijuana, or if you tend to have a lower THC tolerance than most of your friends, we'd suggest taking it slow with the bottle gravity bong, unless you want to be thrown into outer space. 

5. The Bottom Line

Are gravity bongs necessary or essential? Of course not! But does everything fun have to be necessary? Of course not again! Where's the harm in having some fun and doing some experiments? 

When it comes to us, stoners, nothing screams special occasion like trying out any new fun and crazy form of marijuana consumption. What would you rather do? Stay in the living room watching TV as you pass a joint or have a good laugh at your friends coughing out your bottle gravity bong's rips? It was rhetorical. 

Have fun building your own gravity bongs at home and who knows, perhaps you even find a way to add a twist and make the small bottle gadget even better. And if you do, don't forget to tell us all your secrets!